Dangerous Assignment

Chapter 01

Macarthy Winslow awoke gradually from his sensual dream. In the recesses of his sleep-fogged brain, he could see a pretty woman sucking his pulsing penis. As the cobwebs began to clear and he opened his eyes, he realized that it wasn’t a dream. Without lifting his head, he reached his hand down to the soft hair of the woman lying on the bed sucking him. He heard a moan as his hand began to encourage her movements. Slowly, his memory came back to him.

It had been an otherwise slow night at Jeffrey’s Bar when the sexy woman walked in. Mac noticed her immediately, his radar honed from years of practice. She walked with a confidence that was surprising for a single woman entering a strange bar. However, Mac could tell that it was put on confidence. He could read people well. It was how he had survived in his job.

It took Mac about thirty seconds to offer her a drink after she sat several seats away from him. Several minutes after that, Mac was sitting beside her in conversation.

It was a little unusual for Mac to come on quite this strong with a stranger but tonight he needed someone. Every year at this time it was the same. It was the anniversary of the death of his wife and their unborn child. Although it had been ten years since Sally’s death, Mac relived it often enough that it seemed like yesterday. The image of the exploding car was etched in his brain forever.

Mac took a drink of his rum and coke as he talked to the sexy woman. She had on a red velvet dress that was cut so low in front that it barely covered her nipples. When he gazed down past her soft and gently heaving chest, he could see a large expanse of bare thigh, because her skirt had slipped almost to her crotch. He liked what he saw.

It had been a few months since Mac had a woman, but not because he didn’t want one. No, it seemed that at 38 years old, his desire for sex was in overdrive. However, business was so good that he unfortunately had little time for himself lately. Still, he didn’t like one-night stands. But, he knew that he might have to make an exception tonight because none of his “regulars” were available.

He looked at the woman’s well-manicured fingers and saw the indications that a wedding ring had recently been there. Probably hastily pulled off and pushed into her purse. She appeared to be in her mid twenties—too young to be discouraged with a marriage, he thought. It didn’t bother him anymore that she was obviously married. He couldn’t have cared less tonight. That was someone else’s problem. He guessed that she was out for revenge, and he would be happy to help.

Mac smiled across his raised glass at his new companion. She smiled back, appearing to be slightly nervous but still with obvious lust in her eyes. Mac discovered that her name was Jennifer but she wouldn’t tell him much more than that. Her reluctance to talk about herself made him certain that he had been right about her motivation.

Within a few minutes, Mac had the lady on the dance floor. As he pulled her to his strong chest, she tensed and pulled away slightly. He smiled and opened his jacket to reveal the 9-millimeter pistol in the holster. When her eyes opened wide in surprise at the sight of the large pistol, he whispered, “Private security firm.” While the woman looked skeptical, she nonetheless melted back into his arms and he felt her shiver in excitement. Mac could have that affect on women.

As Mac guided the woman slowly around the floor, his hands inched down her back until they were at the tops of her buttocks. He hesitated for only an instant before slipping them lower until he was cupping her firm ass cheeks. He felt her tense again but then she let out a sigh and relaxed. With that, his hand began to roam freely, cupping and kneading the soft cheeks. When he didn’t feel any panties, his penis began to harden. Probably lying on top of the ring in her purse, he thought with a smile. He pressed his now pulsing erection into the young woman. She moaned quietly and returned the pressure. Now he knew he wouldn’t be lonely tonight.

Fifteen minutes later, Mac was in the front seat of his car on the parking lot, locked in a passionate embrace with the pretty woman. The passion in her kisses told him that, like him, it had been a long time since she had been intimate with someone. Her tongue was wild in his mouth and her breasts heaved as they pressed to his chest. A little moan escaped her as his hand found its way to her soft breast. Slowly, it moved down and under the low cut top. Now, it was Mac’s turn to moan as he felt her warm flesh in his hand. He tweaked and pulled the nipple as his tongue pushed hers back into her mouth. A low-pitched wail escaped from the woman’s throat and she shuddered as if she had just had a small climax.

Soon, Mac’s hand was pushing the woman’s legs apart. She opened them willingly, forcing her skirt high on her thighs. Slowly, his hand worked up the silk of her nylons until he reached warm bare skin. When he felt her legs open a little wider, he moved higher. Just as he thought, she wasn’t wearing panties. His finger found the swollen sex lips under the soft down of wet and sticky pubic hair. She moaned as his finger moved slowly into her willing hole. Within seconds, the woman was a raging tiger, squirming on the seat and moaning in excitement. Mac’s hand was inundated in her juice as she suddenly climaxed again.

“Oh God,” the woman moaned when her climax waned. When her body relaxed, her head turned away from him in embarrassment.

Mac was surprised at the woman’s quick reaction to his fingers. However, he figured that she had been neglected for some time. She probably caught her husband with another woman, he concluded. Now that she had climaxed, Mac thought that the night might be over.

However, Jennifer turned back to him, her face showing indecision. She bit her lip and then whispered, “Can we go somewhere?” Her face turned a darker shade of red.

Mac felt his penis jump in excitement. “Sure. I only live a few blocks from here.”

“Okay,” she whispered and sat back on the seat, pulling her impossibly short skirt demurely toward her knees.

Mac smiled at her as she stared out the front window in silence. He could see a steely determination in her face as her chest heaved up and down in renewed excitement. The lights of the parking lot shimmered off the exposed flesh of her breasts above her dress. Suddenly, he realized that he was staring and he turned and started the car.

A few minutes later, Mac led the nervous lady up the steps of the old brownstone house where he had an apartment. Before his wife’s death, they had planned on buying such a house and fixing it up. Maybe that was the reason he had rented the apartment not long after the tragedy. He knew that he couldn’t live in their apartment any longer. There were far too many memories.

Mac lived on the third floor of a four-storied apartment house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t an elevator in the building. However, for the first time that seemed like a benefit—he got to watch the woman’s sexy buttocks as they swayed in front of his eyes as he followed close behind her. When Mac reached his door, he stopped and pulled her to him, kissing her passionately. She responded with a moan of pleasure and melted into his arms. Mac almost sighed when he realized that she wasn’t going to change her mind.

As soon as the door was locked behind them, Mac pulled Jennifer into an embrace again. Slowly, he pushed the shoulder straps of her dress down her arms, letting it fall at her feet, leaving her in just a pair of thigh high nylons. He felt her shiver as her now naked body pressed to his. Then he lifted her and carried her up the spiral steps leading to the loft where a freshly made bed awaited them. She felt like a feather in his strong arms. Mac, who was six-foot two and almost two hundred pounds, outweighed her by ninety pounds at least.

After he sat her on the edge of the bed, he stood back and began to undress. He could feel her eyes on the pistol in his holster as he removed his sports coat. He smiled at her and pulled the holster off, placing the weapon inside a dresser drawer and out of sight.

Jennifer almost sighed in relief when the gun was safely in the drawer. She didn’t like guns. However, the fact that the handsome man carried one made her adventure seem that much more exciting, even dangerous. The scar on his cheek added to his mystique and it complemented his rough good looks. Wouldn’t her husband be surprised if he could see his timid wife with such a dangerous person? she thought as a little tremor ran through her. It served him right for what he had done to her she fumed and steeled her resolve to punish him.

Jennifer smiled self-consciously as Mac walked back over and began to remove his clothes in front of her. She watched as he pulled his turtleneck shirt over his head to reveal a strong and hairless chest. She noticed the circular scar on the side of his stomach and wondered what it was from. However, she knew it was not the time to ask as she watched with fascination as he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. A little moan escaped her lips when she saw the tent in his underwear. It looked quite large to her. She felt her heart rate increase. Her husband wasn’t very big but that never mattered to her. However, she never really had anything to compare it too until now.

Slowly Mac pulled the underwear down his legs, letting his throbbing erection spring out.

“Oh my!” Jennifer gasped and her eyes opened wide in amazement. She began to tremble in excitement.

Mac could see excitement and a little fear in Jennifer’s eyes as she stared at his long, hard penis. He stood in front of her for a minute, letting her look at his body as he did the same to her. Her body was perfect, showing no signs of ever having a baby. Not that having a baby was a problem. No, Mac thought pregnant women and mothers were very sexy. He loved the maturity that came with motherhood, both mentally and physically. He and Sally had wanted ten kids if they could have them. It was always a joke with them that he would keep her barefoot and pregnant for the rest of their married life.

Jennifer’s breasts were large and firm, with pretty pink nipples. Her stomach was flat and smooth with just a hint of very light blond fuzz, leading downward to her blond and sparsely haired pubic mound. He could see that she was a natural blond.

Now, Mac was the one staring. He could see a glint of clear liquid trickling from between the swollen inner lips of her vagina.

Mac went slowly to his knees in front of Jennifer. He saw a look of surprise on her face as he bent his head and began to kiss the inside of her knee and then up her silk covered thighs. He heard her moan in excitement as he pushed her knees apart, kissing higher and across the warm flesh of her inner thigh. He loved the smooth skin high on a woman’s thighs. There was something special about the feel of the protected soft flesh between the nylons and panties. It was a secret place, so warm and inviting to his tongue.

“What… what are… are you doing?” Jennifer whispered breathlessly.

Mac looked up in surprise. “I’m going to eat you,” he said.

“Oh God. Ralph… my hus… never… uh… I’ve never had that done to me,” she stuttered.

At first Mac thought that she was kidding. He couldn’t imagine a young woman now days that didn’t give and receive oral sex. It suddenly dawned on him that this young girl was almost a virgin; something he hadn’t counted on. A smile crossed his lips and he said, “Well, I’m going to do it now.” Then he pushed her legs further apart and lifted them, forcing Jennifer back onto the bed.

It was Mac’s turn to groan as he looked down at Jennifer’s swollen sex. Almost a virgin! he thought as he began to kiss down her thighs again. His eyes stared at Jennifer’s spread sex as his lips worked gently on one thigh and then the other. Now, he could clearly see her sex juice as it bubbled from between the swollen inner lips. Mac could even smell her excitement. She smelled so sweet that Mac’s mouth began to water.

With an animal moan, Mac dropped his head and brought his mouth to Jennifer’s pulsing sex lips.

“Ahhhhhh! Oh my God!” Jennifer screamed as she felt Mac’s lips and tongue on her sex. She had always wanted Ralph to do this but he refused. Sure, he wanted her to do him but he would never return the favor. Now she knew what she had been missing.

Suddenly, it felt like Mac’s mouth was everywhere at once. When his tongue penetrated her hole, fireworks began to go off in her head. Jennifer wanted to make the oral treatment last but it felt too good and almost immediately, her body began to tremble as her legs wrapped around Mac’s neck and her hands grasped his head. “Oh yes! Oh yes!” she moaned as waves of electric shocks rocketed up her thighs and across her trembling body. “Ohhhhhh!” she hissed as a kaleidoscope of colors exploded behind her tightly closed eyes.

Mac’s face was deluged with fluid as Jennifer began to climax for the third time that night. He was shocked again at the speed and intensity of her climaxes. Still, he hung on and kept sucking as she bucked and screamed in pleasure. Even when Jennifer began to settle down, Mac didn’t stop. He was relentless in his oral ministrations and he loved to please a woman this way. Sometimes he thought he could do this all night, forsaking his own pleasure.

Jennifer kept moaning as her body responded to him with climax after climax. When she finally began to come down from her long climax, Mac pushed her until she was lying in the middle of the bed. Then he crawled between her legs and brought his dripping mouth to her sex again.

“Oh Jesus,” Jennifer screamed as Mac began to suck her with renewed vigor.

Twenty minutes later, Jennifer had to push Mac’s head away or risk expiring. She had lost count of her climaxes after the first four or five. Having multiple climaxes surprised Jennifer. She typically experienced one climax during sex. This night was turning out to be a real education for her.

Mac smiled up at her, his chin dripping with her juice. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and then he got up from the bed and went over to the nightstand. He removed something from the drawer.

For an instant Jennifer felt panic; that’s where he put the pistol.

When he turned around, he held up a condom and looked at Jennifer with a question on his face. Mac saw relief and a moment of indecision in her eyes before she slowly shook her head no. With a smile, Mac threw the condom back into the draw and crawled onto the bed, taking her into his arms.

Jennifer moaned as Mac kissed her lips gently. She trembled, as she tasted herself for the first time in her young life. She moaned and sucked his wet lips between her own and felt the now familiar throbbing between her legs again.

When their lips finally parted, Mac moved downward until he was sucking her hard nipples. He worked on one and then moved to the other, sucking like a baby and leaving his saliva shining on the swollen tip. He spent a long time working on her soft mounds of flesh. When he was done, they were heaving and blotched with red from his late evening whisker growth. He squeezed them in his strong hands, enjoying molding the soft flesh.

Finally, Mac could take no more—he had to have her. He pulled back and looked down at the pretty woman again. She was almost shaking with need. Her legs were spread showing that her well-eaten vagina was ready for more. Then he crawled between her legs. He knelt there with his penis throbbing with need. Slowly, he lifted her legs and placed them on his shoulders. He slid forward, bringing the swollen head of his penis to the entrance of her vagina. When he touched the sensitive lips, he felt Jennifer hunch downward, trying to get him inside. He pulled back, teasing her until he couldn’t take anymore himself. Holding her legs up, he moved forward. As the head of his penis slipped slowly inside, Jennifer moaned and closed her eyes in pleasure. Mac watched as his hard flesh was eaten up by the pretty woman’s warm and tight vagina. Then, it was his turn to moan when he saw that all but two inches of his penis was inside her. However, he knew better than to force himself into her. Some women could take all of him and some couldn’t.

Slowly, Mac began to pull himself out, watching the pink lips try to hold him inside. Then he pushed back in as Jennifer groaned in excitement. With each thrust, his penis went in a little deeper until finally, his pubic hair was touching hers. She had taken all of him and was gasping for breath. Mac waited, letting her adjust. Gradually, he began to move until he was sliding in and out at a slow but steady pace.

Jennifer reached up and pulled Mac down until he was lying on top of her. She kissed his lips passionately, almost eating him. Then her hips began to push up into him. She couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was so wrong but felt so right. This was the first man she had been with since she got married five years ago. Before that she had only had one other lover. Based on how she felt right now, this wouldn’t be the last.

Mac began to move in and out slowly at first, building speed. Soon he began to pound into her. He felt her arms tighten around his neck and her legs wrap around his waist. With each push his balls slapped her ass cheeks, creating an echo around the room and splattering her copious juice on their thighs. A smile came to his lips as he worked the married lady to a sexual frenzy.

Finally, Jennifer lost it. “Oh God, fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me!” Her hips moved up to meet every downward plunge. She felt incredibly full and stretched. Jennifer knew how large he was, however she wasn’t aware of how much of him she had taken inside until she felt his balls on her ass cheeks. Her body began to tremble as she raced toward another climax.

“Oh God baby,” Mac moaned, “I can’t take much more.”

“Yes, cum… cum in meeee!!!” Jennifer screamed as another climax rushed through her.

Mac felt his testicles tighten as his climax neared. “Ahhhhhh!!!” he groaned as his pent up sperm rushed down the shaft. With great force, his scalding semen shot into her willing hole, splattering against the warm walls and filling her to overflow.

Jennifer felt as if she might pass out when she felt another man’s sperm pour into her hole. The feeling of such forbidden pleasure was too much for her as she swooned into unconsciousness.

Chapter 02

It had been a long time since Mac had been to bed with a woman that was as sex starved as Jennifer seemed to be. When he finished climaxing, he fell to the bed and then realized that she had lost consciousness. He debated waking her up in case she had to get home. However, he decided to let her sleep and gently pulled the sheet over the two of them.

Now, it was morning and Mac was wide-awake and watching her suck his penis. She did it as if she truly enjoyed it. In fact, it was almost as if he didn’t exist, he thought as he watched her lick his large shaft.

Jennifer was lost in her own world as she enjoyed licking the swollen flesh in her fist. She felt a little guilty about how many times she had climaxed last night when he had only had one. However, if she admitted the truth, she was still being selfish. She loved giving oral sex! It was such a thrill for her to feel a penis pulsing in her mouth. She had probably done it for her husband a hundred times. It was so incredibly exciting to work him up to a frenzy and then feel his balls tighten a second before he sent his juice hurtling up the shaft and into her waiting mouth. Now, she was almost trembling at the thought of swallowing the contents of this stranger’s balls.

When Jennifer felt Mac move, she looked up and saw that his eyes were open and that there was a contented smile on his face. She moaned in response and continued to suck him, using her hand to work up and down the shaft. Soon, she felt his balls begin to tighten under her hand and knew that he was close to a climax. She squeezed her thighs together in excitement as she prepared for his sperm.

Mac wanted to warn Jennifer of his impending climax. However, when he tried to pull her head up, she pushed his hands away, moaning deep in her throat. “Oh God baby, I’m getting close,” Mac moaned.

Jennifer doubled her efforts, her lips sucking hard and her hand moving up and down the shaft rapidly. Now she was in a frenzy to have his juice. She found herself wondering what he tasted like. Her husband’s sperm was sometimes bitter but she loved it nonetheless. She didn’t have to wait long to find out what Mac’s tasted like.

Mac lifted his hips off the bed and bellowed as his sperm began to rush from the shaft and pour into her mouth.

Jennifer swallowed quickly and then pumped his shaft, sucking for more. She was rewarded as Mac squirted several huge volleys of cum into her mouth. Some of it escaped her lips and ran down the shaft under her pumping fist. Each contraction forced another large gob of sperm into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily. It was strong and thick but far from unpleasant. She almost giggled when she realized that she was eating him for breakfast. Not bad, she concluded and lots of protein too.

Mac moaned as Jennifer tried to suck more out of him. But, he was drained.

When Jennifer could get no more juice from his balls, she contentedly sucked him until his shaft shriveled and she let it slip from her mouth. Then, she ran her tongue into his pubic hair, searching for what had escaped her mouth.

Mac saw an almost embarrassed look on Jennifer’s face when she raised her head and wiped her mouth with the back of her cum wet hand. He smiled and pulled her to him, bringing her reluctant lips to his and forcing his tongue into her mouth.

Jennifer was amazed. Her husband would never kiss her after oral sex. He would always make her go to the bathroom and brush her teeth. She trembled in excitement as the kiss went on and on.

Finally when their lips parted, Mac looked at Jennifer and whispered, “Thank you! That was incredible.”

Again Jennifer looked embarrassed as her face turned red and she dropped her head to his shoulder, lying quietly by his side.

As Mac lay there in the afterglow, Jennifer reached down and idly traced the path of a long scar on his leg. “Your body is very busy,” she giggled. “Where did all the scars come from?”

“A lot of different places,” he answered. “That one came from a errant artillery round in the deserts of the Middle East. Friendly fire they call it.”

Mac had been in the Army Special Operations and to every hot spot in the world before he joined the police force in Chicago.

Jennifer moved her finger up his leg, gently circling his flaccid penis before moving on to the large round scar on his otherwise smooth and rippled stomach.

Mac didn’t wait for the question. “An alley in Chicago. A drug deal gone bad,” Mac said almost humorously referring to a serious situation when he had almost died. “I was a cop in Chicago for a few years.”

Finally, Jennifer turned to him and touched his face. “And this one?” she asked as she gently touched his cheek, turning his face to her.

“A bar in Morocco,” Mac answered as the memory of the drunken brawl with some locals came rushing back to him.

“My, your body is like a map of the world,” she said in youthful innocence.

She said it so seriously that Mac laughed loudly. “I guess I never thought of it that way.”

Jennifer glanced around the sparsely furnished room. While it wasn’t exactly barren, it certainly lacked a woman’s touch. “No wife? I don’t see any pictures around,” Jennifer said but then saw an extremely pained look on Mac’s face. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No… no it’s okay. I was married but she was killed. It’s a long story.”

“I’m sorry,” Jennifer said again and fell silent. A few minutes later she sat up and said, “I guess I had better get going.”

“Husband expecting you,” Mac said.

Jennifer turned to him with a surprised look.

“It wasn’t hard to tell,” Mac said lifting her hand to show the white area where her ring had been. “Catch him with another woman? A little revenge maybe?”

Again, Jennifer looked surprised. Then she sighed and said, “I guess I’m pretty obvious huh?”

“Well, it’s my job to know people.”

“I’m sorry I took advantage of you,” Jennifer said suddenly, almost in tears.

Mac laughed loudly. “Lady, you can take advantage of me any time you want.” Then he pulled her back to him, kissing her gently.

Jennifer pulled away and whispered, “Thank you!”

“For what?”

“For being gentle with me and… I don’t know… I guess I could have gotten myself into a lot of trouble.”

“That’s true. Jeffery’s is not a place that we generally see unescorted women. But I’m certainly glad I was there when you came by. I was getting pretty lonely.” Mac paused and then said, “I would say from the look on your face when you entered that you were lonely and angry about what happened. So, are you going to leave him?”

“No… probably not,” she answered thoughtfully. “The fact is, I still love him.” She sniffled and wiped a tear from her cheek. “As much as I hate to admit it, it was partially my fault. I… I haven’t exactly been a sexual dynamo with him. I guess we just began to take each other for granted. What we… we did last night made me realize that I haven’t been doing my part… uh you know, sexually.”

“Well, it always takes two to make a marriage work. Where does he think you are now?”

“I told him that I was staying with a girlfriend, but I didn’t tell him who.”

“Well, don’t worry, I’ll never reveal our secret.” Mac sat up. “I have an appointment this morning so I need to get a shower and get going too.” Then he smiled at her and said, “How about we save water and shower together.”

Jennifer smiled as Mac pulled her off the bed and toward the bathroom.

“Oh my,” she gasped as she felt the remains of Mac’s cum run down her sticky thighs as she followed behind him.

As soon as they stepped into the shower, Mac pulled Jennifer to him. As they kissed passionately he reached for the soap and began to work up a lather on her back. Then he moved to the front. A moan escaped both of them as he covered her breasts and worked down to her pubic mound.

Jennifer could feel that Mac was already excited. She grasped his penis and used the suds from her body to lather him. Then she turned around in his arms and pushed her ass back at him. She was ready again.

Mac looked down at her sexy ass and sighed excitedly. Then, he leaned over her and whispered, “Have you ever had it in your ass?”

“Oh God,” she gasped. Then, her voice dropped to a whisper and she said, “No! But I wanted my… my husband to… do it.”

“Can I do it?” Mac asked, fully expecting a no.

“Oh… uh… uh… Oh God…” Jennifer hissed and hesitated, biting her lip with indecision. He’s so big, she thought. Still, she wanted it. After a long pause, she finally said, “Please be gentle.” Her legs almost collapsed under her at her words.

Mac’s own legs felt weak as he moved his penis between her legs. He reached down and opened her cheeks with one hand and he guided his penis toward the tiny hole with the other. He watched the soapy head touch the pulsing star of her anus. For a second he worried that the large head would never fit.

“Oh God, oh God,” Jennifer gasped as she felt the head of Mac’s penis touch her little hole. Then suddenly, she had to have it. She bent further forward and pushed back, her chest sliding down the glass door. “Ohhhhhhh!!!” she moaned as the head stretched her tight hole. There was a moment of intense pain before it slipped inside and her tight sphincter muscle snapped shut.

Mac moaned as the warmth of Jennifer’s ass surrounded him. It was an incredibly tight fit but he pressed forward. When he had two or three inches inside, he paused, waiting for her to adjust.

“Oh Jesus,” Jennifer moaned, “Fuck meeeee!!!”

With a bellow, Mac pushed forward, sinking his long tool deep into her tight hole. A second later, both of them were moaning and thrashing around in the cramped confines of the shower stall. The glass door rattled and the room quickly filled with grunts of pleasure as the two lovers rushed toward their climaxes.

Jennifer felt like she was going to explode, as shock waves of pleasure rushed from her ass through her vagina and up her body. Her legs trembled and her body shook as a strong climax rushed through her.

The contractions deep inside Jennifer’s ass were too much for Mac. As much as he wanted it to last, he couldn’t wait. “Oh Goddddd!!!” he moaned as his balls pulled tight and forced his load of cum into the convulsing woman’s ass.

Eventually, the two lovers staggered apart, gasping for breath. Mac took Jennifer’s still trembling body into his arms and kissed her. “You are incredible! Any man would be crazy to let you out of his sight,” he said sincerely.

“Thank you,” she whispered in response, pressing her wet body to his strong chest.


Mac drove Jennifer to her car, which she had left at Jeffrey’s Bar last night.

As Jennifer started to get out, she turned back to him and there were tears in her eyes. “Thank you!” she said again and leaned in to kiss him one last time. When their lips parted, she looked into his eyes and hesitated. “Uh… if I wanted to… to be… to be a bad girl again…” she said and stopped.

“I was hoping you would ask. Here,” he said and handed her his business card. “Call me anytime, day or night. Or, stop in at Jeffrey’s. I’m there a lot.”

“Thanks, I might just do that,” she said and then rushed to her car.

Mac sighed and shook his head. Her husband must be a real jerk he concluded as he watched her get into her car.

What a night, he thought as he drove away.

Chapter 03

The traffic was bumper to bumper as Mac headed out of town. He hoped that he wouldn’t be late for his appointment with Judge Rhinehold. He knew that the Judge put a priority on promptness.

A smile came to Mac’s face as he thought of his friend and mentor.

Jason Rhinehold was a federal judge. Mac and he had met when he took a summer job with his father after high school. Mac’s father was an assistant prosecutor and worked along side Jason.

Jason had taught Mac a great deal that summer, not only about the law but also about life. In fact, it was Judge Rhinehold that had convinced Mac to become a policeman in the first place.

After a restless summer, Mac had joined the Army. When he got out after his three-year obligation, he had little business knowledge and no college education. However, his stint with Special Operations had taught him skills that were sought after by most police departments. He knew how to use every weapon known to man and he could subdue or kill just about any human, no matter what their size.

While Mac’s father had not tried to dissuade him from joining the police department, he wasn’t entirely happy about it. He wanted him to go to college and go into law like he had. However, he knew better than anybody that Mac would never be happy with a desk job.

As Mac neared the Rhinehold estate, he thought of his long time friend and how he had helped him when Sally had died. Mac’s father had passed away a few years before, so the Judge was about the only one he could lean on. He helped him deal with the Sally’s death but just as importantly, he applied pressure in the right places to insure that the perpetrators were captured and convicted. Beyond that, when Mac’s guilt forced him to resign from the police department, Judge Rhinehold had helped him set up his own security business. He used his connections and even loaned him money. Then, he wouldn’t accept the money back. Mac owed the Judge big time but figured that he would never be able to repay him.

Judge Rhinehold’s wife had died almost twenty years ago. Several years later, he got married again to a much younger woman. She was thirty years his junior and gorgeous. The Judge had been almost fifty and she was barely 19 and pregnant to boot. The rumor was that she was a wild girl that had been sent to the Judge’s court. However, he obviously saw something in her that no one else did. In the beginning, Mac didn’t have an opinion one way or the other. He figured it was the Judge’s business anyway.

Angela, the Judge’s new wife, had always been nice to Mac. However, initially, Mac figured that she was a gold digger and after the Judge’s money. Over the years, Mac concluded that she was sincere and even grew to like her. She was outgoing and sexy, with just a hint of sassiness, and she didn’t take any crap from anyone. Mac liked that. He learned that she had come from a broken home and that she was on her own from the time she was sixteen. It was amazing that she didn’t seem to be hardened by what must have been difficult years.

Now, it had been three years since Mac had seen Angela or her daughter Tess. He felt bad about that. However, after what happened, he had found it impossible to face her again. It had been difficult enough to face the Judge. Although, the Judge certainly didn’t know what had happened.

Mac stopped at the large iron gates and reached out to press the button on the speaker. A young woman’s voice came over the intercom. He identified himself and the giant gates slowly opened. Mac drove up the long driveway in his old Ford Crown Victoria—a holdover from his days as a cop. It was the same car he had three years ago when he last saw Angela. Suddenly, Angela’s pretty face popped into his head and he could remember the last time he had seen her like it was yesterday…

Judge Rhinehold had asked Mac to substitute for him at a formal dinner because he had been called out of town unexpectedly. The Judge knew that Angela had been looking forward to the party for a long time. She had bought a new dress, shoes and she had even gotten a new hairstyle. The Judge didn’t want to disappoint her after all her preparations.

At first, Mac declined but the Judge could be very persuasive when he wanted to be. Mac’s refusal wasn’t because he didn’t want to be with Angela. In fact, it was just the opposite. Mac had found himself becoming very attracted to Angela over time. The feeling appeared to be mutual and Mac knew that that combination could be very dangerous. Still, while they had flirted, nothing had happened up to that point. However, Mac knew that if he was with her too much, things could change. He didn’t trust himself around her anymore.

Mac had reluctantly agreed to escort Angela after some friendly arm-twisting.

The evening of the party, Mac arrived early and was uncharacteristically nervous. He brought a stuffed animal for Tess as he had done almost every time he visited since she was very small. Mac liked Tess. She was a smart and rambunctious kid, almost a tomboy. She had a lot of traits of her mother, including her good looks and sassiness. Over the years, he had spent a lot of time with her and had, in fact, babysat on many occasions.

Tess and he were in the living room when he saw Angela coming down the stairs. Immediately Mac knew that he was in trouble. Angela was wearing a blue sequenced gown that was form fitting and cut almost to her navel in the front. He didn’t have to stare very hard to see the inside swells of her creamy breasts. From his position, he could see her silky thighs below the short hem as she walked slowly down the steps in her high-heeled shoes.

Mac didn’t realize that he was staring as she walked toward them, her breasts swaying freely under the gown, her nipples already hard.

“Sorry. Have you been waiting long?” Angela whispered as she walked up to Mac and kissed him gently on the cheek.

Suddenly Mac was surrounded by her sweet smell. He could feel his face turning hot as if he were embarrassed. “No… uh… uh… you look… wow!” he stuttered.

“Thank you! So you like it?” she asked as she spun around.

Mac almost gasped. The back of the dress was open, almost all the way to her buttocks. In fact, Mac got a glimpse of the crack of her ass as he looked down—she wasn’t wearing underwear. Suddenly, he was quite flustered.

“You look quite dashing too in that tuxedo,” Angela observed as she scanned Mac. Then she frowned when she saw the bulge from his weapon. “Do you have to carry that?”

“It’s a habit. I’ll leave it in the car.”

“Thank you! Shall we go?” Angela said as she took Mac’s arm. “Tess, when Jane gets here, tell her that her mom said she had to get to bed by midnight. That means you too.”

“All right Mom,” Tess said indulgently. “Bye Uncle Mac,” Tess said and kissed Mac on the cheek and ran off with her stuffed animal.

The party might have been very boring except that Mac was with Angela. He had a very difficult time not staring at her all night. He was caught several times with his eyes on her cleavage. His face would color when he saw her eyes on his and a smile would cross her lips.

After the dinner, when the band started, the two of them danced almost every dance. The closeness of the sexy woman, her perfume and soft body had an impact on Mac. He tried to be a gentleman but when he wrapped his arms around her, there was no place to put his hands except on the soft skin of her bare back. He also tried to keep his body a safe distance from her but she insisted that he dance close. The feel of her soft breasts pressed to him was driving him mad. Several times, he had to excuse himself, and sit down when he felt himself getting excited. He made the excuse that he needed to rest. That was an obvious lie. Mac was in the best shape of his life and had participated in several Iron Man Triathlons in just the last year.

Neither of them paid too much attention to the amount of liquor they were drinking until they walked outside to leave. The cool air made them both feel a bit woozy.

When they arrived home, Angela invited Mac inside for a nightcap. If he hadn’t drunk so much, he probably would have refused. However, between the alcohol and the sexy woman, Mac was lost.

The trouble started when he and Angela were sitting comfortably on the sofa. There was soft music on the stereo and a roaring fire in the fireplace. They were talking quietly one moment and then the next thing Mac knew, their lips were pressed together.

Almost without a conscious thought, Mac’s hand went to Angela’s breast. God, how he had longed to touch them all night, he thought. Angela moaned in response and shifted slightly, letting his hand slip inside her top. It was Mac’s turn to moan as his hand covered the soft breasts that he had been staring at all evening. Within seconds, Mac felt Angela’s hand on his thigh. As their passion increased, the hand moved upward.

“Angela,” Mac hissed as the hand reached the tent in his pants. Mac was powerless to stop her when she reached for his zipper and pulled it down. A second later, her hand was searching inside his underwear for his throbbing penis.

“Oh God,” Angela moaned when her hand circled his large shaft. Angela was breathing heavily as she caressed Mac’s substantial penis. It felt huge in her small hand. Suddenly, she had to see it. She struggled a bit but soon she had his pulsing shaft out of his pants. “Oh my God,” Angela moaned as she held his penis in the glow of the firelight. The head was swollen, the skin stretched so tight that it was almost purple. She marveled at the helmet shaped crown. Then, her hand began moving slowly up and down the shaft until there was a sparkle of clear juice bubbling from the head. Angela used her thumb to spread it across the stretched skin. She thought his penis was beautiful, although she didn’t have much to compare it to.

Mac was paralyzed with excitement and fear. He knew this was very wrong. The Judge was his friend. Still, he could not stop what was happening.

Like a moth to a flame, Angela’s head dropped toward Mac’s penis. She could smell his excitement as her lips neared the swollen head. Her tongue came out and she licked the clear juice bubbling from the slit. She heard Mac moan. Then her mouth opened and she took the large plumb inside. Now they both moaned as she began to suck.

Neither Mac nor Angela heard the giggles from Tess and Jane as they stood in the shadows watching the two on the sofa. Tess and her friend thought that they knew all about sex. However, the sight on the sofa was burned into Tess’s mind forever. She couldn’t believe that her mother was sucking on her Uncle Mac’s penis. It was so nasty but oh so exciting. She resolved that one day she would do that to Mac.

It didn’t take very long for Mac to feel like he was nearing a climax. The booze, the warmth from the crackling fire and the mouth of the sexy woman had all conspired to bring him to a peak very quickly. Mac reached for Angela’s head to pull her away. He knew that he had to stop her. However, when he tried, Angela ignored him and sucked harder, moving her hand up and down the shaft with even greater speed. “Jesus Angela,” Mac groaned as he felt his balls begin to tighten. “Oh Gooooddddd!!!” he hissed as his hips lifted from the sofa.

Angela moaned excitedly as a long string of Mac’s juice squirted into her mouth. It had been a long, long time since she had tasted or felt a man’s cum in her mouth. Jason was good to her but he was not much of a sexual partner. Angela had loved oral sex from the time she gave her first blow job. However, when she got married, Jason had discouraged it. He preferred straight sex in the missionary position.

Mac felt like he was going to pass out as his penis throbbed repeatedly and sent his cum hurling deep into the beautiful woman’s mouth and down her throat. There was nothing he could do to stop it now.

Angela couldn’t believe how much sperm Mac was producing. It poured into her mouth like a fire hose and she struggled to drink it all down. Juice from Angela’s vagina was pouring from between her sex lips as quickly as Mac was pumping his into her mouth. She squeezed her legs together tightly, squishing her swollen lips between her thighs. Before the last shot from Mac’s penis entered her mouth, Angela had her own little climax.

Ten minutes later Mac was rushing out of the house embarrassed and mortified at what he had let happen. That was the last time had seen Angela until today…


Judge Rhinehold’s estate was magnificent. He had inherited it from his grandfather. The grounds were always beautifully manicured and the main house kept in perfect shape. It hadn’t changed a bit in three years. Mac knew that the Judge couldn’t afford the estate on his civil servant salary. The Judge had inherited a great deal of money from his wealthy parents. However, Mac also knew that the Judge was smart enough to enhance whatever money he had inherited. He figured the Judge was worth fifty million or so. However, while the Judge had plenty of money, one wouldn’t know it from the way they lived beyond the large house. They didn’t drive around in fancy cars with chauffeurs and they only had one servant. She was an old woman who had worked for the Judge’s family for years. She cleaned the house and kept it orderly but was rarely seen by anyone but the family. She stayed in a small out-building remodeled as an apartment.

As Mac stood nervously at the large doors of the mansion holding a stuffed animal in his hand, he wondered why the Judge wanted to see him. While they hadn’t been close in the last couple of years, they always kept in touch and had lunch every couple of months. However, the relationship from Mac’s perspective was strained. The Judge often asked Mac to come to his house and couldn’t understand his refusals. This time however, the request was more like an order and somehow seemed urgent.

Suddenly, the large door opened and Mac saw a pretty young girl staring at him. Mac stared back at her as if he didn’t know who she was.

“Well, are you going to stand there all day or come in,” Tess said with a big smile.

“Tess?” Mac asked as he looked at the pretty girl. She looked like a younger version of Angela.

“Yes!” she answered and suddenly jumped into his arms, squealing in excitement. “Where have you been?” she practically screamed.

Mac stood dumfounded as the young girl hung on his neck. Finally he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her to him. “Wow… you’ve grown up,” Mac said as she pulled away.

“I’m going on nineteen now.” Tess was just past her eighteenth birthday but nineteen seemed so much older to her.

“Wow,” was all that Mac could say.

“Is that for me?” Tess asked as she looked at the stuffed animal that Mac held in his hand.

“Uh… yes… uh I guess,” he answered, feeling foolish now bringing a grown girl a little bear. For Mac, it had been like time had stood still. Tess was still a little girl in his mind and he could still see the two of them playing board games on the living room rug.

“Thank you,” Tess bubbled and hugged Mac again.

This time Mac was very much aware of the large and soft breasts pressing to his chest as he hugged Tess back.

“Well, look what the cat drug in,” Angela said as she walked up behind the two.

Mac reluctantly pushed Tess back. “Hi Angela,” he said sheepishly as he looked over Tess’s shoulder at the pretty woman.

“Don’t I get a hug too?” she said and stepped toward him as Tess moved to the side.

Mac hugged Angela, feeling her soft body press to his. Now, he was surrounded by the sweet smell of the two women. Suddenly, he regretted waiting so long to visit. It had been foolish and childish. He and Angela were both adults and could have dealt with what happened in a mature way, he thought.

“It’s been too long Mac,” Angela whispered as they embraced. Then she pulled away as if to appraise him. “You haven’t changed much,” she smiled. “Come on in the living room and tell us what you’ve been up to. Jason will be down in a minute.” Angela and Tess took his hands and pulled him toward the massive living room.

Mac sat on the sofa and the two women sat across from him. To Mac, Angela didn’t look like she had aged a day since he saw her last. She still had a beautiful face with short blond hair and pretty blue eyes. Today, she had on a low cut white cotton V-neck top that showed the soft swells of her breasts, which still looked firm. Mac wondered if she had had them enhanced. Suddenly, Mac realized that he had been staring and looked up to see Angela watching him just like the night three years ago. When he looked into her eyes, he almost became hypnotized. God, she is gorgeous, he thought.

“So, where have you been?” Angela asked, a little smile playing at the corners of her mouth.

“Busy with lots of work.” Mac said, averting his eyes and looking at Tess. She was a spitting image of her mother. However, she had brown hair now. Mac guessed that she colored it to be different. She was wearing a tight pull over sweater and her own firm breasts stood high on her chest. Mac could see her hard nipples pressing through the thin material. She definitely wasn’t a little girl anymore.

“Oh Uncle Mac, let me show you my high school yearbook,” Tess said with excitement.

“Tess, Mac has business with your father.”

Mac smiled at the young girl’s enthusiasm. “That’s okay Angela, I’ll make some time after the Judge and I are done.”

Tess smiled brightly and stood up. “Let me go and get it out of my closet,” Tess said and rushed off to her room.

Suddenly, the room was very quiet as the two looked at each other nervously.



They both started to talk at the same time then stopped and laughed.

“Angela, I’ve been a fool,” Mac said. “After… after what happened… I… I was so embarrassed.”

“I know. So was I,” Angela said. “Sometimes things just happen Mac. It wasn’t your fault.”

“God Angela, Jason has been like a father to me and I felt so bad but I wasn’t man enough to face you. I made it worse by acting stupid.”

“That was a long time ago Mac. There is no harm done.”

“No harm done about what?” a loud voice said from the doorway.

Mac turned to see Judge Rhinehold in the doorway. “I was just apologizing to Angela for not visiting sooner.”

“She deserves an apology,” Jason said as he walked over to Mac, holding out his hand.

Mac stood up and shook his hand and then the two men embraced warmly.

“Angela, if you will excuse us, Mac and I have some business and then he’s all yours.”

“Certainly,” Angela said and then added, “You’re staying for lunch right?”

“Well, I hadn’t planned on it.”

“I insist,” Jason said as he led Mac to his study.

As Mac and Jason entered the study, Tess was searching through her closet for her yearbook. Her room was the typical teenager’s. The walls were covered with posters of rock and movie stars, clothes were lying around the room, and the bed was unmade. However, there was one neat spot. That was where Tess had neatly placed all the stuffed animals that Mac had brought her over the years. As she was rummaging through her closet, she came across a photo album. Inside were the photos that had been taken of her and Mac. They started when she was an infant and stopped when she was almost fifteen. Tess felt a little chill run down her spine as she picked up the album and thought of Mac. Now he was back.

Tess pulled the album out and took it to her bed. She lay down and began to thumb through the old photos. When she got to the page where she and Mac were in their bathing suits at the pool, she stopped. She loved those photos, although she looked so skinny in her little red bikini. However, that wasn’t what fascinated her about the photos. It was Mac in his tight swim trunks that she liked. She could see the distinctive bulge in his shorts. In fact, she could see the ridge below the crown of his penis and his large testicles. Another chill went though her.

Tess lay back on the bed and closed her eyes. A fantasy jumped into her mind. It was one that she had used to masturbate a hundred times…

In her fantasy she could see herself kneeling at his feet. Her shaking hands would reach up and pull his tight swim trunks down, letting his already hard penis spring out.

Tess opened the snap on her shorts and slid her hand down her stomach and across her soft pubic hair. Her breath caught in her throat when her fingers touched her wet and swollen vagina.

A moan escaped Mac’s lips as she opened her mouth and took the swollen head inside. He tasted so sweet. She sucked him gently, her hand cupping his large testicles. She could feel them squirming in her hand. Inside were millions of little sperm, waiting to travel up the long shaft and into her mouth. She looked up with dove like eyes and saw Mac staring down at her with pleasure on his face. His hips began to move back and forth, forcing the large stick deep into her mouth.

Again Tess moaned as a finger slipped between the lips and into her waiting hole. Slowly she began to move it in and out. She could hear the squishing sound as her finger became coated with her thick juice. Her other hand slipped under her top to grasp her breast. The nipple was already rock hard.

Her hands reached out and grasped Mac’s strong buttocks, helping him to plunge his penis in and out of her willing mouth. She felt him reach down and pull her tiny bikini top off before grasping her breasts. His hands were strong, almost harsh as they kneaded her soft flesh. She could feel her juice soaking through the crotch of her bikini bottom.

“Oh yes, fuck my mouth,” Tess mumbled aloud as her finger continued to work in and out of her hole. “That’s it! That’s it! Give me all that hard cock.” Tess felt her body beginning to tense as she neared her climax.

Slowly Tess pushed her head down, forcing Mac’s penis to the back of her throat. She took a deep breath as she pulled him forward. A loud moan came from above as Mac’s penis slid all the way down her throat until his balls slapped her chin. Suddenly, she heard Mac moan that he was going to cum. She pulled his penis from her throat. She didn’t want his cum to go down her throat without her tasting it. Letting the head rest in her mouth she continued to jerk on him. Another moan came from his lips as his penis pulsed and sent his sperm pouring into her waiting mouth. God, it was so sweet she thought as she swallowed time and again.

Tess bucked her hips from the bed. She spread her legs wide, bracing herself. A loud moan escaped her as her body began to convulse in climax. Her hole pulsed and squeezed around her probing finger as she shook in pleasure.

It was always the same fantasy for Tess. The fantasy worked quickly and every time. Within seconds she collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. God, she wondered what the real thing would be like as she pulled her drenched hand from between her legs. She was going to have to change her shorts before she went back downstairs.

Chapter 04

“Thanks for coming on short notice Mac. Can I get you something to drink?” Judge Rhinehold asked as he walked over to his well stocked bar.

“Yes, a scotch on the rocks please,” Mac said as he took a seat on the large leather sofa. Mac looked around the room as the Judge made them drinks. It had been a long time since he had been here, but not much had changed. The room still smelled of cigar smoke and aged leather. It was neat but in a male sort of way. There were law books piled on desks and the shelves were filled from floor to ceiling. It was definitely a man’s room. Mac doubted that Angela or Tess came in here very often.

The Judge walked over and took a seat in his favorite chair. “It’s been a while Mac. I’m glad you could make it.”

“It’s great to see Angela and I can’t believe how Tess has grown.”

“She certainly has. She gets like her mother more everyday; stubborn and a little wild I’m afraid,” the Judge said with a worried smile like a nervous father. “Listen Mac, I’ll get right to the point. I need your help.”

“Sure Judge, anything,” Mac said sincerely. Suddenly, he was very concerned. This seemed serious, he thought, as he took a sip of his drink. He stared at his long time friend and could see that he seemed tense. Mac knew the Judge took pride in not showing what he was thinking. It helped to keep a poker face when you were a federal judge. He also noticed that he looked much older than the last time he had seen him. He looked pale, even frail. It was somewhat of a shock. The Judge had always been a big, strong man and he was rarely sick. Mac could see his hand tremble slightly as he took a drink. He suddenly realized that the Judge looked ill.

“Mac, I’m sitting on a big case that involves the RICO Act and racketeering. There are some big names involved here; very powerful people with mob connections.” The Judge suddenly looked uneasy, taking a quick drink.

Mac knew that the Judge always had the toughest cases and, in fact, he seemed to revel in them. This one must be something really big for him to be asking for help, he thought, as he waited for the Judge to continue.

“There is a rumor that they—these guys—are going to put a contract out on me or my family.” Again, the Judge paused to let what he had said sink in.

Mac’s police trained mind jumped into action. A million thoughts went through his head. However, he knew that he had to think clearly and act calmly. The situation seemed identical to his, almost ten years ago. “Why don’t you have police protection already?” Mac said immediately. He hadn’t seen any patrol cars or men in uniform around outside.

“I’m getting to that. I said that it is a rumor so far. However, I can’t afford to take a chance. One of the problems is that the bench wants to sequester me for the duration of the trial. I’m okay with that but I know Angela and Tess will rebel. They would never stand for being cooped up for an extended period of time—maybe weeks. Besides, there isn’t much time…” the Judge said and hesitated. “Preliminary arguments start tomorrow.”

“Well, Tess and Angela don’t have much choice,” Mac said firmly.

“Ah, spoken like a man that hasn’t lived with two women for years. I told you they were stubborn. That’s where you come in. I want you to protect them!”

“Me! Why not just have the police do it?” Mac said, his voice raised.

“Because I trust you Mac,” the Judge responded calmly.

“Judge, I don’t deserve that trust. Remember, I was the one that couldn’t even protect my own wife.” Beside, Mac thought, I can’t be trusted to be alone with your wife.

“I knew you would say that Mac. You know we have discussed that a thousand times. There was no way you could have known that those guys were going to try a hit on you. You did everything the right way. How could you have known that your family was a target? I have an advantage—I know about it.”

Mac sat silent, his memories almost overwhelming him. It all came rushing back… the tragedy, the situation with Angela.

“Listen Mac, you’re the best there is at what you do. And, most importantly, you’re a good friend. That’s why I want you to move in here while I’m gone.”

Move in! Mac thought. He obviously doesn’t know what he is saying. Yeah, I’m a good friend that had oral sex with your wife! Mac’s mind screamed with self-loathing in his heart. Suddenly Mac was very concerned. There was no way he could live under the same roof with Angela. He stood up and walked over to the bar and poured himself a scotch. Suddenly, his was shaking when he took a drink. “Judge, that’s not a good idea. I’ll help but I don’t think I should stay here.”

“Why not? Mac, I need you close by. Angela and Tess… well, they can be a handful and I don’t think you can do it on a part-time basis. Additionally, I want you to upgrade my security system and make sure the house is secure.”

Mac took another gulp of his drink. “It’s just not a good idea.”

“Listen Mac, I’ve never asked anything from you. Now I need your help. If anything happened to Angela or Tess…” the Judge said and paused.

Suddenly, Mac saw tears in the Judge’s eyes. He had never seen him emotional like this before. Mac decided to take one more shot. “I can have several of my guys stay here. That way I will be free to investigate on my own.”

“I don’t want your ‘guys’ Mac. I want you.” Now the Judge got up and walked over to the large window looking out toward the woods of his estate. The room was silent for a long time. Finally the Judge turned around and said, “Mac, I know what happened with you and Angela.”

Mac almost choked on his drink. He stared wide-eyed at the Judge. “What? She… she told you what happened?” he gasped.

“Come on Mac, let’s not pretend anymore. Angela told me a couple of years ago. And, I know that’s why you have avoided coming here. I didn’t want to press it, but now I need your help.”

“Oh Jesus!” Mac moaned and sat down heavily in a chair, rubbing his face with his hand.

“It’s okay Mac. I was angry at first—at you, at Angela and even at me. But then I realized that it was my fault—well maybe nobody’s fault. Things just happen.”

Mac looked up. Those were Angela’s words he thought.

“Mac, I’ve been a judge too long to not know all about human frailties. We all make mistakes. When I got over being angry, I realized something very important; Angela didn’t have to tell me. The truth is, I don’t believe that she would have told me if she didn’t love me.” The Judge went over to get himself another drink. Then, he walked back over and sat across from Mac again. “It’s strange Mac, but somehow I was glad it was you.” The Judge paused looking at Mac’s worried face. “It’s okay Mac.”

Mac looked up at the Judge like he was crazy. What the hell does he mean, “It’s okay…” he thought and almost said it aloud.

“Listen, I’m almost seventy years old Mac. My sexual prime has long passed. You know as well as anyone that I am a realist. My whole life is built around logic and reason. I did some serious soul searching after Angela and I had our talk. Angela is still a young woman. In fact, you’re going to think this is crazy, but I told her that she could have an affair if she wanted. I admit that it was at a weak moment, but I didn’t want to lose her. Now, I’m worried about what happens to her and Tess after I’m… I’m dead.”

Mac opened his mouth but nothing came out. What does he mean, “After I’m dead”? Mac thought.

“Crazy huh? The truth is that it’s been a long time since I could please Angela. I would have done anything to keep her. It seemed logical to me at the time and in fact still does. However, she would have none of it. She blew up at me. Women! I’ll never understand them.” The Judge sat back in his chair; his head back and his eyes closed, suddenly looking very tired.

The room was deadly silent. “I don’t know what to say,” Mac finally said.

The Judge looked up and smiled. “Say you’ll be a true friend and help me out! Mac, listen to me. Angela and I love each other and we are very close. When she settled down and we had a chance to talk, we came to an understanding about sex. She is still a vibrant woman and an independent person. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Mac looked at him and slowly shook his head no.

The Judge sighed in exasperation as if he were talking to a child. “Well, you will. However, right now I need you to help me out. Will you do it?”

Mac got up and walked over to the window this time. He realized that he didn’t really have a choice. “All right,” he answered. He wanted to say more but he couldn’t speak. There were a million questions in his mind though. Like, what was the Judge saying about “an understanding about sex,” and all that independent person stuff? Mac wasn’t naive but he couldn’t believe that he was saying that Angela could do whatever she wanted sexually. He knew that he had misunderstood him.

“Good! How soon can you move in?” the Judge said with a broad smile. He was never one to dally. He made decisions and stuck by them.

“As soon as I can get some things packed.”

Just then the intercom buzzer sounded. It was Angela telling them that lunch was ready.

“Perfect timing. Come on,” Judge Rhinehold said starting to walk toward the door. “And Mac, there is one more thing I should tell you.”

What else could he possibly have to say? Mac thought as he joined the Judge. He doubted that he could be surprised anymore today. He was wrong!

The Judge put his hand on Mac’s shoulder as he lead him out of the study. “I’ve been having a lot of medical tests lately and the test are pretty conclusive. Mac, I have about a year left and probably a lot less. Cancer.”

Mac stopped in his tracks. “Jesus Christ!” Mac gasped. “What are you saying? You’re going to… to die?”

“Everybody’s going to die, Mac! Very few people get out of this world alive.”

Mac ignored his attempt at humor and said, “Do Angela and Tess know?”

“Yes. That’s what makes this sequester thing so much worse. However, I have to do it. Angela can fill you in about everything later. Let’s not be late to lunch or I’ll hear about it.”

Chapter 05

Lunch for Mac was a blur. His head was spinning with the things that the Judge had told him. Several times Angela, Tess or Jason spoke to him and he didn’t hear them. Finally, when lunch was over, Angela asked Mac to join her for a walk in the gardens. Tess was a bit miffed but Mac promised to stay longer to see her yearbook.

It was a wonderfully warm late September afternoon. Angela led Mac outside and down a flower lined path, her arm in his. They walked silently for a while and then sat on a bench overlooking the spacious gardens. The trees were swaying with the gentle breeze and there was a strong smell of sweet flowers in the air. Angela sat close to Mac, their thighs touching.

“I love it out here. It’s so peaceful. Everything seems so clear,” she said as she leaned into Mac. “Jason told you that he has cancer didn’t he?”

“Yes. I had no idea. How long have you known?”

“A couple of months.”

“Angela… he… he also told me that you told him what happened between us. God Angela, was that necessary?”

“Yes, I think it was. Jason and I have a relationship built on honesty. From the very beginning we have always been honest about our needs and desires. It is the thing that has kept our marriage good. I couldn’t live with that kind of secret. Listen Mac, I always knew that when I married an older man there was a possibility that… that sexually there could be problems eventually. I also knew that I would be a relatively young widow. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter when you love someone. And, I do love Jason… more than ever.” Angela turned to Mac and took his hand. She had tears in her eyes. “I need to stay strong for him. All this stuff with the trial and maybe a contract on him makes it that much harder to take.” She looked away again and then said, “Mac, I’m sorry he brought you into this on one level. However on a personal level, I’m glad he did. It’s been too long.”

“I’m glad he thought enough of me to ask for help,” Mac responded. “I acted like a kid after… after… well you know. Maybe it’s time to start over and forget about the past. I’m glad he doesn’t hate me for what happened. I have to make it up to him.”

“He doesn’t hate you. We talked for a long time about that. He understands,” Angela said and paused again, looking meaningfully at Mac and squeezed his hand. “He really understands,” she said again when she saw a strange look on Mac’s face. “Mac… Jason and I… well… oh damn, this is hard. Our… our sexual relationship has been non-existent for years. It’s not because he doesn’t want to do anything. He has had medical problems in the past and now the cancer…” Angela said and her voice began to crack with her emotions.

“Angela, you don’t…” Mac started to say when Angela touched his lips with her fingers.

“I know I don’t have to tell you this. But, I want to.” She turned and looked away. “I know that sex isn’t everything. But the desire is there and I can’t deny it. It’s why what happened between us happened. I’m only human. But, I’ve never done anything with anyone else,” she added. She placed her hand on Mac’s thigh. “Even though Jason said I could. It was always too much of a risk.”

Mac could feel the heat from her hand on his thin summer slacks and felt unwanted excitement. He couldn’t believe that this woman could have such an effect on him. It was as if their three-year separation never happened.

Angela turned and looked at Mac and like three years ago, their lips drew together like magnets. However, this time they weren’t drunk. It was as if time had stood still.

Angela’s body relaxed into his and a moan escaped her throat.

It spite of Mac’s resolve, his mouth opened to accept her tongue. He could feel himself getting erect. A soft breeze caressed their cheeks as the kiss went on and on. He pulled her tightly to him and could feel her soft breasts moving up and down with her now rapid breathing.

When their lips parted Angela whispered, “I’ve missed you.” Then she looked down at Mac’s pants and smiled.

Mac was totally shocked when her hand slid from his thigh to grasp his growing erection.

“I guess you missed me too, huh?” she said as she squeezed him.

“Angela,” Mac groaned as she gently moved her hand over his slacks, bringing his penis to full erection.

“God, it’s so big,” Angela said as she absentmindedly watched her hand move up and down the long shaft. “I can still remember.”

“Angela, please,” Mac pleaded like he was powerless to stop the movement of her hand. She continued to caress him, ignoring his protest. “You’re going to help aren’t you?” she asked calmly, moving her hand slowly now, almost idly, as if she did this everyday.

Mac could feel his penis begin to pulse inside his pants. It was becoming difficult to talk. “You… you know the Judge can be very persuasive. I… I don’t think I have much choice.” Mac almost moaned and then said, “Angela God.” He put his hand on her wrist to stop the movement for fear that he might cum in his pants like some horny teenager. He sighed in relief when her hand stopped moving. Then to his great surprise she reached for his hand and brought it up and placed it on her soft breast. Then she pressed her lips to his again.

Mac moaned in helpless frustration and his hand began to move on the soft orb. Finally, he found the strength to pull away. When he could catch his breath, he said, “Angela, this is why I shouldn’t stay here.”

Then Angela reached for his throbbing penis again. “Just let me see it,” she hissed, ignoring his comment and reaching for his zipper.

“Angela, I… we have to get… get back,” Mac gasped, his penis pulsing so much that he again feared that he might climax.

With quick fingers, Angela had his zipper down and was reaching into his pants.

Mac looked over his shoulder at the house in panic. He heard a gasp and he looked back and found Angela holding his stiff rod in her hand. It even looked big to Mac in Angela’s small hand. “Angela… please!” he pleaded again.

“It’s even bigger than I remembered,” she said as she stared at the crimson head.

“Angela, there’s someone coming!” Mac lied. He was desperate to stop her for fear that he would shoot his load all over his pants.

“Oh alright, but you’re going to come stay with us, right?” she said as she squeezed him one last time before struggling to get the long shaft back into his pants.

“Yes. But you have to promise to behave,” he said as gently as he knew how.

“I’m afraid I can’t promise that,” she said with a little laugh and purposely licked the juice off her wet fingers. Then she got up and said, “Tess is waiting for you.” Then she turned and left.

Mac sat in stunned silence as he watched her leave. Her gorgeous butt was outlined in her tight shorts and it was swinging back and forth as she walked. When she was out of sight, he sat there for a long time. His brain was having a hard time absorbing all that had transpired in the last several hours. He thought of the Judge and his problems, Angela and his attraction to her and yes, Tess. It was impossible for him to accept the obvious. Suddenly, he knew that this was going to be a very “dangerous assignment”.

Chapter 06

When Mac finally made it back to the house, his erection was gone but not forgotten. His normal logic had left him as a result of the events of the past few hours. If he had been thinking clearly, he would have surmised that something was going on that was beyond the Judge’s need for him to protect his family.

Mac walked into the house and saw Tess coming down the stairs with her yearbook. He noticed that she had on a different pair of shorts. These were bright yellow and clung to her lower half like a second skin. He almost gasped when his eyes dropped to her crotch and he could see the shape of her sex lips separated by the seam.

“There you are. I was looking all over for you,” Tess said with a mock pout. “Then I looked out the back window and saw you still down in the garden with Mom,” she added with a strange smile.

Mac could feel his face turning red. Did she see anything? he thought with panic. “Uh… uh… your Mom and I had some things… to talk about.”

“I’m sure,” she said almost sarcastically. “Come on into the living room,” she said and grabbed his hand, pulling him behind her. She set the yearbook on the coffee table and went to her knees on the floor between the table and sofa. Mac sat on the sofa.

“Are you going to college?” Mac asked, trying to act calm as she opened the book in front of him. From his vantage point on the sofa, Mac had an unwanted view down the front of Tess’s top. His eyes naturally went to the open jersey. God, he could practically see her nipples he thought as he forced his eyes back to the yearbook.

“Yes. I’m going to a local college for now. With my dad… my dad being sick, I didn’t want to go away,” Tess said with thinly veiled emotions. She sniffled, wiped her nose and then Tess proceeded to show Mac various pictures of her and her friends.

Finally Mac’s heartbeat began to return to normal and he relaxed. As he looked at the yearbook, he observed that Tess seemed to be on almost every page. She was either in some club or on a sports team. She was even on the cheerleading squad. “Is this the school’s yearbook or yours?” Mac asked and laughed.

“I was very active in high school,” Tess answered smiling up at Mac. She saw his eyes and leaned a little further over, insuring that he had a good view down her top. She could feel her nipples getting hard as excitement began to course though her. Her eyes drifted to the crotch of his pants. There was a noticeable bulge and it seemed to be getting bigger. It was pretty obvious that the trip to the garden with her Mom had accomplished the objective.

Mac didn’t miss Tess’s movement or the hardening nipples. He could feel himself becoming excited again so he tried to focus his eyes on the yearbook.

When they finished looking at the yearbook, Tess jumped up and pulled Mac to his feet. “Let me show you my room. It’s changed a lot since you were here last.”

“Uh… Tess, I really have to get going.”

“Please, please, please,” she whined like a little girl.

Mac sighed and said, “Alright, but then I have to get moving. I have a lot of things to do if I’m going to move in here.”

“You’re moving in?” Tess squealed and jumped into Mac’s arms, grasping him in a bear hug. When she pulled away, she grabbed his hand to take him upstairs.

Mac let her lead the way. He lagged a bit behind, watching the young girl’s butt as she moved up the steps. Damn, she moves just like her mother, Mac thought as he watched her firm ass sway. The shorts were incredibly tight on her butt. He felt his penis begin to grow again as he saw the shorts pull upward between the cheeks to reveal the lower globes of her buttocks.

Tess could feel Mac’s eyes on her ass and her vagina throbbed. Suddenly, the crotch of her shorts felt very tight on her swollen lips.

Tess had hastily cleaned up her room. She led Mac inside and said, “Sit down a minute, let me show you some pictures.” Then she walked over to the closet and bent over.

Mac tried to look elsewhere but his eyes were drawn back to her butt. As she bent over with her legs straight, the seam of the tight shorts pulled between the cheeks again, separating and emphasizing the firm orbs. The elastic around the legs pulled upward, exposing most of her lower cheeks. It seemed that she was taking an inordinately long time to find the album.

Tess could feel his eyes on her ass and a little trickle of girl juice dripped from her swollen lips. She hoped that Mac couldn’t see that. Then, she stretched lower, the seam slicing between her swollen lips until it rubbed her clit.

A little moan escaped Mac’s throat when he saw the shorts all but disappear between the young girl’s cheeks. He could actually see the fat outer lips between her stretched thighs and there appeared to be a tiny stain forming.

Suddenly, Tess turned around abruptly with a photo album in her hand. She saw that Mac’s eyes were staring at her. Then she saw his face turn red when she caught him. A smile played at the corners of her mouth as she walked back over to the bed. She could feel her wet lips squishing between her thighs now. She sat next to Mac and opened the album to show him pictures of her and him over the years.

Mac tried to get his composure and focus on the album. As she flipped the pages, he was surprised to see that she had kept a comprehensive record of his visits. He had also noticed the little shrine she had set up with all the stuffed animals he had brought her over the years. It didn’t take police training for him to see that this young lady was infatuated with him. On one hand, it stroked his ego, however, on the other, he knew that it was very dangerous.

After a few minutes of looking at the photos, Tess flopped back on the bed and lay on her back. Her top pulled up to bare her stomach.

Mac saw a silver belly button ring. “Does you mother know you have that?” he asked, looking at the ring.

“Yep. But, she doesn’t know about my tattoo,” she lied with a giggle.

“A tattoo?” Mac exclaimed with great surprise.

“It’s just a little one. Let me show you,” Tess said and her hands went quickly to the snap on her shorts. Before Mac could stop her, she had opened the waist and pulled the zipper all the way down. Then she bent the side of her shorts down slowly.

Mac almost gasped as more and more of her stomach was bared. He was worried that she was going to pull it all the way down. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw a little red rose come into view. It was no more than an inch from the top of her pubic mound and slightly to the side. The skin around the little rose was soft and white without a trace of hair. She must trim it back for her bikini, Mac thought. He could feel tightness in his pants.

“You like it?” Tess asked, holding her shorts open. “I wanted them to put it closer to my… you know,” she giggled and pulled the corner of the shorts over until the swell of one of her outer lips could be seen.

Mac’s eyes got a big as saucers. He was suddenly tongue-tied. “Uh… yes. It’s… it’s very pretty. Won’t your mother be mad when she finds out?”

“She won’t find out unless you tell her,” Tess giggled. “You won’t tell on me will you?” Her face held a pretty pout as her fingers kept the shorts open.

“Uh… no.” What was he going to say anyway, he thought, “Your daughter has a tattoo right next to her pussy and, I know because she showed it to me along with her pussy lip.” Yea, right!

Finally, Mac stood up and said, “I really have to get going sweetie.” He walked to the door. Tess followed him with her shorts still unzipped. Before he could step out, Tess grabbed his hand and pulled him back. She moved close to him and he backed up until his back hit the open door.

Tess stepped closer, her breasts just touching his chest. Mac stood tensely, almost in fear, as the young girl looked up at him.

“I’m glad you’re coming to stay with us,” she said and leaned into him, pressing her soft breasts to him and laying her cheek on his chest.

Mac hesitantly wrapped his arms around her and held her gently. The contact of the young girl’s body was having an effect of him again and he felt his penis start to harden. Subtly, almost imperceptibly, he felt Tess pressing her groin to his. He heard a little whimper come from her lips. Suddenly, Mac realized that he was rock hard and holding the daughter of his best friend. His penis throbbed between them. He knew that she could feel it. Abruptly, almost harshly, Mac pushed Tess away. “Uh… I uh… have to get going,” he stuttered. As he started to move away, he felt a subtle brush of her hand across the tented crotch of his pants. He caught the smile on Tess’s face before he turned and hurried down the stairs.

Chapter 07

Mac arrived at the mansion early the next morning with his bags. The Judge had to leave for court early. When he was ready to go, Mac walked him out to the car.

“Take good care of them Mac,” the Judge told him, patting him on the shoulder like a father.

“I will,” Mac responded and held out his hand. The Judge shook it and got into the police cruiser. Then Mac stood on the white marble steps and watched the police car disappear down the long driveway. He felt a mixture of emotions rushing through him. He felt good that the judge thought enough of him to have him stay with his family. However, he also felt excitement and dread. His brief encounters with Angela and Tess yesterday had confirmed his reservations about staying alone with the two women.

By that afternoon Mac had moved everything he needed into the Rhinehold household. He was given a room on the second floor, one door from Tess and two down from Angela’s. The room in between would be used to set up his surveillance equipment. It wasn’t the ideal location but it would have to do. He had brought some of his best security equipment and purchased a few more items.

Inside the house Mac set up several cameras. They were situated in positions that by panning them around, he could see most of the downstairs or at least the rooms and halls that had windows or doors to the outside. On the outside, he set up another battery of cameras as well as heat and laser sensors that would feed into the main control room and to a beeper he kept on his belt. Now, from the control room, he could see almost every possible entrance to the house. He had not set up any camera in the upstairs part of the house for obvious reasons. However, the outside cameras could handle the upstairs windows. The last thing he had to do was to check the connections to the current alarm system. There seemed to be a short in a wire somewhere in the house. He would start checking with Angela’s bedroom.

When he came out of the security equipment room, he saw Tess. “Where’s your Mom?” he asked. “I need to check her bedroom for a short in the security wire.”

“She’s in the kitchen, I think,” Tess answered with a smile. “You can check my bedroom if you want.”

“I’ll do that later,” Mac answered nervously and hurried toward the master bedroom. He stepped inside and scanned the room. It was a large bedroom with several sofas and a king-sized, canopied bed. The room took up an entire corner of the house. There were two sets of sliding doors that led to a balcony on different sides of the house. Mac walked toward the windows to check the security connections around the doors. Just as he passed the bathroom, he stopped. A gasp escaped his lips.

Angela had walked out of the bathroom with a short robe on. However, the robe was not belted at the waist, which left it hanging open. She was using a large towel to dry her hair and didn’t see Mac. When she almost ran into him, she stopped abruptly. She squealed but then smiled when she saw it was Mac. “Goodness, you scared me,” Angela said, as she stood with her robe carelessly open.

Mac was frozen in his position. His eyes scanned down her body. The robe barely covered her breasts, leaving most of the center swells on display. Below, the robe covered none of her pubic area or legs. Mac was surprised to see that there was not a trace of pubic hair on her mound. He could see just a hint of her fat pink inner lips protruding from the smooth outer ones.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Angela said as she looked down and saw that her robe was open. At first, she made no move to close the robe as her eyes looked back up at Mac. Then, she slowly wrapped it around her and tied the belt, taking her time in the process.

“I… I’m sorry Angela. Tess said you were downstairs. I was just checking the security connections. I’ll come back,” Mac said and started to make his retreat.

“No, go ahead, I don’t mind,” Angela said as she started to dry her hair again.

“If you’re sure,” Mac said. He really needed to find the short before it got dark.

“Absolutely. I’m just going to touch up my toenails. Don’t mind me.” Angela turned and left Mac flustered. She got some polish from the dresser and walked over and sat on a divan near the windows. She lifted one foot, placed it on a towel and opened the bottle of polish.

Mac hurried over and began to check the frame of the sliding door. He ran his fingers down the frame, following it to the floor. Then he got on his hands and knees and followed the wire across the floor section of the frame, looking for a break in the wire.

“So, are you settled in okay?”

Angela’s voice startled Mac. He was intent on checking the wire and had not paid attention to what Angela was doing. When he looked up, he got another surprise. From his position on the floor, he could see under Angela’s lifted leg and directly to her bare crotch. The late afternoon sun give him a perfect view of her smoothly shaven vagina. The outer lips were baby smooth and between them hung the fat inner lips. They seemed to be glistening in the sunlight but that was probably from the shower, Mac thought. “Uh… what did you say?” Mac said, unable to tear his eyes from her exposed crotch.

Angela looked up at Mac for a second and then looked back at her foot. If she noticed where Mac was looking, she didn’t show it. She continued to paint her toenails without looking up again and said, “I asked if you were settled in okay?”

“Uh… uh… yes, everything is quite satisfactory.”

“I need to go out to the beauty shop to get my toes done but Jason said I had to wait for you to tell me it was okay,” Angela said and stopped to look at Mac again. This time, she smiled when she saw where he was looking.

Mac finally tore his eyes away and looked up. His face turned bright red when he realized that Angela knew where his eyes had been. Quickly he turned his head and began to check the wire again. “Sorry. I told the Judge that I wanted to make sure you and Tess were escorted whenever you go out. I can call Henry now if you need me to.”

“No, my toenail polish is a mess, but I think I can fix my little problem without going out today,” Angela said. Then she placed the cap back on the bottle and lifted her leg, pointing it at Mac. “So what do you think,” she said, holding her foot toward him.

Again Mac looked up. He looked at the pretty foot with red polished toenails. Then his eyes moved higher up her smooth calf. His heart began to beat rapidly as he saw her exposed thigh. He couldn’t see her vagina yet but could see most of her leg. Then she moved her leg slightly to the side, giving Mac another view, this time directly between her thighs. He gulped. “It’s beautiful,” he said, his eyes staring directly between her open legs.

“No, I mean my toes, silly,” Angela said with a big smile.

Mac realized that he had to get out of there. “Uh… Angela, I have a lot to do yet tonight. I… I need… to check… uh… the outside cameras.” With that Mac quickly got up and left the room. His penis was throbbing painfully in his pants. He thought he heard a giggle behind him as he left.

Chapter 08

Mac went outside and checked some of the wiring, finding the short in a connection leading to the front door. At least that problem is out of the way, he thought as he went back inside.

“Uncle Mac,” Tess said as she came walking down the long spiral staircase. “Can I have my boyfriend Randy come over tonight?”

“Tess, I would rather you not do that.”

“Why not? I can’t stay cooped up in this house for weeks without some diversion. Besides, he’s going to bring over my school work so I don’t get too far behind.” She stood with her arms crossed and one foot out, tapping on the floor like a petulant child.

Mac couldn’t really think of a good reason why Tess couldn’t have her boyfriend over. “Alright, but he has to be out of here by midnight.”

“One,” Tess returned with a smile.

“Okay, one o’clock but no later.”

“Thank you,” Tess said and rushed up to Mac and hugged him.

The hug lasted a lot longer than it should have. Mac finally had to pry her hands from him. “Uh… Tess, I have to get to work.” He felt like he had said those words a hundred times in the last two days.

“Oh, all right,” Tess said begrudgingly.

Mac shook his head and went upstairs to the equipment room again. It was now filled with wires and computer terminals. He checked all the equipment to make sure it was working properly and then went to his room. He put on his jogging shorts, sleeveless shirt, running shoes, his holster and pistol and went out for an afternoon jog. It gave him a chance to get some fresh air and exercise. It also gave him a chance to check out the property before the sun went down. More importantly, it provided him some relief from the two sexy women.

It was nearly five miles around the property. There were other large houses in the area but mostly woods and open fields. It didn’t take long for Mac to work up a sweat. Running on the grassy hills turned into a good work out.

Mac worried about the remoteness of the house—there were just too many good places for an ambush. It would have been far easier, Mac thought, if the Judge lived closer to town and the police department.

When Mac returned to the house, he went directly to his room. He wanted to clean his pistol before he took a shower. He took his pistol out of the holster and laid it on a towel on the bed. Then he got his cleaning equipment and sat down. He was running the cleaning rod through the barrel when his eye caught something in the doorway. When he looked up, he saw Tess leaning against the doorframe in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head.

“Hi Uncle Mac, whatcha doing, cleaning your ‘gun’,” she said with a smile, emphasizing the word “gun”. She walked over to the bed.

“It’s a weapon, not a gun,” Mac said remembering a time in basic training when he had referred to his weapon as a gun. The drill sergeant made him stand on the barracks steps and hold his crotch in one hand and the rifle in the other. He had to repeat over and over, “This is my weapon and this is my gun. This is for fighting and this is for fun.” It was a lesson he never forgot.

“Can I see your big ‘gun’?” Tess said intentionally ignoring his correction and looking at his crotch as she sat on the bed.

Mac felt a little irritation at her innuendo. Years of jabs between salty cops gave Mac a quick wit when challenged. Before he thought of what he was saying he blurted, “Little girls shouldn’t play with big guns.” Suddenly, he saw fire in Tess’s eyes and she immediately stood up. Mac’s chin dropped and his eyes opened in shock when Tess opened her robe, revealing her naked body.

“Does this look like a little girl?” she almost hissed.

Mac stared in complete shock. However, he wasn’t too shocked to notice that Tess had gorgeous breasts, an incredibly flat stomach and a totally bald pubic mound like her mother. And, there was that little rose, an inch from the lips of her vagina. “Tess!” he almost screamed. However, not before he got his eyes filled with her soft flesh. His attempt at acting like the indignant adult failed when he felt his penis reacting and begin to slowly crawl down his leg.

Tess didn’t miss his reaction. Her eyes stared at his pulsing crotch and she smiled when she realized the effect she was having on him. She closed her robe and sat back down on the bed and said, “Sorry Uncle Mac, it’s that wild streak I get from Mom.” Then she lay on her side with her hand holding her head up like nothing had happened.

Mac didn’t say anything; he couldn’t. Nervously, and with trembling fingers, he began to break the weapon down to clean the trigger mechanism, trying desperately to will his penis down. However, Mac was all thumbs and it took him twice as long as normal to get the mechanism apart. His head was almost spinning as the smell of lilac soap and hair shampoo almost overcame the smell of gun oil.

Tess silently watched Mac for a long time. Then she asked, “Uncle Mac, have you ever killed anyone?”


“What’s it feel like?”


Tess fell silent again, watching Mac work on the metal parts. Finally, she got up enough nerve to ask the question. “Why did you stop coming to see me and my Mom?” she asked.

That was the question Mac had been dreading. “It’s a long story Tess, and personal.”

“You know, I thought I had done something wrong. I cried myself to sleep almost every night for a long time.”

Mac looked up and saw tears in her eyes. “Oh God no Tess, you didn’t do anything wrong.” Now Mac felt even worse about his childish behavior. Quickly, he moved the parts of his pistol to the side of the bed and pulled Tess into his arms. Somehow, he ended up lying on his back with Tess in his arms, her head on his chest. Then he felt even worse when he heard the young girl begin to sob. “I was such a fool Tess. I’m so sorry,” he said as he stroked her back and held her to him.

The two of them stayed like that for a long time. Finally, Tess lifted her head. She looked into Mac’s worried face and then pulled back further. She reached up and removed the towel around her head, letting her wet hair fall to her shoulders, her eyes staring into Mac’s.

Mac was frozen as he watched Tess’s lips move toward his. A moan escaped his lips when her lips touched his. He knew that he should force her away but suddenly he had no strength in his arms. I’ve hurt her enough already, he reasoned.

Tess moaned as her tongue entered his mouth. His lips were as sweet as she had dreamed they would be. Her hand moved quickly until it touched Mac’s naked thigh. She felt him quiver. Without hesitation, her hand slipped upward and until it covered his thinly covered penis.

Mac’s body tensed but he didn’t move to stop her. He just moaned as her tongue searched his mouth.

When Tess’s hand found his half-hard penis and wrapped around it she almost climaxed. It was huge, even without being fully erect. She could feel her vagina throbbing as juice began to stream out.

For a minute, Mac was lost in a sensuous fog. He couldn’t sort out right from wrong. All he knew was the sweet tongue in his mouth and the warm hand caressing him. Just as he felt Tess’s hand slip down to his bare thigh to pull his penis from the leg of his jogging shorts, the cell phone clipped to his shorts rang.

Both of them jumped.

Mac pushed Tess away and grabbed the phone. “Hello,” he said, turning away from Tess.

Tess got up from the bed and picked up her towel. She knew that the spell had been broken. When she looked back, she smiled at Mac as he tried to cross his legs to hide his erection.

On the telephone was one of Mac’s men, Henry. He wanted to know when Mac would need him.

“Uh… uh… I’ll probably need you tomorrow,” he said breathlessly.

“Is everything okay Mac,” Henry asked when he heard his labored breathing.

“Yes, everything’s fine. I just got back from my jog. I’ll talk to you tomorrow morning.”

“Okay boss. Bye.”

“Okay Henry. Bye.” Mac hung up the phone and fell back on the bed letting out a deep breath.


It was almost 9 P.M. when Mac finally sat down to dinner. Angela had fixed Mac’s favorite meal: roast beef and potatoes. Tess declined to eat with them and instead went down to the clubroom to “study” with Randy. That suited Angela fine.

They had a quiet dinner, with candlelight. Angela had worn a soft silk dress that was cut low on her chest and clung to her body. She couldn’t wear any underwear because it would definitely show through. Besides, she loved the way the silky material clung to every curve of her otherwise naked body.

When dinner was done, Mac helped Angela with the dishes and then they took a glass of wine into the living room.

Mac sat on the sofa. Angela sat close to him on the end of the sofa and curled her legs up under her, exposing a good portion of her thighs in the process.

Angela noticed that Mac seemed very nervous. She surmised that it was because of her and she smiled to herself.

The two of them made small talk for sometime. Eventually, Angela was feeling comfortably warm after drinking half the bottle of wine.

However, Mac became uncomfortable when Angela looked at him and then took his glass of wine and sat it on the table with hers. “Do I scare you Mac?” she asked as she dropped a hand to his thigh.

“Yes.” he answered truthfully.

Angela laughed. “Didn’t you win a couple of metals in the Army and citations for valor in the police department?”

“Uh… yes,” he said wondering how she knew that.

“My, my, a war hero and cop scared by a 110 pound woman?” she said with an incredulous smile as she moved closer to him.

“Angela, this is crazy. The Judge is my friend and he asked me here to take care of you and Tess.”

“I know. So why aren’t you taking care of me?” she said as her hand slowly moved up his leg. Her smile changed as her hand found the tent in his pants.

Mac looked at her hand as if there was nothing he could do to stop her. “That’s not what he meant.”

“Are you sure?” she asked, squeezing his now pulsing shaft.

Suddenly, Mac was speechless. No he wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure of anything anymore. Then, before he knew what was happening, Angela’s lips were pressed to his. Suddenly, he was lying on his back with Angela practically on top of him, her lips pressed hard to his open mouth.

Mac squirmed beneath Angela. He could feel his hard penis pressing to her stomach as her breasts mashed against his chest. While he wanted desperately to resist, he was only human. With a moan, his hands touched the soft silk material covering Angela’s buttocks. He squeezed and heard her moan into his mouth. Slowly his hands slid down until they reached the hem. It was Mac’s turn to moan as his strong hands found the back of her soft thighs and began to move upward, taking the silky material with them. Mac’s penis lurched in his pants when his fingers confirmed that Angela wasn’t wearing panties. Suddenly, his hands were filled with the soft flesh of her bare ass.

When Angela broke the kiss and came up for air, Mac gasped, “God, Angela!” He looked into her eyes and could see that they were burning with lust. I have to stop this, he thought but yet he still opened his mouth when her lips pressed to his again.

Tess stood in the doorway to the living room, watching the two on the sofa. She had a perfect view of her mother lying on Mac, her dress over her bare buttocks and Mac’s hands squeezing her soft flesh. Her own dripping vagina began to pulse. Finally she said, “Hummmmm!” When there was no response, she did it louder. “Hummmmmmmm!”

Mac heard the sound the second time and practically threw Angela from his body. He sat up, his face red and his breath coming in gasps. “We were… we were,” Mac started to say but then he was at a loss for words. He looked to Angela for help. Angela sat beside him slightly flustered, trying to pull her dress over her almost naked lower half. Still, she was nowhere near as upset as Mac thought she should be.

Tess smiled and said, “Mom, where is the tape of our trip to Europe? Randy wants to see it.”

Angela was a bit perturbed at Tess’s interruption but she knew that she shouldn’t have taken it so far in the middle of the living room anyway. She sighed and said, “It’s in your father’s study, on his desk.”

“Thanks,” Tess said with a smile, then turned and left the frustrated couple. She couldn’t suppress a little giggle as she walked away.

“Uh… Angela, I have a few things to do then I’m going to bed. It’s been a very busy day,” Mac said, relieved by Tess’s interruption.

“Fine,” Angela said, with a tinge of anger in her voice. Angela was beginning to get frustrated. She was using all her womanly wiles on Mac but so far, he was resisting nobly. “Goodnight,” she said and walked out of the room, leaving Mac sitting on the sofa breathing heavily. Then a little smile crossed her lips as she walked up the stairs. She would pay Tess back for being a smart aleck. Maybe she had lost a battle, but certainly not the war.

Mac sat on the sofa for a long time, thinking. It was obvious that both women were doing everything they could to seduce him. If the situation was different and he was working for someone that he didn’t know, he would have already had both women in bed. However, this was the wife and daughter of a man who was a father figure to him. A man to whom he owed his life. The Judge had helped him to get into business and loaned him money. Yet, he had left him here to fend for himself. Does he know what was going on? Mac asked himself. Was this some crazy conspiracy? He shook his head in disbelief and got up slowly from the sofa. I’ll just check the cameras and go to bed. Tomorrow everything will be clearer, he thought wishfully.

Chapter 09

It was after midnight when Mac entered his control room. The room was glowing with the light from the computer terminals. Mac sat down and keyed commands into the keyboard. He checked each camera on the perimeter, scanning the area for any suspicious movement. When he saw nothing, he checked the sensors and found no unusual readings. Finally, he switched to the cameras inside the house, more as a system check than concern that he would see something. He was about to shut the camera down, his finger on the ‘enter’ button, when he saw some movement in the foyer. He was relieved to see Tess and her boyfriend. Again, he started to shut the camera down when he saw Tess push Randy against the wall and kiss him passionately, pressing her body to his. His finger was still on the ‘enter’ button when he saw Tess move her hand between them. Mac’s heart began to race. He knew that he shouldn’t be spying but the activity on the sofa with Angela had left him very excited.

Mac watched as Randy’s hands reached around and grasped the cheeks of Tess’s ass. He squeezed and then his hands slipped under the tight leg band of her cotton shorts. Suddenly, his hands were under the material on her bare flesh. Mac knew what that felt like as he remembered his hands caressing Angela in the same way just a short time before.

Diva Sexy Massage London

Tess glanced at the camera at the top of the stairs. She saw a little red light blinking and smiled to herself. She turned back to Randy and pressed her hand to his already hard penis. They had been making out on the sofa for a long time. However, Tess had resisted all of his advances, giving him only a quick feel of her here and there. She wanted to save the best for last.

“God Tess, you’re driving me crazy. What’s with you tonight?” Randy hissed, his fingers slipping between her legs until he could feel the beginnings of her swollen sex. Tess isn’t normally a “prick tease,” Randy thought. Generally she was good for a little finger action and maybe a blow job. However, for some unknown reason, she had resisted him all night.

“Nothing’s wrong with me that a little suck on this wouldn’t cure,” Tess said, squeezing Randy’s penis. “Ohhhh!” she gasped as one of Randy’s fingers found her wet hole. She spread her legs, letting him move his finger into her. Her hips began to move as the finger wormed its way deep into her warm hole. But then, she suddenly pushed his fingers away and quickly reached between them to pull his zipper down.

“Tess, we’re in the hallway! Your mom’s just upstairs,” Randy whispered in a panicked voice. However, he didn’t protest too hard. He had been dating Tess for a couple of months and while they hadn’t had intercourse, they had done almost everything else. Still, Randy wanted more and knew that it was just a matter of time. But Tess had been a tough one for him. She didn’t just roll over because of his good looks. It was a sweet challenge for him if not totally frustrating.

“Shhhhh,” Tess whispered as she pulled the zipper all the way down and reached inside to grasp his hard penis. Slowly, Tess began to slide down his body.

Randy looked up the stairs and saw that it was dark. He figured Tess’s mother had probably gone to bed. However, he didn’t know about that Mac guy. He could be anywhere. Then, all of his concerns were forgotten. “Oh God,” Randy moaned as Tess took the head of his penis into her warm mouth. He reached for her soft hair and pulled her head toward his crotch.

Angela had just walked to the top of the stairs when she saw Tess and Randy in the foyer. She moved back into the shadows and watched. A smile crossed her face as she watched her daughter suck her young boyfriend. It wasn’t the first time she had spied on her.

Mac’s eyes were opened wide as he watched the two in the foyer. He was already convinced that Tess was sexually active, however, he never expected to see her sucking her boyfriend in the middle of the foyer.

His finger twitched on the ‘enter’ key, knowing he should shut the camera down. However, he couldn’t bring himself to exert the little bit of force necessary. He watched transfixed as the teenager licked and sucked her boyfriend with surprising skill.

When Mac’s finger finally moved, it was to zoom the camera closer and turn up the microphone. Now he had a very close view of Tess’s lips circling the head of Randy’s penis. His excitement increased as he watched her pull it from her mouth and lick it like a lollipop.

Tess moaned and made a show of licking Randy. Occasionally, she would glance at the camera to make sure the light was still blinking. She also saw the shadow at the top of the stairs and knew that Mac wasn’t the only person watching. Her heart raced as she began to put on a show for her audience.

Then, as Mac watched in total amazement, Tess pushed her head down, forcing Randy’s penis all the way down her throat until her lips were buried in his pubic hair.

“Oh God baby, you’re going to make me cum,” Randy gasped, unable to resist Tess when she took him all the way into her throat. She was the only girl that he knew who could do that. He bet that she would be just as good when he finally went all the way.

Tess let his penis stay deep in her throat until she felt like she was going to gag and then she pulled back. As the saliva-coated penis slipped from her mouth, she used her hand to jerk the shaft rapidly. She looked up and smiled at him before covering the head with her lips again. When she felt Randy tense, she pulled his penis from her mouth again. She smiled at the expression of pleasure on his face as her hand continuing to move on the shaft. Then she opened her mouth wide, holding the penis close but not inside.

Randy looked down and gasped. She was jerking him off into her open mouth! he thought. That vision was all it took. “Ohhhhhh,” he moaned and bucked his hips. He could feel his load rushing up the shaft.

Suddenly, Tess squealed as the head of Randy’s penis pulsed and a huge gob of his cum shot out, catching her in the forehead. Quickly she aimed the head lower, catching the second shot in her open mouth. She barely had time to swallow before another one filled her mouth. Damn, she thought, the teasing must have really worked him up. She swallowed and her mouth filled again. Finally, when the force of Randy’s climax began to lessen, Tess took the head into her mouth and sucked.

“God, that was incredible,” Randy gasped as he smiled down at Tess. He could see his cum beginning to run down her forehead. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

“No problem… I loved it,” Tess said and scooped some of the white juice from her forehead and stuck it into her mouth.

Angela took one last look and rushed back to her room, her crotch pulsing with need.

Mac was practically shaking with excitement as he watched the scene on the screen in front of him. It was one of the most exciting things he had ever witnessed. He almost climaxed in his pants when he saw Tess take the cum-covered finger into her mouth. Was she looking at the camera when she did that? he wondered. Could she have known that the camera was on? Finally, he hit the enter key to shut the terminal down and the screen went dark. Then he got slowly up and walked out into the hallway toward the bathroom. He heard a whimper, almost a moan from the direction of Angela’s room. Suddenly, he was concerned that someone had gotten into the house as he was watching Tess. At least that was what his sexually fogged brain told him.

Angela was lying on the bed with the covers pushed down. She had her nightgown pulled up and her legs spread. Her hand was moving a large vibrator between the swollen lips of her vagina. “Oh yes, oh yes, ahhhhh!” she moaned as she moved the large object in and out. Suddenly, she could see the light in the hallway and a shadow. Instinctively, her legs moved a little wider and her hips lifted up.

When Mac peeked into the room, he gasped. He had a perfect view from the foot of the bed, directly between Angela’s legs. He watched for some time, trying to pull himself away. Then he heard her moan again and gasp, “Fuck me Mac. Oh God, fuck me hard.” Mac gasped as he heard his name. His already hard penis throbbed in his pants.

Angela worked the large dildo into her stretched hole rapidly, her hips lifting off the bed. It was doubly exciting knowing that Mac was watching her. That, combined with watching the scene in the foyer, brought her climax on very quickly. Finally, Angela moaned and squeezed her legs together as her long-awaited climax rushed through her.

Mac watched as Angela writhed on the bed in pleasure. Then, he backed away and slipped into the bathroom. He was almost shaking as he took a quick shower, fighting the urge to masturbate. He hadn’t done that since he was a kid. Yet, the events of this day were bringing him to the brink.

Tess kissed Randy goodbye and hurried back into the house. She went to her room and stripped. Then she looked into her dresser for something to wear. She put on a white corset that her mother had given her. It was tight on her waist and the bra cups were under-wired to push her already large breasts upward. She added a pair of white nylons and clipped them to the attached garter straps. Finally, she covered it with a see through robe. When she stuck her head out of her bedroom, she saw that the bathroom door across from Mac’s room was closed, so she waited and listened.

Mac left the bathroom quietly. He noticed that Angela’s door was now closed and thought that was strange. He shook his head and went into his room. He stripped off his clothes and crawled naked into his bed, his penis still throbbing. It hadn’t diminished a bit in the shower. His mind kept wandering back to the scene in the foyer and what he had witnessed in Angela’s bedroom. Suddenly, he moaned and reached down and grasped his penis. He couldn’t take it anymore. His hand began to move up and down on the shaft rapidly as visions of Tess and Angela swirled in his head. He knew that it wouldn’t take long to climax. A few seconds later, he was about to climax when the door to his room suddenly opened. Mac jumped in surprise, almost ready to dive for his pistol. Then, he saw Tess standing in the doorway with a stuffed animal in her hand. The light from the hallway silhouetted her body under the thin gown.

Tess smiled when she saw the obvious bulge under the blanket. Slowly she walked over to the bed and looked down at Mac.

“Tess… what are… you doing here?” Mac gasped in embarrassment. He saw her eyes move down to the tent in his blanket. Although Tess couldn’t see his hand, he quickly pulled it from his hard penis like he was a little boy that had been caught masturbating. He wasn’t a little boy but he certainly had been caught masturbating.

“I was scared. I thought I heard something,” Tess said like a small child. “You don’t mind if I snuggle up with you, like we used to do,” Tess said.

“Tess… no, it’s not…” Mac tried to protest. However, before he could stop her, she had slipped her top off.

Mac gasped as he saw the young girl in her corset and nylons. She didn’t look so young anymore. His eyes scanned her firm breasts and then drifted to her swollen vagina. He moaned when he saw a trickle of her juice run down her thigh.

Tess let him look for a while before she quickly slipped under the blanket and into his bed. “Ohhhhh, you sleep naked,” she said as she pushed her body next to him.

Mac was frozen with panic. He was about ready to push her out of his bed when she pressed her almost naked breasts to his side and snuggled close to him. She placed her hand on his chest as her head lay on his shoulder. Slowly, her hand began to move downward. Still, Mac couldn’t move as it crossed his stomach and to his pubic hair. He felt like he was going to climax as her hand wrapped around his pulsing rod. “Jesus,” Mac moaned as her warm hand circled him.

“Oh my,” Tess said when she felt his bare penis for the first time in her young life. It felt big when she had caressed it through his jogging shorts but now it felt positively huge. “God, you’re big,” she said with amazement in her voice, no longer acting like a little girl.

“Tess… you have… have to get… out of heeeeerrreee!” Mac struggled to say but Tess’s working hand made him catch his breath.

“I’ve got to see it,” Tess said and sat up abruptly and pushed the blanket off their bodies. “Oh my God,” she gasped when she saw the long pole pulsing in her hand. “It’s gorgeous,” she said almost to herself as she began to move her body.

“Oh Tess,” Mac moaned helplessly. He knew that he was lost as he felt Tess’s soft hair sliding down his chest and her warm breath on his skin. Then her tongue came out and began to lick down his body.

Tess tickled his skin, stopping to circle his navel. She could feel his penis pulsing and leaking juice across her fingers. She turned her head to look at his penis now inches from her face. Tess’s eyes grew as big as saucers as she drew closer to the leaking shaft in her hand. When she was close enough, she stuck out her tongue and licked a clear drop of liquid as it bubbled from the slit and began to roll down the shaft. “Mmmmm,” she moaned in excitement when she tasted his sweet juice for the first time. Then she opened her mouth and covered the head.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Mac moaned in surrender, as the young girl took the head of his swollen penis into her wet mouth. His hands went to the back of her head and began to gently push her down.

Tess would have smiled but her mouth was full. She let Mac push her downward until the large head was at the breach of her throat. She gasped and gagged, pulling away slightly. However, she immediately moved back down, taking more of the shaft into her throat. Tess took pride in her oral abilities. She had honed them over the last several years. The boys in high school would line up to go out with her. During her high school days, she had sucked off plenty of boys but none had been this large or wide.

“Tess, Tess, Tess,” Mac groaned over and over. His head began to move back and forth as if he was trying to say “no”. However, his hips moved up as if he were saying “yes.” He knew this was so wrong, however, he was helpless to stop it. He couldn’t believe the incredible feeling of having his penis sliding down her throat. It was a first for him.

Tess pushed her head down again, taking several more inches into her throat. However, again she gagged and had to pull back. Suddenly, it had become a challenge to her. There had never been one she couldn’t take and she wasn’t about to fail now. She took a deep breath and tried to relax her throat. She pushed again.

“Oh Jesus, oh God,” Mac moaned when he felt his penis slide into her throat and her lips touch his balls.

Tess felt a thrill of pride and satisfaction as her lips touched Mac’s pubic hair. She held him there, letting her throat get used to the large shaft. She could feel him pulsing in excitement. Slowly, she pulled back, letting the now wet shaft slip out of her throat and then her mouth. She turned and gave Mac a smile; her lips dripping saliva with strings still attached to his penis. Quickly, before he could protest, she moved around until she was kneeling between his legs. She held the long penis straight up and placed both hands around the shaft. There was plenty of room left for a third hand. The look on her face was one of worship. She moved her hands up the shaft, squeezing as she went. A large bubble of pre-cum juice squeezed from the slit. A whimper came from her throat as she bent and licked it off. Then, she opened her mouth and took his penis inside again.

Now Mac looked down and had a perfect view of the pretty girl sucking him. Her lips were stretched impossibly wide and there was saliva dripping from the corners. He watched in fascination as she slowly took the shaft deeper and deeper. His eyes closed momentarily in pleasure as his entire penis disappeared. Then, his hips began to move as Tess began to work her mouth up and down.

Occasionally, Tess would take the shaft out of her throat, leaving only the head in her mouth. Then she would move slowly back down, looking at Mac as the entire shaft disappeared. Her eyes would close in pleasure and satisfaction each time the large head would slip down her throat.

Within minutes, Mac thought he was going to explode. However, each time he felt that he was going to climax, Tess would stop her movements and take the head out, holding it inches from her open mouth. Then she would smile and take him deep again.

Finally, Mac was almost mad with the need to climax. He grabbed Tess’s head and pulled her down to his penis, almost harshly. When his penis was in her throat to the hilt, he lifted his head and let out a moan. “Oh God,” he hissed as he looked at the top of Tess’s head and felt her throat muscles working on him. The room began to spin around him.

Tess was lost in a sea of delight. This was something she had dreamed about for many years. It was hard for her to believe that she actually had Mac’s penis in her mouth and he was about to cum. Then, she felt Mac’s balls tighten and his sperm begin to move up the shaft. However, like in her fantasy, she wanted to taste him and wrenched her head back until just the head was in her mouth.

“Oh God, Tessssss!!!” Mac moaned as his penis throbbed and began to squirt his sperm into her waiting mouth.

Another moan escaped her lips as her mouth quickly filled with his thick cream. She swallowed quickly and sucked for more. His penis pulsed and squirted over and over, until she couldn’t contain it all. His sperm ran from her lips and down the shaft, pooling in his pubic hair. Finally, the stream slowed until she felt that he was done. However, when she let the head slip from her mouth, it pulsed again, shooting a string of juice into her face. She giggled and covered the head with her lips, squeezing the shaft in a milking fashion.

Mac finally opened his eyes and watched the pretty teenager sucking his rapidly wilting penis. Then, she pulled her mouth from him, looked up and licked cum from her lips. Mac thought for a second about letting her suck him hard again however, before that happened, she got off the bed, smiled at him, and walked out of the room.

Mac watched the sexy cheeks of her bare ass sway back and forth. When she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, he felt his penis twitch with life again. Then, she was gone.

Suddenly, the room was quiet. There was just the hint of the smell of her left. Mac wondered if it was all a dream. Maybe my fantasies are getting out of hand, he thought. He almost hoped that was what had happened. Then, he saw the stuffed animal that Tess had left on the bed and a little moan of remorse escaped his lips.

Chapter 10

When Mac came down to breakfast the following morning, Angela was cooking eggs and sausage and Tess was sitting at the table wearing a long tee shirt as her nightgown. He felt his face flush with embarrassment as he looked at Tess.

“Good morning Mac,” Angela said turning around to look at him. “Have a seat, I’ll have some more sausages and eggs ready in a second. Tess has been eating like she hasn’t had food in a week,” she laughed. “How did you sleep?”

“Uh… very well thank you,” he answered looking at Tess again.

Tess sat quietly, smiling. When Angela wasn’t looking she picked up a link sausage on her fork and put the end into her mouth, moving it in and out sensuously. Then, she pushed it almost all the way down her throat.

Mac’s face turned red as he saw the obscene gesture. When he felt a twinge in his groin, he knew that he had to get out of the house for the day. He turned to Angela and said, “I’m going to have one of my guys come over and stay with the two of you today. I have some things that I need to check on. I’ll be out most of the day. Do either of you need to go out today?” Mac asked as Angela served him a large helping of scrambled eggs and sausages.

“I just need some things from the store. I’ll give you a list,” Angela said sitting down at the table.

Tess smiled and said, “Randy’s bringing over some school work so I’ll be in the clubroom with him most of the day.” Then Tess got up and said, “I’m going to get dressed. Bye Mom. Bye Uncle Mac.” She bent over and kissed Mac’s cheek and hurried off.

After Tess left, Mac finished eating and then sat quietly drinking coffee and secretly watching Angela as she ate. She is beautiful, even in the morning without makeup, he thought. Her soft blond hair hung to her shoulders and the morning sunlight made it almost shine. There were a few fine wrinkles around her eyes but otherwise she looked ten years younger than her age. She had on a peach colored silk kimono robe that hung slightly open at the chest and came to her knees. He felt his heart flutter as he continued to stare at her.

“What?” Angela said when she saw Mac staring.

Mac was startled. He had been lost in his assessment of the pretty woman. “Uh… nothing. I was just looking at you,” Mac answered, embarrassed at being caught.

“Why, do I have food on my face?” she asked with a smile.

“No… no… you look beautiful!” he blurted.

“Thank you,” she said quietly.

The two fell silent again until Angela looked troubled.

“What’s the matter?” Mac asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, it’s just all that has happened recently. Do you really think someone will try to hurt us?”

Mac hesitated, considering his answer. He didn’t want to scare her; yet, he also didn’t want her to take chances. “I hope not Angela. However, we can’t take the chance. There is really no downside to being cautious.”

“I guess you’re right. But, I’m more worried about Jason.”

“Don’t be. The police will take good care of him. I’m sure he’ll be fine,” Mac assured her and then he stood up. “Well, I have to get going.”

Angela got up as well. As Mac passed her, she grabbed his arm and then stepped toward him for a hug. She pulled him close and placed her head on his chest. “Mac, please be careful.”

“I will,” Mac said, clearly nervous at the closeness.

“And Mac… thank you!” Angela said as she looked up at him. There were tears in her eyes.

Mac felt his lips being drawn to hers, his heart now pounding in his chest. “You’re welcome,” he said abruptly and pulled away. “Uh… you have my cell phone number. Call me if anything comes up.” Then, he turned and left Angela standing in the kitchen.


Mac spent the day following leads. He knew all the right people on the street and with a little cash he got some valuable information. It seemed that the Judge was right and the rumors were true. There was a contract out and some out-of-town mobsters had picked it up. As soon as he got that information, he knew he had to get back to the house immediately. He tried not to break too many speed limit laws as he sped back to the house.

When he pulled up to the gates of the estate, he was relieved to see that everything looked normal. However, just in case, he parked the car and made a search around the perimeter of the fence. Nothing seemed to be out of order so he went up to the house. As he walked up the steps, Randy came out. He had a big smile on his face. Mac had a pretty good idea why. He had been in the basement all day with Tess. He acknowledged the young man with a brief word of hello and then entered the house. He saw Henry sitting in the foyer and said hi.

Henry was his best security man. Besides being a military veteran, he was intimidating, standing six foot four with two hundred and fifty pounds of sheer muscle. The fact that he was black and shaved his head made him look positively frightening.

“Is everything okay?” Mac asked.

“Everything’s cool boss.”

Mac sighed with relief.

“Do you need me anymore?” the large black man asked.

“No. Thanks Henry. Be here tonight to pick up Angela.”

“Anytime boss. I’ll be here by eight,” Henry said with a smile and then left.

Angela was in the living room playing the piano when he came in. She was absorbed in her play so he quietly took a seat. He watched her long fingers and soft hands move sensuously over the keyboard. He was impressed with her talent as he listened to her expertise on the piano. When the song ended, he clapped his hands.

“Oh,” Angela said, startled. “I didn’t know that you were home. How long have you been sitting there?”

“Long enough to know that you play wonderfully.”

“Thank you!”

Just then, Tess came walking into the room. She had on a blue cheerleader’s outfit. The skirt was short with blue and white pleats. On top, she had a matching sweater with the school’s letters. In her hands she had two pom-poms.

“Oh Uncle Mac, I’m glad you’re home. I can show you some of my cheerleading moves.”

“Tess, I have a lot to do,” Mac said, not wanting to have to watch the sexy teenager bounce around the room.

“Oh please… please, it will only take a minute.”

“Well, I’ve seen all her moves already,” Angela said with an indulgent smile. “I’ll go get supper started.”

Mac watched Angela leave and a sudden dread came over him. The last thing he needed was to look at Tess in her skimpy cheerleader’s outfit. However, he was trapped.

“Now sit still for a minute,” Tess said with a smile. “You know, cheerleading is more gymnastics than anything else in college nowadays. We have to practice all kinds of moves that require a lot of dexterity. Watch,” Tess said and proceeded to do a split, holding her pom-poms pressed to her hips.

It almost hurt Mac to watch her slide her legs apart as her body slowly descended to the floor. When she was as far down as she could go, her legs were stretched out from her body and her small dress barely covered her thighs. Then she flexed her muscles and, without using her hands, came back to a standing position.

Mac was impressed. That took quite a bit of strength. He applauded lightly and smiled. Then he watched as she went through a few other moves, each time stopping to get his approval. This isn’t so bad, Mac thought. However, no sooner had that thought crossed his mind then Tess turned away from him. She spread her legs and bent over, touching her toes. Mac gasped as he was staring at her bare vagina and ass cheeks. “Tess!” he almost screamed, trying to keep his voice under control.

Tess straightened up and looked at Mac across her shoulder. “Oh goodness, I must have forgotten to put my panties back on. Oh well, that doesn’t hurt anything.” With that, Tess turned and went to her knees in front of Mac and then bent backward. When her shoulders were on the floor behind her, the little dress pulled up until her crotch was revealed again.

Mac stared with his mouth open.

Then Tess pushed her hips up, placing her weight on her hands behind her head and lifting her torso until only her feet and hands touched the ground. The skirt no longer hid anything.

The young girl’s smoothly shaved vagina was displayed almost obscenely to Mac. In spite of his reluctance to stare, he couldn’t pull his eyes from the wanton display. The position that she was in forced her pubic mount up and out, displaying her inner lips. They were already swollen and very wet. Mac sucked in his breath and his penis throbbed in his pants.

After several long moments, Tess began to do a walk over, almost bending her back double, until she flipped over and was on her feet again.

When she saw Mac still staring with his mouth open she smiled and said, “Well, what do you think?”

“Uh… uh…” Mac muttered.

“Watch,” she said without waiting for an answer and began to do cartwheels, her skirt flying above her bare crotch and ass.

Mac sat in stunned silence. .

“See how flexible I am?” Tess said and then put one leg up on his chair bending her head to her ankle.

Now Mac had an even closer view of her bare vagina. It was obvious that she had been sexually excited recently. She must have been having sex in the clubroom! he thought.

“Dinner’s ready,” Angela called from the kitchen.

Mac practically jumped up in relief. Then, he rushed toward the kitchen.

Tess smiled and followed him.

Dinner was wonderful, as usual. Angela was an expert cook. She had the money to have maids and cooks but she preferred to do it herself. It was her way of never forgetting where she came from.

Tonight, Angela wasn’t eating though. She reminded Mac that she has a charity function to attend. She belonged to a woman’s organization that supported abused women and she was getting an award for her service. Mac had arranged for Henry to accompany her. Now, when he realized that he would be home with Tess alone, he regretted not taking her himself.

After dinner, Angela dressed and left. Mac tried to make himself scarce. He spent time outside checking the security system and took his evening jog. When he came back inside, he didn’t see Tess. He was relieved and hurried to his room. Then he went in and to take a hot shower. As soon as he stepped into the bathroom he saw it.

Lying on the counter was a slip of blue material. He walked over and looked down. His hand was trembling as he picked up the silky material. Embroidered on the panties was ‘Tess’ in red letters. At first he thought they were the missing panties from her cheerleader’s outfit, but he realized that they were far to small for her to wear under her short skirt. Then he gasped when his fingers felt something wet. He turned the material over and saw that the crotch was soaked and realized that Tess must have had these on very recently. He also knew that she had obviously left them there for him to find. With a moan he brought the wet material to his nose and took a deep breath. Then like some adolescent boy, he sucked the material into his mouth, tasting her sweet juices. His hands were trembling as he brought the panties to his raging erection and wrapped them around it, a moan escaping his lips. When he looked in the mirror, he got a shock. He saw a mature man getting ready to masturbate with a teenaged girl’s panty. He groaned, mentally chastising himself and pulled the panties from his penis.

Mac shook his head in disgust before he wrapped a towel around him and opened the bathroom door. Then, he looked both ways down the hall for Tess. Seeing that it was clear, he hurried to his room, backing inside with a sigh of relief, still holding the panties in his hand. However, his relief was short lived. When he turned around, he almost gasped. Tess was sitting on the bed. She still had her cheerleader’s outfit on and was leaning back with her legs spread, forcing her little skirt high on her legs, her still bare vagina peeked from between her thighs.

Tess smiled at Mac and slowly pulled her sweater up until both breasts were bare. “I can see that you like my panties but you never told me if you liked my outfit,” Tess said with a pout.

“Tess, for God’s sake,” Mac moaned as he looked at the half naked teen. “This is crazy.”

“I know. I’m crazy about you,” Tess said as she looked at the growing bulge in Mac’s towel and the panties in his hand. “And, I think you feel the same way about me.”

Mac could feel anger rising inside. She had teased him unmercifully since he had been in the house. She knew what she was doing to him and how wrong it was. He was at the breaking point.

All right you little bitch, if that’s what you want! Mac thought, his anger raging. Slowly, he began to move toward Tess. When he was a couple of feet from her, he reached down and ripped the towel off and threw it in the corner, standing naked before her. Have a good look, he thought as he stood with his legs spread and his hips pressed forward, his penis bobbing and pulsing with his rapid heartbeat.

Tess gasped as she looked at his now fully erect penis. It looked even larger than the other night. Slowly, her eyes scanned his hard body, taking her time and noting every curve. She looked at him like men often look at women, like her eyes were mentally raping him. She loved his strong chest and rippled stomach. However, what stuck out in front was his best feature. She watched transfixed as he moved closer to her.

Mac wrapped the panties around his penis. As if it was in slow motion, his penis bobbed up and down and from side to side, a large drop of clear liquid beginning to trickle from the slit. By the time he was standing in front of her, there was a long string of clear juice hanging from the tip.

Mac stood with his hands on his hips. “Is this what you wanted,” he hissed as he moved the silky panties slowly up and down the shaft. Then, he waited for a reaction from Tess. When she looked up at him, he thought he saw a little fear in her eyes. Good! he thought and figured she was about to run out of the room screaming. When she didn’t he said, “Suck it you little prick tease!” That should do it, he thought.

Tess’s eyes were wide as she stared at the throbbing shaft in front of her face. Slowly, her head moved forward and her mouth opened. When her lips closed around the large head, she moaned deep in her throat.

The teenager had called Mac’s bluff. He gasped as he watched her take his penis into her mouth, the panties hanging uselessly from the shaft now. He knew he should push her away but it felt too good. Instead, he placed his hands on the back of her head, pulling her forward. He watched, as she took more and more of the shaft into her mouth until the head was at the breach of her throat. Mac moaned.

With a deep intake of breath through her nose, Tess pushed forward, relaxing her throat and letting the large shaft disappear.

Without thinking, Mac pushed his hips forward and groaned in pleasure as he felt the young girl’s throat caress his shaft. He held Tess’s head still for a second or two before he let her pull back to breathe. However, he quickly pulled her forward again, pressing his hips toward her mouth until her lips touched his churning balls. At this point, Mac was on the verge of losing control. He held her hair tightly, pulling her head forward and pumped his hips, literally “fucking” her mouth. He could hear her choking occasionally. However, instead of stopping him, it incensed him and he moved his hips faster.

Suddenly, Tess was having second thoughts about her attempt at seduction. For the first time she thought that she might have gone too far. She wasn’t sure she could control him anymore.

Mac pumped into her mouth until he felt a climax coming on. However, he wasn’t going to let her get away that easy. It took a lot of will power, but he pulled his penis from Tess’s surprised mouth, leaving long strings of her saliva hanging from her lips and her gasping for breath. Her eyes were wide with fright. He looked down on her with almost uncontrolled lust in his eyes and then shoved her back on the bed. He quickly grabbed her legs and lifted them.

Tess squealed as her legs lifted high in the air, her heart pounding in her chest

For just a moment, Mac was ready to plunge into her as he looked at her swollen vagina.

And, Tess thought that he was going to do it. She began to tremble as she looked at the giant penis that was throbbing before her. It looked incredibly swollen and angry. She took a deep breath and then whimpered in surrender. Her legs opened submissively and her eyes closed, waiting for the inevitable.

Mac hesitated, suddenly coming to his senses. He couldn’t do it. It was too much like he was forcing himself on the young girl, too much like rape. Yet, he needed to teach her a lesson about teasing. Instead of plunging into her, he stepped back and knelt at her feet.

When Tess felt his movement, she opened her eyes and saw him kneeling between her legs. Her eyes opened wide again. She was suddenly relieved and disappointed at the same time. What is he going to do? she wondered as she watched him begin to kiss her thighs. She watched as his lips worked slowly up her thighs. It only took her a second to figure it out as his mouth neared her vagina. Her head began to spin in excitement. Neither Randy, nor any of her other boyfriends, had done this to her. Sure, she acted like she was experienced but in truth she had only dreamed of such a thing. Her breath started to come in great gasps. She could feel her crotch tingling and her juice literally pouring out as his mouth neared. Then his warm breath was on her swollen sex. She waited for what seemed like an eternity. “Ahhhhhheeeeee!!!” she screamed as Mac’s mouth found the wet lips of her sex.

Suddenly, Mac was surrounded in sensual delight. His mouth and nose were buried in the sweet flesh of this young girl and her warm thighs caressed his cheeks. He sucked the swollen lips into his mouth, savoring the cries of pleasure from above. His tongue pressed forward and slid deep into her willing hole. Juice was pouring from the excited young girl now. He held her thighs up so that he could have complete access to her swollen flesh. She tasted sweeter than any girl or woman he had ever eaten. The juice was like an aphrodisiac to him, stimulating his senses and making his penis pulse with excitement. Each time he pulled his tongue out, he pulled more of her sweet juice into his mouth. Then, he would suck and gently chew the tender inner lips.

Suddenly, Tess was going mad with pleasure. She had never felt anything so exciting. While she loved sucking him, it couldn’t compare to the pleasure she was feeling now. It felt like her soul was being pulled into Mac’s sucking mouth. “Ohhhh!!! Ahhhhh!!!” she hissed, unable to bring any words to her lips.

Mac took his time, using all his skill on the young girl. When he felt that she was getting close to climax, he would pull away. Then he would use his fingers to separate the fat inner lips as he licked his tongue up and down the slick skin. He smiled when he felt Tess grab his head and pull him tightly to her pulsing hole. Then suddenly, her legs clamped around his head, almost smothering him in her wet flesh.

“Oh God, oh God, eat me,” she moaned, suddenly finding her voice. “I’m going to… I’m going to… oh yesssss… Ohhhhhhhh!!!” Tess’s body tensed and she lifted her hips from the bed. Her body began to shake as a tremendous climax ripped through her. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her eyes were closed tightly as her body shook with pleasure. She gasped for breath as one climax followed another and she thought the waves of pleasure were never going to stop.

Mac was surprised at the intensity of the young girl’s climax. Randy must not be that good at eating her, he thought as he continued to suck her until her body lay limp and quivering.

Finally, when Tess’s hands and thighs fell from his head, he pulled back and stood up. His penis was almost bursting with need. One more lesson little girl, he said to himself. Before Tess could recover, he crawled up onto the bed, straddling her stomach, just below her still-exposed breasts.

Tess opened her eyes as she felt Mac move above her and place his hands on her breasts, squeezing them together. She smiled weakly as she watched him cover his shaft with the flesh of her breasts. The panties were still hanging from his shaft. As she watched, he began to move back and forth, the head of his penis sliding between her breasts and across her raised sweater toward her lips. When his balls touched the underside of her breasts, the head of his penis was a fraction of an inch from her lips. Without hesitation, she lifted her head and took him into her mouth. She sucked until he pulled back. However, his penis was soon back at her lips.

Mac watched his penis slide in and out of her breasts and then in and out of her mouth. When the pleasure got too much for him, he closed his eyes and moaned. As he pulled his penis through the warm flesh of her breasts, he suddenly felt his balls tighten. He wasn’t ready to climax yet but then he felt his sperm begin to rush up the shaft. He wanted it to last longer but the excitement of eating her and still tasting her juice on his lips was too much for him. Suddenly, before he could get the head back to her mouth, it pulsed and began to shoot his cum. Mac moaned half in frustration, as his cum splattered on Tess’s surprised face. Then, a perverse thrill went through him as he watched string after string of his thick juice shoot from the head of his penis, covering the surprised girl’s nose, cheeks, mouth and chin.

Tess squealed in excitement and opened her lips, trying desperately to get the spitting head back into her mouth. Finally, she closed her lips around it, letting the remainder of his warm and thick sperm pool in her mouth. She swallowed and moaned as his cream slid down her throat. Now she knew that she could never get enough of his sweet juice.

As Mac’s penis started to shrink, the guilt began to grow. He watched his soft member slip from her mouth, leaving a dribble of sperm on her already covered chin. Mac slipped to the side and fell on the bed with his eyes closed. Somehow he couldn’t face the young girl and he chastised himself for losing control. His eyes remained closed when he felt the bed move and Tess get up.

Tess stood up and looked at Mac. When Mac opened his eyes, she reached down and pulled her panties from his soft penis. She smiled as she used the crotch to wipe his dripping sperm from her face.

Mac gasped when he saw her step into the panties and pull them up her legs. When they were tight to her crotch, she ran her finger up the slit, pressing the sperm covered material between her lips.

“I guess you liked my cheerleading outfit then,” Tess said with a smile and then left the room.

Mac’s moaned as he watched the sexy girl leave his room.

Chapter 11

The morning sun broke through the curtains and onto Mac’s sleeping face. Gradually his eyes opened. Suddenly, he realized that it was after eight A.M. He never slept this late. He jumped out of bed, put a robe on and hurried to the bathroom. When he looked in the mirror, it appeared that he had a hang over. His eyes were red and he looked haggard. He concluded that it was from the guilt and embarrassment he felt from losing control last night. Still, he could feel a twitch in his penis when he thought of Tess. He shook his head and then washed his face in cold water and took another shower. Then, he quickly dressed and slipped the shoulder strap of his holstered weapon over his head and fit it snuggly under his arm. It was funny but the pistol so close to his body always made him feel better. Almost like he was in control again. Then he thought about last night and he shook his head in dismay. These two women aren’t the enemy, he thought. They were two strong willed and incredibly sexy, but tiny women. How could he let things get so out of control?

When Mac walked into the kitchen, Tess and Angela were already eating breakfast.

“Well, it’s about time sleepyhead,” Angela said with a laugh.

“Sorry,” Mac said sheepishly. “I’m not sure why that happened. I’m always up before dawn.”

Tess took a bite of food to keep from smiling. Her eyes caught Mac’s with a knowing glance.

Angela asked, “So, what’s on the agenda for your prisoners today?”

“I’m sorry to keep you ladies cooped up but you can never be too careful.” Mac didn’t want to scare them with what he had learned yesterday. However, he felt that they were taking the situation too lightly.

“Come on Uncle Mac, can’t we go out somewhere and have some fun?”

Angela got up from the table and started to clear the dishes.

“Tess we’ve been over this…” Mac said and stopped in mid-sentence. As he stared through the large window, he saw a glint of reflecting light coming from the woods outside the fence. Suddenly he was on his feet and diving toward Angela. One second after he hit her, the glass in the breakfast room shattered and then a large mirror cracked behind them.

Tess screamed as she was splattered with flying glass.

“Get down,” Mac screamed to Tess. She fell out of the chair onto the floor as other things in the room began to explode. “Stay on the floor,” Mac ordered as he crawled across the floor until he reached the kitchen door. He turned and slid his cell phone across the floor to Angela. “Call 911. They’ll know what to do.” With that, Mac dove through the door to the outside deck as a silent round shattered the window in the door behind him. With a swiftness that came from years of experience, Mac rolled across the deck until he could dive off the edge and behind a row of hedges. In his planning, Mac had outlined a route for just such a contingency.

Angel and Tess huddled on the kitchen floor in each other’s arms, sobbing. The police said to stay put and they would be there in a few minutes.

Mac knew that he had to work fast or whoever was out there would get into the house. His mind worked quickly as he ran from the hedges to the woods. He figured that there were at least two shooters, one in back and one in front, but probably more. Now in the safety of the woods, he ran swiftly, his weapon in his hand. There was no fear in his actions. Experience had taken over and he was on automatic pilot.

He circled around the route he figured someone would take if they were trying to sneak up on the house. As he came out of the woods, he saw an SUV sitting off the road and hidden behind some bushes. He quickly noted that the vehicle could hold five people so he figured that was the maximum number he was dealing with. He approached the car carefully, looking around him then at the dirt on the ground. There were two sets of footprints on one side of the vehicle and two on the other. Four of them, he thought as he pulled a knife from his ankle sheath and slashed two of the tires.

Quickly, Mac moved to follow the footprints of two of the occupants of the car. He stopped suddenly when he saw a man with an automatic weapon standing with his back to him. He had apparently been left to guard the Jeep. As Mac approached quietly, he saw that the man was relieving himself. He unceremoniously hit him in the back of the head with the butt of his gun. He fell to the ground with a thud. Mac picked up the weapon. It was an AR 16, a weapon Mac was very familiar with. Mac holstered his pistol and looked down at the guy. He didn’t like it, but he had to leave the guy there. He hastily tied his hands behind his back with his belt. However, he knew that it wouldn’t hold him long.

Further into the woods, two men huddled together. “Did… gasp… did you… gasp… see where he went?” the brawny guy said to his partner as he gasped for breath.

“No, he disappeared into the woods. We better get Nick and get out of here. The cops will crawling all over this place any minute.”

“I think Nick was heading for the house.”

Mac crouched behind a tree, watching the two criminals talk. He couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. He picked up a large stick and threw it into the woods behind them.

Both men turned toward the sound at the same time and opened fire. The two weapons spit lead into the bushes, tearing limbs from trees and destroying the foliage. The silencers on the two weapons made a thud instead of a bang.

“Drop your weapons!” Mac yelled.

Both men turned toward Mac at the same time.

For Mac, it was like everything was happening in slow motion. He was as calm as he had ever been. The calmness was a result of years of training and discipline. It was why he had been a good cop and soldier. He watched with crystal clarity as both men raised their weapons. It only took Mac two shots with the AR 16 and both men were down with bullets in their chests.

From a distance, Mac heard the sirens and knew the cops would be there in a minute or two. However, he couldn’t wait. He figured that there was one criminal left and he could be in the house. Mac pulled his handgun from his holster and then smashed the rifle against a tree, rendering it useless. Then, he rushed back toward the house. He could see several police cars heading for the gate as he ran full speed through the woods and into the opening. While he knew that it was dangerous to be out in the open, he had no choice; it was the quickest route to the house. He ran with lightening speed across the grass, up the steps and into the house, hitting the button to open the security gate for the cops as he went. Mac turned the corner to the living room and looked through the door to the kitchen. He saw Tess and Angela still huddled on the floor and he sighed with relief. However, as he turned back toward the hall, he saw something out of the corner of his eye. He heard the thud and felt the hot lead as it grazed his cheek. In the same instant, he fired his handgun, catching the guy in the stomach and throwing him against the spiral staircase and then to the floor.

At the same moment, two cops burst through the front door with weapons drawn. Instantly, they saw the guy on the floor and Mac walking toward them with his weapon drawn. Fortunately, they knew Mac.

Mac looked at them and said in a calm voice, “Hi sarge!”

“What the hell is going on here?” the sergeant asked breathlessly.

“I think we found our contract killers. They took a shot at Mrs. Rhinehold and her daughter. They’re both okay,” he said nodding to the kitchen behind him.

Just then, Angela and Tess came up behind Mac.

“How many are there?” the sergeant asked still wary of the situation.

“There are two in the woods that are probably dead, one still unconscious, I think, near the car and this one here. I believe that’s all. But I can’t be sure.”

The sergeant used his radio to let the other officers know the situation. They radioed back that they had found the two dead guys and caught the other one trying to get away in the car with two flat tires.

“Roger that… thanks,” the sergeant said and then turned to Mac. “We’ll have them fan out around the place and check for anymore bodies.” A smile crossed his lips as he looked at his old friend. “You’ve still got it I guess.”

“I’m not sure sarge. I think I’ve lost a little in my reflexes,” Mac said as he reached for his bloody cheek. “If he had been a better shot…”

“Maybe so,” the sergeant said and both men laughed in relief.

The cops turned the victim on the floor onto his back. He was still breathing but losing a lot of blood. They radioed for a medavac.

Mac turned to Angela and Tess and smiled. Both of them looked frazzled and there was a look of shock on their faces.

“Your face,” Angela cried.

The long scrape on Mac’s cheek was dripping blood. He reached up and touched it again. “It’s nothing. I’ve had worse in bar fights.”

“Hurry, get me a wet towel,” Angela told Tess. Then she led Mac over to a chair and sat him down, using her dress to catch the blood dripping from his chin. Tess was back in a second with a wet towel. Angela used it to clean the blood from Mac’s cheek and neck. Fortunately, once the blood was gone, she could see that it was just a graze and wouldn’t require stitches. “We need to get a bandage on this. Come with me to the bathroom,” Angela said, pulling Mac from the chair and toward the upstairs bathroom.

“Angela, it’s nothing,” Mac complained. “I have to help check out the house.”

“The cops are here. They can take care of things now,” she said, dragging him up the stairs. “We need to get something on that.”

Mac sighed and said, “I’ll just add it to my collection of scars. Gives me character you know.”

“Well, it’s still bleeding and it’ll get infected if we don’t do something,” Angela said as she took Mac into the bathroom and had him sit in front of the vanity. Then, she knelt and quickly cleaned the wound, putting some antiseptic on it before covering it with a bandage. When she was done, she stayed at Mac’s feet and looked up at him as she took his hand in hers. There were tears in her eyes and she was trembling. “Mac, how can I ever thank you? You saved both of our lives.”

“It was my job,” Mac said, uncomfortable with the compliment. Suddenly, he felt like Roy Rodgers in a hokey western. “Ah shucks ma’am, weren’t nothing!” he said in an attempt at humor.

Angela brought his hand up and pressed it to her cheek, ignoring his humor. “Tess and I thought this was all a big joke. We never believed that anyone would really try to harm us. Thank God you took it seriously. No more games Mac. I’m so sorry.”

Mac was about to ask her what she meant by “No more games.” However, before he could ask, the sergeant came into the bathroom.

“Mac, we need you. We have a shit load… sorry ma’am… a lot of paper work to do with you.”

“All right, I’ll come down to the station with you. You’ll leave a few guys here?”

“How about ten. That should equal one of you,” the sergeant laughed.


At police headquarters, Mac filled out all the forms, identified the perpetrators and told his story ten times. While it was a lot of work, it felt like old times at the station. Old friends came from everywhere to say hello and get the scoop, laughing and sharing their own war stories. Finally, the Captain pried him away from the crowd and arranged for him to go see the Judge.

Judge Rhinehold was gravely concerned when he had heard about the attempt on Angela and Tess’s life. He had called Angela right away, hoping to settle her down. He was surprised to find her very calm. Her calmness actually helped to settle his nerves. However, when he thought of what could have happened… well, he didn’t really want to think about it. He knew that Angela or Tess might not have been alive if he hadn’t convinced Mac to watch over them.

When Mac walked into the room and saw Judge Rhinehold, he became concerned. He looked paler then the last time he saw him and he seemed to have lost weight in just the past few days.

The two men embraced and then the Judge ordered drinks for them as they sat in the living room. “How’s the cheek?” the Judge asked.

“It’s nothing.”

“I knew I was right about you all along,” the Judge said as they smoked a cigar and drank their brandies.

“I just got lucky,” Mac said, trying to make light of the situation.

“It was more than luck and you know it. Listen Mac,” the Judge said and stopped as he broke into a fit of coughing.

Mac got up quickly and started to pat him on the back.

“I’m alright. It’s these damned cigars. The doctor told me to quit smoking them.”

Mac started to say, “Why don’t you quit” but then he thought of the Judge’s admission of his shortened life span and stopped.

The Judge smiled at him and said, “It’s about the only thing I have left.” He sat back and looked at Mac. “I hope this trial doesn’t go much longer.”

The unspoken implication of that comment seemed to be that the Judge thought he might not make it to the end. Mac grew even more concerned.

Then the Judge continued. “I think after what happened today that they may cop a plea. Which I will accept but I want the district attorney to press for attempted murder. I think the DA’s got these guys now.”

The two men fell silent, drinking their brandy and smoking.

Quite a few brandies later, Mac said he had to get back. The Judge said he understood and led him to the door.

“Thanks again Mac. I owe you big time.”

“You don’t owe me anything Judge.”

They shook hands warmly and Mac walked out the door. He waved as he rode away in the squad car.

When he arrived home, it was after midnight and there were still four squad cars outside. The house was like a fortress now. Mac said hello to the cops outside, stopping to talk for a few minutes and then he went into the house. He was somewhat relieved to see that the upstairs was dark and the house was quiet. He went to his room and undressed and crawled into bed. However, when he tried to sleep, it was impossible; too much had happened and his mind was racing with the events of the day.

Mac was lying on his back with the covers down to his waist, his hands behind his head and his eyes closed when he heard the bedroom door open. He didn’t open his eyes because he knew it was Tess. While he dreaded it, he was also somehow relieved. He really didn’t want to be alone tonight.

He felt the blankets being raised and her naked body slip in the bed next to him. Then, he felt her breasts and warm body pressing to his side as she snuggled into his arm. Mac sighed and moaned “Tess,” as he felt her hand on his chest, slowly sliding down his body. However, his hands remained behind his head as if he were unable to move them. By the time her hand reached his penis, it was already hard. A sigh escaped his lips as she squeezed him. When he started to protest again, her lips pressed to his.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and pushed her back. Something was very different about the kiss. “Angela,” he hissed in total surprise.

“Shhhh!” she said as her hand came up to caress his bandaged cheek. Then she drew his lips to hers again, pressing her tongue into his surprised mouth. When she pulled away, she whispered, “God Mac, I need you tonight.”

“Angela…” he moaned.

“No more games Mac. I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me,” she whispered, her hand pulling his face toward her again. “God, I’ve dreamed about this for three years,” she said and pressed her lips to his. Her hand moved back to his now throbbing penis. “I need this in me,” she said squeezing him for emphasis. “You know, it’s been almost three years since I’ve been fucked. And even then it wasn’t satisfying.”

“Angela,” Mac protested again but let her push him back again. Slowly, she began to kiss down his body. Mac reached for her head but he no longer tried to stop her, he simply held her head as it moved lower. “Ohhhh!” he moaned when her lips circled the swollen head of his penis. He could feel her tongue laving the head as her warm mouth enveloped him. Without a conscious thought, his hips began to push upward and his hands pushed her head downward.

Angela took as much as she could inside her mouth and then pulled back when she began to gag. “I can’t take you all the way in but I do other things pretty well,” she whispered, looking up at him.

A crazy thought went through Mac’s head. Could she be referring to Tess’s ability to take him all the way? However, the thought was quickly gone as Angela began to lick him, running her tongue up and down the shaft. When her tongue reached the sensitive area just below the crown, she paused, flicking just the tip of her tongue against the stretched skin. It was such a light touch that it almost felt like he was imagining it. However, it continued until his legs began to twitch with pleasure. Then she abruptly stopped and moved down to his testicles. She opened her mouth and took one inside, gently sucking it as her tongue covered the wrinkled surface.

Mac was going mad with desire as she teased him.

She sucked the other large orb into her mouth before letting it slide out. Then she took one inside again. When both balls were dripping with her saliva, her tongue slid down and under to touch the skin just below.

Mac squirmed as she tickled the sensitive area and he twitched again in pleasure. “God Angela,” Mac moaned as he felt his twin sacks began to tighten. He felt like he was close to climax and she wasn’t even touching his penis. Then, Mac tensed as he felt her finger slowly begin to slide into his anal passage.

Angela smiled as she felt Mac tense. She pulled his penis to her mouth and sucked as the finger began to move in and out.

Now, Mac was gasping for breath as her finger massaged his swollen prostate. He was certain he was going to spill his seed when she abruptly pulled her finger from his clinching hole.

Angela moved back up his body, stopping to kiss the hot skin of his stomach and chest. When she was over him and her naked body pressed to his, she lifted one large, soft breast and brought it to his mouth. Now it was her turn to moan as Mac began to suck the hard nipple inside. When Angela felt she couldn’t take any more she removed that breast and fed him the other. Soon, she was squirming in need as she laid top of him. “Oh Jesus, fuck me! Fuck me now!” Angela gasped and flipped over onto her back, pulling Mac with her.

A second later, Mac was over Angela and her legs were spread wide. He bent his head to her and kissed her passionately, no longer able to pretend that he didn’t want it as badly as she did. He could feel her soft and warm flesh quivering under him. His penis lay throbbing on her stomach.

Finally, Mac lifted his hips until his penis slipped down and was barely touching her swollen vagina.

Angela reached down and grasped the large tool. She had never had anything so big in her before. That, plus the fact that it had been years since she had had a real penis, made her shiver with excitement and just a touch of fear. Then she had a moment of doubt as the swollen tip slipped between the fat outer lips of her already wet vagina. She spread her legs wider, letting Mac center his penis on her hole.

Mac hesitated one last time, knowing that there was no going back if he pushed forward one more inch.

Angela reached her hands to Mac’s buttocks. Her fingernails dug into his flesh painfully.

“Ahhhh!!!” they both screamed as his long penis slid into her body. However, it stopped with before it was all the way inside. Again, Mac hesitated. He didn’t want to hurt her. She felt so tight that he wondered if he was in her as deeply as he could go.

Angela bucked her hips upward and pulled again. “Give it to me!” she screamed.

Mac pushed hard.

“Ohhhhh!!!” she groaned as the last two inches slipped into her. Angela’s mouth opened as if to scream but nothing came out. Then, before she could catch her breath, Mac began to move.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!” Angela hissed.

“Oh Jesus Angela.” Mac’s lips caught hers. His hips began to move up and down in time with his probing tongue.

Within seconds, Angela began to tremble. She didn’t know where she was anymore, but she knew what she was doing. Then, suddenly, she gasped and moaned as a surprise climax overtook her. She shivered as she pulled Mac to her body. Her legs and arms were now around him, holding him prisoner and letting only his hips continue to move. The climax seemed to go on and on, taking her breath away. However, as soon as one climax stopped, another began. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before and was far better than the fantasy she had held in her mind for so many years.

Mac was delirious with excitement as well. He had been with many women since his wife died, but nothing compared to this. It felt like her vagina was sucking him into her. He could feel the inner walls squeezing him rhythmically with each of her climaxes. He lost count of Angela’s climaxes as his own need took over. Now, his hips began to pound into her, bringing grunts of pleasure from them both. Soon, the tightness of her warm hole took him over the edge. He opened his mouth to scream as his balls tightened. Suddenly, he was pouring everything he had into her. It felt like he hadn’t climaxed in months as he froze in pleasure, his penis buried as deep as it could go. Throb after throb sent his sperm into her welcoming hole until it began to overflow.

Finally, Mac collapsed onto Angela’s still trembling body. He gasped for breath as he lay heavily on her smaller form. As his penis began to soften, he could feel his sperm begin to trickle from her. Then, he heard Angela moan as it slipped all the way out of her. Minutes later, they were both asleep in each other’s arms.

It must have been two or three hours later when Mac awoke to kisses on his chest. He smiled when he opened his eyes this time. However, when Angela tried to kiss down his body again, he pushed her back whispering, “It’s my turn.” Slowly, he kissed down her body, stopping briefly to tease her hard nipples before he moved lower.

Angela screamed as Mac’s mouth covered her still sensitive hole. It took only a few minutes for her to begin to climax again. His mouth was everywhere on her at once, sucking and licking until she had to pull his head to her pulsing clit.

Mac smiled and sucked the large bump into his mouth, gently nibbling on it with his teeth. He was almost smothered as she pulled his face tightly into her squirming crotch.

Angela almost lost consciousness as her body trembled in pleasure. When her climax was over, she pulled Mac around until his penis was at her mouth in a 69 position. As she sucked him into her mouth, she sighed contentedly.

It was a warm and comfortable coupling this time. The passion was still there but the immediate need was gone. They lovingly sucked each other for a long, long time, until they climaxed and then fell into an exhausted sleep, both mouths at the other’s groin.

Chapter 12

When Mac awoke in the morning, he was lying with his head toward the foot of the bed. The bed was a mess, with the covers and sheets crumpled. The room smelled like sex. As his eyes focused, he saw that he was alone. However, he could still smell and taste Angela on his lips. His penis was pulsing already. He shook his head and stood up. There was a moment of dizziness before he got his balance and staggered to the bathroom for a shower. He looked at the clock and saw that it was almost 8:30. He had overslept again.

Mac came downstairs to the kitchen, refreshed after a long shower. He could smell fresh coffee and blueberry pancakes.

Angela was humming as she stood at the counter cooking breakfast. Tess was apparently not out of bed yet. The curtains were closed this time but the morning breeze coming through the broken windows made them sway gently.

Mac stood in the doorway and looked at the pretty woman. Her hair was still messed up. She wasn’t wearing any makeup and she had on an old housedress. However, he had never seen her look more beautiful. She was glowing.

Angela sensed Mac in the doorway and turned around to smile at him. “Have a seat, breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

Mac walked over and silently stood behind Angela. Then, he wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her neck.

She shivered and leaned back into him.

Mac felt his penis growing, so he backed away and took a seat at the table. He hadn’t yet had the opportunity to assess what had happened last night. While he knew it was wrong, he resolved himself to the fact that he couldn’t deny his attraction for her. Or, for that matter her daughter. That bothered him but he knew that there wasn’t much he could do about it anymore; he knew that he was madly in love with Angela and probably had been for years. However, Tess was another matter. There was something there as well but it might have just been her youth and enthusiasm. He knew that he was still in a very dangerous situation.

“Where’s Tess?” he asked.

“She went shopping with a couple of the officers. The stuff you forgot to get yesterday,” Angela said as she walked over with a stack of pancakes. She placed the plate in front of him and then poured him a cup of hot coffee.

“Sorry,” he said for not getting her supplies. Then he thought of the grizzly cops going to the market with the young girl. “Those guys went shopping with her?” Mac asked in disbelief.

“They didn’t seem to mind. Especially with those little yellow short shorts Tess was wearing,” Angela said with a laugh.

“Oh,” Mac said as the vision of Tess’s tight buttocks covered in a pair of skintight shorts flashed into his mind. He felt twitching in his pants and knew he had better think of something else. “Aren’t you going to eat?” Mac asked as he watched Angela sit down next to him without a plate in front of her.

“I already did.”

Mac began to eat like a starved man. He looked up and saw Angela staring at him. “You’re staring,” he said.

“I know. I just like to watch my hero.”

“Angela,” Mac said, his face turning red with embarrassment. He put down his fork. He sighed. “Angela, you… Tess and I… God, this is so crazy.” Mac wasn’t sure what he was going to say. He felt like he should tell her about Tess. Yet, he was worried about her reaction. How do you tell a mother that you have had oral sex with her daughter? Then again, maybe she already knew.

Angela knew what he was thinking. “Eat!” she said like it was an order.

Mac began to eat again. When he had cleaned his plate of the second helping, he sat back and looked at Angela again. He watched her get up from her chair and walk over to him. Then she turned to the side and sat on his lap as their lips came together. Almost immediately, he could feel himself getting hard.

Angela felt it and smiled. Then her face turned serious. “Mac, Tess and I are very close. There aren’t many secrets we keep from each other.”

Mac was about to ask what that meant but her lips captured his again. Her buttocks began to squirm on his lap.

Suddenly, Angela turned and straddled Mac, facing him. Then she lifted her body up, pulled her housedress up and pulled his zipper down.

Mac moaned in protest, turning to look at the door as if someone were about to come in.

“They’ll be gone for several more hours,” Angela said as she freed his throbbing penis. Then she casually slipped her housedress up to her waist and spread her legs above him.

“What about Mrs. Greeley?”

“She has the day off. Now shush!”

They both watched as she positioned his penis at her already wet hole and then let it slip inside slightly. She placed her hands on his shoulders and looked into his eyes. Slowly, she let her weight slip downward. Her eyes stared into his until they had to close in pleasure as inch after inch of the large shaft slipped into her body. It felt just as good as it had last night, she thought as the head stretched her walls until it hit bottom. Angela’s dress slipped down to cover their joined bodies.

Mac moaned as he felt her warmth surround him. All of her weight was centered on his buried penis.

Angela’s arms wrapped around his neck and her head went to his shoulder as her soft breasts pressed to his chest. They stayed like that for a long time, feeling each other’s hearts beating.

Mac could feel Angela’s tight vagina pulsing on his penis and her breasts moving up and down gently with her breathing. He shivered as her lips went to his ear and her tongue began to make little circles. Then she blew warm air on his wet skin.

“I’ve… never… had anything… so deep,” Angela whispered into his ear, finding it difficult to talk.

Mac wanted her to move on him but yet he didn’t want to end the closeness he was feeling at that moment.

Finally, Angela lifted up slowly until he was almost out of her. Then, she lifted her dress so that they could both see his penis stretching her hole. Her thick juice, combined with the remaining sperm from last night, was running down the shaft. Mac moaned as she then dropped back down, taking him all the way inside again. She did this several times, drawing out the pleasure as the stretched walls of her vagina squeezed the wide penis.

Then Angela moaned and began to move up and down at a steady pace.

Mac sat back and allowed Angela to do all the work. His hands rested gently on her hips, letting her control the action. After several climaxes last night, Mac knew that he could hold out for a long time. However, he could tell Angela couldn’t wait very long. Within minutes, he could feel her begin to tense. Little whimpers came from her lips as she suddenly began to climax.

Now Angela was bouncing up and down, throwing her head from side to side, her hair flipping across her face. It was almost as if each thrust brought on another climax as her vagina pulsed in pleasure. She climaxed over and over until she reached the stage of exhaustion.

A smile came to Mac’s lips as he watched the beautiful woman pleasure herself. He knew that he was very much a part of it but it seemed that she was lost in her own sensual world.

When Angela opened her eyes and saw Mac’s smiling face she felt a moment of embarrassment at losing control. Slowly she stood up, causing Mac to groan as his wet and shiny penis slipped from her. She reached around behind her and pushed the plates and silverware to the side, turning over a glass in her haste. Then she moved back and lay on the table. She reached down and pulled her housedress up, spreading her legs. “Fuck me Mac,” she ordered.

The smile left Mac’s face as he looked at her swollen and very wet vagina. He stood up and moved forward, his penis throbbing. He placed the head at her stretched hole, sliding easily inside. Now, it was his turn to take pleasure. Immediately, he began to move his hips in and out quickly, making the table slide across the tile and rattling the dishes.

“That’s it, that’s it!” Angela moaned as the pace grew until Mac was pounding into her. Plates rattled and silverware fell off of the table.

By the time Mac was ready to climax, he has pushed the table several feet across the floor with his violent thrusts. However, Angela didn’t seem to mind. She took everything he had and moaned for more.

Mac didn’t know where he was getting all the sperm but he felt like he was twenty again as he came inside her, filling her until it overflowed and dripped to the table.

Angela climaxed one final time as her body was filled with Mac’s sweet sperm.

Chapter 13

Mac and Angela spent the rest of the day relaxing around the house. He even agreed to let them use the pool. He felt that it was safe enough to go outside and lounge around the pool because he figured that with the cops crawling around the place someone would have to be a fool to try something. However, he still kept a wary eye out for anything suspicious.

Although it was a relaxing day and Mac was completely satisfied, the sight of Angela coming out of the house in a skimpy string bikini brought on a renewed feeling of excitement. If Tess had not come home when she did, he might have taken her again right there on a pool chair. However, it wasn’t only Angela that brought on that feeling of excitement. Tess too had come out in a very skimpy string bikini.

Suddenly, Mac was trying to control his excitement again. Whichever way he turned, he saw swelling breasts and bare ass cheeks. He truly couldn’t decide which one of the two women looked the best. Tess was young and her body was tight and sexy. However, Angela had a maturity that Mac loved. She had a few more pounds on her than Tess did but it only added to her sensuality. It was interesting to Mac that there didn’t seem to be any competition between the two women. They acted more like sisters than mother and daughter. Mac watched them laugh and talk, several times huddling together and giggling. He wondered if they were talking about him.

He would have been very surprised if he had heard their conversation.

Tess tried to get Mac to get into the pool with her. However, he deferred, preferring to sit with Angela. As the two of them watched Tess swim, Angela reached over and grasped his hand. She squeezed it and Mac squeezed back.

Suddenly, Mac had a flash of guilt. He felt too good to be sitting at his friend’s house holding his wife’s hand. Yet, there was also a feeling of comfort, something he hadn’t experienced since his wife had died.

When Mac saw Tess getting out of the pool, he pulled his hand abruptly away from Angela. He watched the sexy young girl walk over to them. Her tiny suit (or what there was of it) was dripping water. Her breasts jiggled as she walked and the tiny patches of cloth strained to hold her breasts inside. Then Mac gasped. The small strip of material at her crotch had slipped to the side, baring one smoothly shaven and fat outer lip. He could even see the little tattoo. Mac turned to the side and looked at Angela but fortunately she had her eyes closed.

Tess smiled as she walked toward Mac. It was no accident that the material has slipped between her lips. She could feel the seam rubbing her with each step. She walked over and stopped above Mac. She leaned over and giggled as the cool water dripped onto Mac’s stomach and crotch. Then she quickly turned around and sat in his lap.

“I’ll fix us some lunch,” Angela said, abruptly getting up and walking toward the house.

Mac watched Angela’s sexy bare ass as she walked away and his excitement grew. Then, he glanced down at Tess’s exposed crotch.

Tess saw his eyes and looked down. Then she smiled and reached down as if to fix her suit. However, she grasped the material and pulled the other side into her slit. Now, both fat outer lips were totally exposed, separated by the material running up the middle. “Is that better?” Tess giggled.

“Tess!” Mac gasped as the young girl began to squirm on his lap.

Tess felt his penis throbbing under her ass and smiled. Then she reached between her legs and touched the swollen shaft under his shorts. She saw Mac’s look of total shock. “I haven’t thanked you for saving Mom and I.” Then she turned and pressed her breasts to him as her lips captured his. Her hips squirmed on his lap and her bare ass cheeks massaged his tightly confined penis.

Mac moaned. He wanted to pull away but her squirming ass and soft breasts made him hesitate. He opened his mouth, letting her tongue enter. Another moan came from deep in his throat. Within seconds, both of them were breathing hard.

“Mmmm… Mmmm…” Angela said, clearing her throat.

Mac pulled his lips away from Tess like he had been burned and abruptly pushed her from his lap. He looked at Angela standing with a couple of glasses of iced tea and a smile on her face.

“I thought you might like some tea,” she said, looking at Mac’s tented shorts. Another little smile appeared at the corners of her mouth. Then she looked at Tess. She had a scowl on her face at being interrupted. Paybacks are hell! she thought and smiled sweetly at her daughter.

“Uh… thanks!” Mac said, his face turning red with embarrassment as he reached for the glass Angela held out to him.

The rest of the afternoon was difficult for Mac. Both women seemed to be teasing him to distraction. At one point, when Tess was in the house, Angela turned to her side, facing him. He watched as she slipped her hand inside her bikini top and freed one large breast. Mac watched in amazement as she played with the nipple, pinching it and pulling the hard tip. She kept it up until Tess came back outside. Then, she casually slipped it under the cloth again like nothing had happened.

Then, when Angela was inside, Tess took a seat across from Mac. She lifted her legs and let them hang across the arms of the lawn chair.

Mac watched in total amazement as she pulled the crotch of her bikini aside and began to play with herself. She showed no modesty or embarrassment at her wanton display.

Fortunately, Angela returned before Mac went completely mad.

Later, Mac was relieved when Angela suggested that they all go out to dinner.


Angela and Tess were both dressed in tight, short dresses when they came downstairs that evening. Mac whistled and complimented them on their choice of clothes. He had arranged for one of the policemen to drive them to his favorite Italian restaurant where they had a pleasant meal with a couple of bottles of wine.

On the ride home, he and the two women sat in the back. Both women snuggled next to him, each of them placing a hand gently on his thigh with his arms around their shoulders. As they rode quietly, he suddenly felt Tess’s hand moving higher. He squirmed, trying to dissuade her from what he thought she was going to do. Inch by inch it drew closer to his now lengthening penis. Angela had her head on his shoulder and seemed to be asleep. He almost gasped as Tess’s little finger touched the head of his penis. Suddenly, his pants grew very tight as his penis hardened. The position forced it to crawl down his leg.

Tess almost giggled as she rubbed her little finger over the swollen head. She could feel wetness under her finger already. It was dark in the back of the squad car so she couldn’t see very well but she was sure that a spot was forming on his pants.

Angela pretended to be asleep as she watched her daughter excite Mac. It took all of her willpower not to reach down and join her. However, it was Tess’s night, so she contented herself with watching.

Although Mac was pretty sure that Angela knew some, if not all, of what he and Tess had done, he was nonetheless petrified. Now, he wished that he had taken his jacket off. At least he would be able to cover his excitement.

It was an excruciatingly slow ride home for Mac.

Tess was relentless as she continued to use her little finger to tease him. She did it gently, just passing the tip over the now swollen head and sliding it down the drooling slit.

Mac was sure that there was a wet spot on his pants but was afraid to look down. Instead he stared forward, chastising himself for not wearing underwear.

Soon, Tess had the head so wet that his pants were almost transparent and clearly outlining the crown.

Mac was relieved when they arrived home. He quickly stripped off his jacket to hide his obvious erection and the large wet circle on his pants.

As soon as they were inside the house, Angela and Tess said they were tired, kissed Mac good night and went to their rooms.

Mac was more than a little disappointed and incredibly frustrated when Angela didn’t give any indication that she wanted a replay of the morning’s activity. Then he figured that she was putting on a show for Tess and that she would come back later. He hoped that she would hurry or he would have to take matters into his own hands.

It was after midnight and Mac was still awake when he heard the doorknob turn. He smiled. Slowly, the door opened and Mac strained his eyes in the dark. He groaned quietly when he saw that it was Tess and not Angela. Still, his heart began to beat rapidly.

Tess walked over to the bed, wearing a sexy silk kimono. She stopped at the edge of the bed, looking down at Mac. She untied the belt that held the robe closed and let it drop to the floor, leaving her naked.

“Tess, you shouldn’t be here. Your mother…”

“Don’t worry about Mom,” she interrupted. “She won’t bother us,” she said as she reached down and lifted the blanket. “It’s my turn to thank you.”

Her turn, Mac thought. What does that mean?

Mac was nude as usual. He felt powerless to stop Tess as she pulled the blanket down until his entire body was exposed. His penis was hard and throbbing, giving away his excitement.

“God… I love your cock,” Tess said obscenely as she stared at the large penis. Then she crawled onto the bed and pressed her naked body to Mac.

Mac didn’t protest when Tess brought her lips to his. Nor did he protest when she pulled him toward her and reached for his hand. He let her direct it between her legs. A little moan escaped both of their mouths as his fingers found her very wet vagina. Almost by instinct, Mac slipped his finger between the swollen lips and into her body.

“Ohhhhh!!!” Tess moaned and began to move her hips up and down as she felt Mac’s finger working inside her. She leaned to his ear and hissed, “I need you to fuck me.”

Those were the exact words that Angela had spoken last night, Mac thought. He started to protest but then gasped as Tess’s hand wrapped around his penis.

“Let me suck it for a minute,” Tess said and quickly moved her mouth toward the throbbing penis.

“Ohhhhhh!!!” It was Mac’s turn to moan as the young girl’s mouth covered him. His hips began to move up and down as she used her talented mouth to pleasure him. Then, he groaned again as her throat opened and took him deep. Mac could feel the head throb in her throat as her tongue came out to tickle his balls.

By the time Tess pulled her lips from Mac, he was ready for anything. He watched as Tess stood up on the bed and straddled him. With both feet planted on either side of his hips, she lowered herself until the tip of his penis touched her swollen lips.

Tess gasped as she placed the head just inside her lips. She hesitated, moving her hips in little circles, letting her juice begin to coat the head. She looked at Mac with her eyes wide with excitement and a little fear.

Mac watched with growing excitement as she let the head slip inside until the tight lips were wrapped around the sensitive skin, just below the crown. Mac held his breath as he waited. Strangely, he wondered if she would feel different from her mother.

Tess looked at Mac, her thighs beginning to quiver as she held her position. “Uncle Mac… there’s… there’s something you should know,” Tess said gasping for breath. She paused, took a deep breath and then said, “I’m a virgin!” Before Mac could react, Tess let her weight settle down. “Ahhhhhh!!!” she screamed as the large shaft slipped into her virgin hole. It was exquisite pain for Tess. She had fantasized about this moment with Mac since she first realized what sex was all about. She had waited for him, hoping that he would come back someday. In her wildest imagination she could never have dreamed that it would come true. Yet, here she was with half the length of Mac’s penis inside her. It was a little painful but the feeling of pleasure was beyond her wildest imagination.

Mac felt like he was going to pass out from a combination of the shock of her revelation and the incredible tightness enveloping him. There was nothing he could do now, he thought. He closed his eyes in surrender and moaned.

Tess took a deep breath and pushed down. “Ahhhhh!!!” she hissed as the large shaft slipped two more inches inside her. Now she was breathing hard, almost gasping for breath. She had to have it all. Then she pushed again and screamed as the last several inches went into her. “Oh God, oh God oh God!!!” she gasped incoherently as her body began to tremble. Her hands fell to his chest to steady herself. Her head was down and her hair fell over her face.

It felt like the skin on Mac’s penis was being stripped off. Yet, the pleasure was incredible. Amazingly, he had never had a virgin before in his life. In the back of his mind, he worried that he could hurt her so he quickly decided to let Tess control the action. It seemed that that was what she wanted anyway.

Tess opened her eyes and looked down at Mac with pride on her face. There were tears on her cheeks but still she smiled. She could feel the curly hair of Mac’s groin tickling the outer lips of her vagina and knew that she had him all the way inside her.

Mac closed his eyes, breathing hard. He waited for Tess. Waited for her to begin to move. It seemed like it was a long time but it was probably only a minute or two until Tess began to slowly lift up.

She gasped as the long shaft slipped half way out of her. And then, she moved higher, continuing upward until only the head was left inside. A second later she pushed down slowly, a long drawn out moan escaping her lips. Suddenly, Tess was gasping and moaning, “Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh!!!”

Mac opened his eyes and watched his long shaft come out of Tess. He wondered how Tess had taken his entire shaft into her tight hole. She seemed far too small to take all of him. Then, he had to close his eyes in pleasure as she slipped down again. This time it went in easily and all the way to the bottom in one smooth movement.

Tess sighed with relief as her vagina adjusted to the width and length of the shaft. She began to move up and down slowly, but with purpose. Each thrust became smoother until she could move with ease. Suddenly, Tess was bouncing up and down on the large penis. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh, oh, Ohhhhh!!!” she moaned in pleasure, her head thrown back and her eyes closed.

The bed began to squeak as Mac thrust upward, now forcing himself into the young girl. He was rapidly reaching the point of no return when a thought crossed his mind. God, what if she isn’t on birth control? Suddenly, Mac felt panic. “Tess!” he moaned as his balls started to churn.

Tess had been in a world of her own until she heard Mac yell her name. She opened her eyes and saw his panic. She knew why right away. “It’s… it’s okay,” she gasped. “I’ve… I’ve… been on the pill since I was 16.”

Mac sighed with relief and reached for her hips. He pulled her down and pushed upward, forcing himself even deeper into her willing hole.

Suddenly, Tess began to tremble. The thought of Mac cumming in her was too much and she began to climax. “Ohhhhhh Goddddd!!! I’m cumming,” she screamed and sat down hard on the thrusting shaft.

Mac tried to hold out for as long as he could, letting her take her pleasure. However, it was a very difficult task. Suddenly, he felt his balls tighten. He screamed in pleasure as a tremendous climax overtook him. His balls pulled tight to his groin, forcing his steaming cum up the shaft and into the young girl’s willing cavern, filling her with his potent sperm.

Tess had just begun to come down from her climax when she felt her vagina being filled for the first time in her life. The thought of all his potent sperm in her no longer virgin hole was too much for her. She started to climax again, her vagina squeezing the throbbing shaft and forcing more cum into her. Each squeeze of her vagina seemed to suck more juice from him.

Mac shivered and bucked until finally he was drained.

Tess fell forward onto his chest, gasping for breath. Then she pulled back and kissed Mac’s lips softly. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Mac didn’t respond. What could he say now that he had made love to both the wife and daughter of his closest friend.

A few minutes later, they were both asleep.

It was about three in the morning when Mac awoke. He found himself snuggled against Tess in a spoon fashion. His hand was over her body and lying on her soft breast. He closed his hand and squeezed her soft tit flesh. Almost immediately, he felt his penis begin to harden.

The movement awakened Tess. She opened her eyes sleepily and smiled. She could feel Mac’s penis growing between her legs. With a quiet sigh, she opened her legs allowing Mac to slide easily into her still saturated hole. Within seconds she was pushing her ass back at him, forcing his penis deep into her.

Mac was groaning quietly, as Tess’s wet sex lips massaged his penis. It was a gentle coupling at first. Soon though their hips were slapping together and the bed was squeaking loudly. It took a long time before Tess moaned that she was going to cum. Mac followed close behind her, emptying his balls for the second time into her still tight hole.

Mac was asleep in minutes and never heard Tess whisper, “I love you.”


Mac woke up early the following morning. He looked over and saw Tess sleeping beside him. She was sleeping peacefully and looked beautiful. He could see his cum still running from her used vagina. His penis and pubic hair were sticky and coated with both of their juices. It was a visual testimony to their frenzied lovemaking. Suddenly, a feeling of dread overcame him. What a mess I’ve created for myself, he thought as he quietly got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. He noticed that Angela’s door was closed so he thought she was probably sleeping in. A shower should make things seem better he thought.

Angela walked up the stairs and to Mac’s door. She raised her hand to knock when Mac came out of the bathroom behind her with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Good morning,” she said with a smile as she walked over to him.

“Uh… good morning,” Mac responded, letting Angela step into his embrace. He didn’t resist when she brought her lips to his.

“Did you have a good night?” Angela asked, sliding her hand down and under the towel to capture his flaccid penis.

“Uh… uh… yes,” Mac stuttered. Amazingly, he began to harden. He had a sudden fear that these two women would cause his demise.

“Well, breakfast is about ready.” Angela kissed him quickly again, letting his now hard penis go with another gentle squeeze, and turned to walk away. As she walked down the hall, she passed Tess’s bedroom and started to go down the stairs. She stopped and turned to Mac and said, “Please let Tess know that breakfast is ready.”

Mac opened his mouth to answer but she was gone. He wondered if Angela knew that her daughter was lying naked in his bed with buckets of cum running from her deflowered vagina. A moan of remorse escaped his lips.

Chapter 14

Angela had set breakfast up on the outside deck. It was a beautiful and sunny morning with a gentle breeze blowing across the tops of the trees.

Mac came outside and saw Angela sitting at the table. He smiled and took a seat. A minute later, Tess came outside.

“Good morning,” she said. She was wearing the same sexy kimono that she had worn last night. It barely covered her crotch.

Even if Mac hadn’t known what happened last night, he would have recognized that Tess had that “well fucked” look. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was smeared. Additionally, she had a dreamy look in her eyes. Neither Angela nor Mac saw that she still had his cum running out of her vagina. She knew that she had to clean up soon but she wanted to delay it as long as possible. It was amazing to her how sexy it felt to have a lover’s cum running out of her. Some girls at school hated it, but she didn’t.

The two women began to talk about what they wanted to do for the day. They agreed that it might be a good day to go down to the courthouse and see Jason, since the trial should be ending soon.

Mac liked the idea, as it would get them out of the house. He was almost afraid to spend another day in the house alone with them. They agreed to leave in an hour.

However, before they left the house, the telephone rang. Mac was coming down the stairs when he heard Angela scream. He rushed over and caught her before she collapsed. She dropped the telephone and Mac helped her to a chair. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

“They… they said, Jason collapsed at the courthouse. He just finished ruling on the case when he went into his chambers. They found him on the floor a few minutes later and rushed him to the hospital,” Angela gasped, tears pouring from her eyes.

“All right, let’s get Tess.”

The three of them rushed to the hospital. As they walked toward Jason’s room, they saw the doctor coming toward them. His face was somber.

“How’s Jason?” Angela asked with dread in her voice.

The doctor slowly shook his head and said, “Not so good. He’s in and out of consciousness right now. But, he knew a couple of weeks ago that his time was close. I recommended that he not take this case. But you know the Judge; he insisted that he was well enough to do it. I don’t think he can last much longer.”

“Oh God!” Tess and Angela exclaimed at the same time. Then, they turned and hugged each other, sobbing.

Mac stood by helplessly, trying to hold back his own tears.

“Can we see him?” Angela asked wiping tears from her eyes.

“Certainly, his room number is 202.”

The three of them rushed down the hall and to his room. When they walked in, they saw Jason lying on the bed with an oxygen mask on his face. He looked pale and his eyes were closed.

Angela and Tess rushed over and bent over him but he didn’t respond. Mac stood behind them with a worried look on his face.

After an hour or so, Mac went outside the room and looked for the doctor. He asked him more about the prognosis or if there was anything else that could be done. The doctor said it would be an hour-to-hour thing and that there wasn’t much they could do for him except make him comfortable. Mac thanked the doctor and went back to the room. When he entered, he saw that Jason was awake and talking with great difficulty to Tess and Angela. They held his hand and tried to make out his words.

For most of the day, Jason went in and out of consciousness. Someone stayed with him at all times.

It was while Angela and Tess went to get something to eat that Jason became lucid again.

“Mac,” he whispered from behind the mask.

Mac looked up from the magazine he was reading. “I’m here,” he said grabbing his hand. He was surprised that the Judge recognized him.

“Mac… I… want… to thank you again,” he gasped.

“You don’t need to thank me Judge.”

“You… you… saved my family. I… know that… that I can never… repay you,” he hissed through the mask.

“Judge, I don’t deserve your thanks,” Mac said, ready to come clean about what he had been doing.

“Mac… I… know… I know what’s… what’s been going on. Angela… Angela has been telling me.”

“God,” Mac whispered and dropped his head to his chest in shame.

The Judge pulled the oxygen mask from his face. “I… gasp… I… told you before Mac, it’s okay. Angela… Angela and I have… an agreement. It… it was us… that… gasp… deceived you.”

“What?” Mac asked thinking that he hadn’t heard him right.

“It… it was the… gasp… only way to get you to…”

Mac couldn’t make out all of his words. However, he knew what he was talking about.

“I didn’t count… gasp… on Tess. She… she’s so… much like… gasp… her mother. It’s… not important now Mac. I want… I want… gasp… you to… gasp… promise me something.”

“What is it? I’ll do anything.”

“Take… take care of… them Mac. Don’t leave them. You… you know that I trust you. They’re… gasp… going to… need someone. Promise me… gasp… Mac.”

“I promise,” Mac said with tears streaming down his cheeks. He watched the Judge struggling for each breath and pushed the mask back on his face. When his eyes closed, Mac rushed out into the hall and saw Angela and Tess coming back. He waved them toward the room. All three of them rushed in, but it was too late. Angela rushed to his side and grasped his hand. He opened his eyes weakly. She felt him squeeze her hand in return and then his eyes closed and he took his last breath.

Angela, Tess and Mac broke into tears. “Did he say anything?” Angela asked, deeply saddened that she hadn’t come back earlier.

“He said he loved you and Tess more than anything in the world,” Mac said through his tears. It wasn’t his exact words but it was what he meant, Mac thought as he squeezed the Judge’s hand one last time.


Before the end of the day, friends and relatives were coming from all across the country. Some of them were going to take hotel rooms but a few were to stay at Angela’s house.

Mac volunteered to give up his room but Angela would have none of that. She insisted that she would have plenty of room with the extra bedrooms, family room, and living room.

The funeral was three days later. However, it wasn’t a sad affair. The Judge had made a lot of good friends over the years and everyone wanted to celebrate his life and not mourn his death. He had been a good man and had left the world a better place. Though there were many tears, there just as many smiles.

It took another couple of days for the guests to leave. Mac had stayed out of sight as much as possible. He busied himself with collecting his equipment and packing his clothes. It was a difficult time for him. While he had promised the Judge that he would take care of Angela and Tess, he wasn’t sure what that really meant. Besides, he didn’t want to have to decide between the two women.

When everyone was gone and it was finally quiet in the house, Angela came upstairs. She knocked on Mac’s door and opened it quietly.

Mac looked up and gave her a weak smile as he packed a suitcase.

“Mac, please don’t go,” Angela said as she rushed into the room and sat on the bed next to him. She grasped his hand.

“Angela, I… I… I don’t know what to do,” he said, sitting down next to her. “I promised the Judge that I would take care of you and Tess. But… but, I don’t know if I can stay here. You and Tess are the most important people in my life… but… Damn, I’ve made a mess of things.”

“You haven’t made a mess of anything Mac, it was all a plan. Me, Tess and Jason, we…” She stopped and looked at Mac. “I’m the one that’s made a mess of things,” Angela said as tears began to fall. “Please stay with us,” Angela pleaded and fell into Mac’s arms sobbing.

“But… but, I… I can’t choose between you and…”

“You don’t have to choose,” Angela said, interrupting him. Then she stood up and pulled Mac to his feet. She wrapped her arms around him and brought her lips to his.

Almost immediately Mac felt excitement overshadow his confusion. He moaned as their tongues dueled in each other’s mouths.

When Angela pulled away, she reached for Mac’s hand and led him out of the room. He followed as she walked him down the hall and into her bedroom.

Mac stood motionless as Angela began to unbutton his shirt. He waited as she stripped his shirt and then went to her knees in front of him. Within a second, his pants and shorts were being pulled off his feet. When he was completely naked, Angela looked up at him and smiled. Without a word, she grasped his already hard penis and brought it to her mouth.

Angela groaned as she sucked his penis. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him into her. God, how I love sucking him! she thought as his sweet taste consumed her.

When Mac’s legs became weak, he stepped back and sat heavily onto the bed. Angela didn’t miss a beat and kept his penis in her mouth.

Mac grasped her head and moved it gently up and down on him. He saw pleasure on her face as he slid in and out of her loving mouth. Finally, he pulled her head up, his penis coming out of her mouth with a pop. Then he lifted her until they were lying side by side on the bed. “Angela… I love you,” Mac whispered.

“Oh God Mac, I love you too,” she answered and their lips went together again.

Mac stripped Angela’s clothes from her and sat back. He would never get tired of looking at her body. He bent his head and took one tit into his mouth and caressed the other one as he sucked the hard nipple.

Angela moaned and pulled his head tightly to her breast. She loved the way he was sucking her nipples but she needed him in her. It had been several long days and she couldn’t wait any longer. “God Mac, fuck me!” she hissed.

He didn’t have to be told twice. Mac slipped between her legs and brought his throbbing penis to her wet vagina. “Oh God,” he moaned as he slid into her warm cavern. Soon, they were moving in unison. Although they had only had intercourse several times, they moved as if they knew what the other wanted. Within minutes the room was filled with their moans and the slapping sound of their bodies working together.

Tess stood quietly outside the bedroom door. She had her nightgown pulled up as she listened to her mother and Mac make love. Her vagina was already dripping juice down her legs. She could barely wait for her turn. She wanted to rush in there but her Mom had told her to wait.

Angela screamed as a climax ripped through her body. She pulled Mac into her, wanting him to cum with her. When she felt him tense and begin to squirt his sperm into her, she moaned again, her legs wrapping around his waist to hold him deep inside.

A short while later, Mac was still basking in the afterglow of satisfaction when he heard the bedroom door open. He turned and saw Tess coming into the room. He looked to his side in panic and saw that Angela was on her side facing away from him and apparently asleep. Then he turned back and watched as Tess let her nightgown fall to the floor. His eyes were opened wide in shock as she walked over and crawled into bed beside him. “Tess…” he whispered in thinly disguised panic.

“Shhhhh…!” she answered as her arms wrapped around him. In spite of his shock and fear, Mac’s penis came to attention as soon as the young girl’s body was pressed to him.

Angela lay on her side with her eyes open and a smile on her face. She could hear the two lovers next to her kissing. She waited until she felt them moving into position before she turned over.

Mac couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to at that point. He let Tess pull him between her legs and his penis slipped into her already very wet hole. When he felt her legs wrap around his waist and pull him down, he turned and saw Angela smiling at them. A moan escaped his lips but Tess cut off the sound with her lips. As he began to move in and out, he felt Angela’s hand reach out to lovingly caress his back, then slip slowly downward. When her fingers reached the crack of his ass, he moaned. Then, it slid over his cheeks and down. Suddenly, he could feel her hand cupping his squirming testicles. That was enough to send him over the top and he groaned loudly as he poured his sperm into one of the two women he loved.