A Bike Ride with My Mom

When I went off the college, my parents both went through a sort-of mid-life crisis. I was the youngest of three kids so when they found themselves with an empty house, it invigorated them and they both found new activities to go along with their busy jobs. My sisters and I often commented on how they were both more fit and seemed happy all the time.

I’m 23 now, out of school and living out of state. Last summer, my parents paid for us kids to join them for a week at a resort near Lake Michigan. My sisters showed up with their boyfriends, and I brought my girlfriend, Carole, with me. We were all staying in a large cottage and fell into a relaxed schedule pretty quickly.

On the third day, I woke up late and found my mom reading a book with a cup of coffee. She was dressed in a nice t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. My mother had gotten into exercising in the last few years so she was often in some sort of work out clothes. She is in her fifties and petite, but her skin shows her age. She has short hair with a mix of black and gray, small breasts and a healthy butt. I’ve often found her attractive, but never thought much more about her.

“Nice of you to get up,” she said looking up from her book.

“Yeah, I guess I needed some sleep. Where are the guys?” I said as I found some coffee and a danish. I knew my girlfriend and my sisters were out on a marathon shopping trip in the city.

“Your father took the guys golfing first thing this morning and the girls are out shopping,” she reported. “That leaves you and me.”

“And what are you planning to do today?” I asked as I ate.

“Well, I’m thinking of a bike ride. Are you up for it?” She asked.

“I’m game, but I better have another Danish.” I joked.

I put on some shorts and a shirt and met my mom out in the driveway. She was stretching her legs and she grabbed my attention when she bent over to touch her toes. Her shirt wasn’t tucked in and it fell with gravity. I was walking up behind her and could see the sides of her small breasts in her lacy white bra. She kept stretching without thinking about the show she was giving me. I pretended to do some stretching with her and tried not to get caught looking at her. Her sweat pants were tight and I could see her panty line as she stretched. I was glad to be wearing some tight underwear to keep my cock from pitching a huge tent in my shorts.

We were on our way soon enough and enjoyed the tree-lined trail. I rode behind her and fought at times to keep up with her. Going up hills, she would stand up from the seat and I took in the view of her ass in her tight sweat pants. The top of her panties showed at her lower back where her shirt had ridden up. I could tell they were some silky purple material with a lacy band. I had enjoyed inspecting my mom’s lingerie when I was a teenager and it was always pretty conservative – large white panties, no-nonsense bras, etc. The lacy purple part was new and it really got me going. I imagined how her cute ass looked in them as I followed the panty line around. I couldn’t believe I was starting to lust after my mom.

As we rode, we talked about various things, my sisters, my job, my girlfriend, etc. I asked her how she and my dad were doing and she dropped a bomb very casually.

“Oh, your father and I have been doing well. Ever since we opened up our marriage, we really enjoy the time we spend together.”

I rode up alongside her to find out more. “Opened up your marriage? You mean…”

She finished my thought, “that we have other sexual partners, yes. I thought your sisters would’ve told you by now.”

I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I immediately pictured my mom on her back with her legs in the air, small tits jiggling, urging some random guy, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

“No, they never told me.” I responded trying to sound composed. “Well, good for you two.”

“You know, we really do love each other, but sex with the same person for thirty-five years can get a little stale,” she explained very matter-of-factly. “It’s exciting to have fun with other people and then come back to your life partner. I only recommend it after thirty years or so. Our relationship wouldn’t have lasted if we did it when we were younger.”

I was just letting her speak as I drifted behind her a bit. I was letting it all sink in. They really have changed, I thought. As my mom was talking, the top of her panties were still visible and now even more of a turn on. On top of that, her back was sweating and her bra was becoming more visible as the t-shirt clung to her. I was now picturing her in just her bra and panties rubbing her ass on the bike seat.

The conversation changed and we rode for a while longer. We returned after about an hour and we both needed a shower. Since there was only one bathroom in the cottage, I let her go first.

She didn’t close the door completely when she went in the bathroom and from where I was sitting, I could see in just a bit. She wasn’t standing right in my view, unfortunately, but I did see her walk by wearing just her bra and panties. She was a hot little package and those purple panties looked so sexy on her butt.

When she was done with the shower, she came out wrapping in a towel that just barely reached her thighs. With her short hair wet, no makeup and bare skin, she looked old, but her legs were firm and her face was cute.

“All yours,” she said with a smile, and I went in to shower.

Immediately I spotted her clothes piled on the floor with the purple panties on top. I picked them up and held them in front of me. I could smell her in them and the silkiness was totally turning me on.

I quickly undressed and rubbed the panties on my cock. It felt so good. Without thinking, I put them on. I had tried on my mom’s panties and bras in the past, and got a little thrill, but I never really did much after that. Today, though, was a different story. Those sexy panties felt great on my cock and pulled tight against my ass. I was stroking my cock in the panties when I heard the door opening.

“I forgot my – ” my mom had opened the door and stood in her towel staring at me. “I forgot my clothes.”

I was like a deer in the headlights. The hand that had been stroking my cock now covered it ineffectively. “I, uh, I, uh,” was all I could stammer.

My mom smiled at my embarrassment. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” she said as she walked to me and grabbed my shoulders. Looking me square in the eye she said, “It’s okay for you to enjoy women’s underwear. I know lots of people that love panties. I do, for instance.”

I didn’t know what to do. I was caught wearing my mom’s panties and here she was telling me it was okay. “I don’t know what to say, mom. I haven’t done this before.”

“Oh, you haven’t have you?” She stayed close to me as she smiled. “I seem to remember finding my underwear all rearranged when you were younger.”

“Uh, well, I guess I tried them once or twice.” I admitted.

She said, “It’s okay. You should enjoy it.” She really shocked me then. She took a hand from my shoulder and ran it along my chest and down to my crotch. She pulled me close with her other arm and leaned into my ear. She began stroking my cock as she said, “I want you to enjoy my panties. I think they’re pretty sexy and it’s clear you do too. You’ve become quite a man and I want you to come in my panties.”

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I closed my eyes as she said this. I couldn’t believe what was happening, but my cock didn’t let me think too much about it. I was experiencing such a forbidden thrill in both the panties and my mom stroking me. “Oh, mom, that’s fabulous,” I finally moaned.

“Mike, you have a wonderful body.” She said as she began kissing my neck. “Let’s have some fun.” I turned my head to her and kissed her on the lips. Our tongues immediately reached out for each other and I pulled her to me. She moved a hand around to my panty-covered ass and I reached for her towel. It fell to the floor and I ran my hands all over her back, sides, ass and breasts.

She broke our kiss and said, “I want to taste that thing.” She kissed her way down my body to my crotch. She kissed my cock in her panties and said, “These look cute on you,” and she moved the panties to one side and pulled my cock out through a leg hole.

My cock sprang forward and she grabbed it in one hand and started feeding on it. She clearly liked sucking cocks and ran her tongue up and down each side of it. She stroked me with increasing speed and ran her head back and forth over my shaft. It was the most glorious blow job I had ever had. She ran one hand over my ass as the other pulled my cock in and out of her mouth. My hands rested on her hair as my orgasm built. I moaned out loud, “Mom, you’re making me come.” She increased her speed even more and I peaked in orgasm with a loud “Unnnnhhh,” and she sucked and sucked and sucked every drop of my sperm.

I couldn’t stand anymore and knelt down to kiss her. Her lips were full of saliva and sperm as she kissed me passionately on the bathroom floor. Sucking my cock had made her hot and I could tell she needed some release.

“Let’s go to your bedroom,” I said as I pulled her up. As I did, I finally had a full view of her naked body. Her tits were small and a little wrinkled, but the nipples were large and taut. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with only the smallest patch of hair above it.

“I’d better put this back,” she said as she put my cock back inside her panties. “You look great in those,” she added.

We walked to her bedroom with silent nervousness interrupted by a few giggles. “It’s a good thing everyone else is so busy today,” I said as we entered the master bedroom.

“Now, you just take a seat,” she said, “and I will get a pair of panties too.”

I did as she suggested and she went to where her clothes were. She found a silky red thong and held it up. “Hmm,” I said as she slipped it on.

“I love the way these thongs feel in my ass,” my mother said. I couldn’t believe the way the day was going, but my cock was now in charge.

She came over to the bed and lay down next to me. We started kissing again as my hands explored her ass. It was now my turn to kiss my way down her body and I moved down the bed until my face was in her crotch.

The panties she wore looked hot; the bright red contrasted with her white skin. I kissed around them on her thighs and lower stomach. She moaned in delight and her fresh panties were starting to show how wet she was.

I moved my hands behind to her ass and ran my fingers along the panties in her crack. “Pull on them,” she said. “I love the pressure on my clit from these panties.” I did as she said and she moaned accordingly.

I was ready to dig in to her pussy at this point. I slid the panties to one side and kissed her gently on her slit. My mom’s pussy was softer than my girlfriend’s, but she tasted sweet and her juices invited me in. I ran my tongue as far down toward her ass as I could and back up. She was lifting her ass off the bed to get more penetration from my tongue. I teased her with some more light licking and then began probing deeper with my tongue.

I moved my legs around toward her head as I ate her. She responded by stroking my cock in her panties and pulling it out again for more kisses.

Her breathing increased as I licked and stuck my tongue inside her. “Stick a finger in,” she moaned. I stuck two fingers in her and she was off. “Oh, oh, oh, yeah. That’s it. Eat my pussy,” she squealed.

She took my head in one hand and pushed me into her. My nose jammed against my hand and my fingers went deeper. “Oh, oh, keep going.” She yelled and then she let out a loud, “Yesssss,” as she shuddered in her orgasm. I kept moving my tongue through her climax until she released pressure on my head.

I turned around as she recovered from her orgasm and lay next to her kissing her face lightly. “I hope you enjoyed that mom,” I said quietly.

“Mmm-hmm,” was all she could respond and we lay there quietly for a few minutes resting.

“Mike, that felt great,” she finally spoke. “You really have some great oral skills.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Now, I’m ready for more.” She said with a smile as she repositioned herself. She grabbed my cock which was dangling out of one side of her panties and stroked it until it was standing up on its own. She straddled me, lined her pussy up with the tip of my cock, and slowly sat down on it. “Oh, yeaaah,” she said.

We were both still wearing panties but we were completely connected. She moved slowly up and down my cock and I had my hands on her ass. I pulled on her thong with one hand to put pressure on her clit. We looked in each others eyes as we shared the intimate moment. “Mom, you’re beautiful,” I finally said.

“Thanks, dear. You have a wonderful cock by the way.” It was a quiet, slow fuck, but it was still amazing to me that I was fucking my mom.

She kept moving up and down on my shaft and increased her pace. I could tell she was nearing another orgasm. Her eyes closed and she ground her pussy on my cock as I reached up to play with her small tits. She slid a hand into her panties and I saw her fingers playing with her clit as her thighs pumped her up and down.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh” she panted in quick short breaths. I thought she was about to come when she stopped and moved up off my cock.

“I’ll be right back,” she said with a pant, and she went to her suitcase again. She pulled out a tube of lubricant and returned to her straddling position. “I need something in my ass and I think your cock will be perfect.”

She lubed her asshole and the tip of my shaft. She rubbed her asshole with her finger and then moved the tip of my cock in place. With a slow movement and a high pitched squeak, she sat down on my cock sending it deep in her ass.

I was in heaven. Her ass was so tight it was driving me nuts. Her rhythm began slow again, but she moaned at every movement. I thrust into her when she reached the bottom of my shaft. I was so close to coming now. “Unnhh, unnhh,” she moaned up and down. “Your cock is perfect. I love having it in my ass.” She ran her hands over my chest and stomach as she massaged her anus with my cock.

“I hope you like fucking your mother in the ass while wearing her panties,” she teased.

“I do, mom, I do,” I assured her and I was about to prove it to her with another load of sperm. I ran my hands over thighs and her ass and then to the front of her panties. “I love the feel of your panties.”

She ran her fingers over the front of the panties I was wearing and then reached around to the back. She pulled on the panties and they slipped into my crack against my ass. “Do you like the feel of them in your ass?” she asked.

“Yes” I said quietly as I enjoyed the sensation of her silky panties and her silky ass at the same time.

“Good,” she continued, “now fuck my ass hard.” She increased her speed on my cock and I thrust harder into her. Her dirty talk was sending me over the edge and she started playing with her pussy again. “That’s it son, fuck my ass,” she yelled. “Fuck your mother, fuck me.” With that I lost control and felt my come travel up and out of my cock as she pounded her ass against me.

“Unnh, yeahhh!” I yelled as I held her thighs against me. I felt her begin to shudder as I was holding her.

I reached a hand up and pinched one of her large nipples while I moved my hips as much as I could, and she screamed, “Yesss, fuck your motherrrrrrr.” She fell on top of me out of breath and shaking from her orgasm. I could barely move as I was completely drained.

We fell asleep like that for what might have been half an hour. My cock was still in her ass when I awoke. We got up and took a shower together lathering soap on each other. We didn’t have time for anything more before the rest of the group got back, and she said, “You’d better leave the panties with me otherwise your girlfriend will suspect something.”

“Of course,” I said and went to go get dressed in my room. “Maybe I’ll talk to her about that,” I said as I left.

“Let me know if you need any help explaining things to her.” She said with a sly smile on her lovely face.