Decent Family

Isn’t it funny how one little incident can change your life forever? Sometimes you don’t recognize it, and you just go on about your busy life without noticing that your universe has been knocked out of its orbit. When I found the hoard of pornography hidden behind my son, Brad’s desk, I was surprised only because I wasn’t expecting to find it. A little part of me was disappointed in him of course but I quickly got over that. He’s 18, I told myself, and I’m not so naïve that I don’t know that young men looked at porn. It was just the nature of the pornography that really threw me. All the magazines contained only stories about incest!

I’ve been divorced from Brad’s father for four years and they have not been the easiest of times for the two of us. I have absolutely no contact with anyone on my Ex-husbands side of the family and my parents were divorced when I was five. My mother died years ago and I haven’t seen my father since I was 14. I was told he had remarried and lived on the west coast. Brad of course has never even met his grandfather so he has missed the support that an extended family could bring when times were tough. My fears that Brad would not cope well with our divorce pretty much came true. He was acting up and acted out for years before our divorce was finalized and it didn’t get any better after his father and I separated. He was constantly getting into trouble at school. If it wasn’t drinking, it was drugs or girls or other mischief.

We had both been to counseling and that helped. Over the last half year or so, since Brad graduated from high school this past June, I had seen my son gradually change from an angry young boy to the well-behaved and responsible young man that any mother would be proud of. Despite his problems at school, he had graduated, but just barley and had been forced to take summer courses to get his grades up so he could at least apply to the local community college this fall. When I saw how hard he worked at his summer school classes I figured our life together had changed for the best. Finding his stash of these disturbing incest magazines brought those good feelings to a screeching halt.

During counseling, we had both learned how to effectively communicate with each other without yelling or judging each other. I struggled to remember those skills as I looked at what I had found in his room. I thought maybe I had become too much of a friend and not enough of a mother to him. I worried I had failed him in some way; why else would he have this type of porn? What was going through his head, I wondered, when it came to his obvious interest in incest. I might have accepted mainstream porn, men’s magazines with pictures of women and such and accepted that as a fact of life that all boys enjoy looking at naked women. I don’t approve of that but I wouldn’t have been so surprised or confused by his choice of pornography.

What drew my son to incest, I wondered. I’m no prude. I have my own brand of erotica that I enjoy reading. I read summer love novels and fantasize about the male hunks that all women love to dream about. At 43, I consider myself to have a normal and healthy appreciation for sex and considerer masturbation normal and healthy. I’ve dated little since my divorce and when I have, I’ve chosen my partners carefully. I put raising my son above my own needs. Now I was worried that I had failed him in some way.

I knew I needed to talk to him about what I found. Doing nothing or worse, condemning him for his interest in incest would only pull us apart again. I was determined to use the tools I had learned in counseling. I was going to sit him down and talk to him about it. I left all but one of his incest magazines on top of his desk. The other one I took with me to the kitchen and sat down and looked through it to see if I could understand his fascination with this subject. There were very few pictures and only a few dirty cartoons scattered thought out the magazine. The bulk of the magazine consisted of stories about families having sex together. As I thumbed through the pages I thought about what incest was; having sex with a family member. It had such a dirty and forbidden connotation in our society, and certainly nothing my son had ever been exposed to. I had kissed a few male cousins, had adolescent crushes that really seemed to be more fun than incest.

The magazine was divided up into different sections, each one involving family sex. There were chapters on siblings having sex together, aunts and uncles with nephews and niece’s, cousins, grandparents (that was really weird), whole families and parents fucking sons and daughters. I had no idea if my son was more interested in one group of stories over another, except for one dog-eared page in the parent/children’s section. This section told about son’s having sex with their mother’s, and daughters having sex with their fathers, and seemed to have been read been more thoroughly than the others. It made me wonder if my son had thoughts about having sex with me. I couldn’t recall one instance of inappropriate behavior on his part towards me but I knew I would have to reexamine our home life.

I was determined to find out what the fascination was for my son about incest so I read all six stories in the chapter about parents having sex with their children. Sometimes the children were quite young but most of the time they were teenagers. They weren’t very well written but I had to admit they were stimulating. Rough and coarse words such as cunt, fuck, pussy, tits, cock and dick seemed to be favorite ways to describe male and female body parts and love making. Even so, I found myself more than a little flushed and excited by the time I had finished the last story. I continued to read more from the other chapters. Other than the stories about whole families having sex together, I wasn’t particularly interested in reading more. I tried to imagine Brad reading about a mother and son having sex and getting turned on by that. I wondered again if he thought about me that way or was it just harmless fantasy. It made me a little uncomfortable because I felt I should feel disgusted by such an idea… but disturbingly I wasn’t.

It was still almost an hour before Brad was due home so I got another magazine from his collection and read that one too. I like getting turned on, what woman doesn’t? But I surprised myself by how turned on I got as I read. With more than a fair amount of guilt, I unzipped my slacks and slipped my hand over my panties and masturbated as I read. I wasn’t reading with my son in mind, it’s just that the stories were beginning to excite me in their own dirty little way. I justified these feelings and my masturbating as normal carnal desires. I was definitely enjoying myself by the time I finished the second book. I had started out just rubbing my pussy over my underwear but by the end of the second book, my slacks and my panties were down around my ankles. I was enjoying myself as I lightly touched my clit and fingering myself as I read about a father and daughter fucking. The son and mother eventually became involved and the story ended with the parent’s having sex with both children. I had one fantastic orgasm and was working on a second one when I heard Brad at the front door.

“Hi mom, I’ve got the mail,” I heard my son call out as he came in.

“I’m in the kitchen honey,” I told him as I quickly withdrew my hand from my pussy and scrambled to pull my slacks up. I just barely made it. I slipped the magazine onto the chair beside me. I knew my face was probably flushed from masturbating and I consciously tried to get my heart to slow down before Brad saw me. “Would you come in here honey?” I didn’t want him going to his room and seeing his collection of magazines on his desk until I had talked to him.

“Hi mom,” my son greeted me with a kiss on the cheek before he threw the mail onto the table; he didn’t seem to notice how agitated I was. “Looks like that one’s from dad’s attorney,” he said, pointing to a letter. He didn’t try to hide the contempt in his voice. “Probably wants more money,” He commented sarcastically.

I subtly checked my zipper and the buttons on my blouse to make sure everything was in place. “Honey, I thought we agreed you wouldn’t talk that way about your father. He loves you and my problems with him have nothing to do with you.” I reminded him, careful not to feed his anger for his father. “Your dad loves you very much,” I said by rote. It had been almost six months since his father had even called.

“He’s a jerk mom and you know it. Go ahead and open it. I bet I’m right. He wants more money from you.” He said as he went to the refrigerator and got himself a soda.

“Shit,” I said under my breath as I read the letter. Brad was right; it was from my ex’s attorney. In lawyer speak, it was always addressed to me by my full name, Mrs. Angela Hunt and it went on to say that my ex-husband was requesting a hearing so he could get more money from me. I still kick myself for not having the prenuptial agreement my lawyer suggested before I married. I was the one with the successful business and my ex was trying to bleed me dry. I hated it as much as Brad did but I promised Brad’s father that I wouldn’t badmouth him in front of his son.

“Was I right? Dad wants more money for his cheap girlfriends, doesn’t he? He’s such a looser mom.” Brad said as he slumped in the chair across from me. “Don’t give him another dime.” Brad was wearing silk jogging shorts and a well-worn t-shirt. His muscular arms and chest heaved as he stewed about his father.

He was right but he and I had other things to talk about. “Honey, we have more important things to talk about than your dad.” I put the letter back in the envelope and worked up the courage to talk about his incest magazines.

“Important? What Mom?” Brad fumed, his anger still focused on his father’s letter.

“This honey.” I picked up the magazine from the chair beside me and slide it across the table to him. “I was cleaning in your room and accidentally came across your collection.” I tried not to make it sound like I was being judgmental. His interest in incest was what I wanted to talk to him about. I wanted him to know I knew about them and that as his mother and friend, we needed to talk about them.

“Oh shit,” he said muttered, embarrassed, as he stared at the front cover of the magazine. The title, “Family Fun, stories of loving families,” stared up at him. An innocent looking young girl was being screwed by an older man was on the cover to the magazine. The look of joy on the girls face told its own story.

I stifled my laugh at his reaction. “Yes, oh shit is probably what I would have said too,” I said and covered my face so he wouldn’t see me trying to suppress a smile. His reaction really was funny and I actually felt sorry for him. “I’m sorry honey, I wasn’t snooping,” I told him when I was able to be serious again. “I accidentally knocked some things off the back of your desk and when I moved it to retrieve them, I found your magazines.” I wasn’t apologizing for finding them but I wanted him to know I knew about them and wanted to talk about them.

Brad looked crushed as he sat across from me. “I’m sorry mom… I, ah I won’t… ” He left his words hanging in the air.

“Honey, you’re18 almost grown up and you really don’t need to apologize to me for what you read. It’s not as if these are illegal… ” I reached over and turned the magazine so it was facing me. “I know boys… young men your age,” and women my age I silently thought, “look at adult magazines and pictures and read lots of different things.” I started to loose track of what I wanted to say as my mind drifted back to the story of the mother and son I had just been masturbating over. I was having difficulty focusing, especially since my pussy had been denied its second orgasm. “I’m not saying it’s wrong, I… I, well I just wonder if I should be concerned about the content and that you have so many of these magazines.”

“I don’t have that many,” he defensively said.

“Honey, you have a dozen or so and they are all about the same subject; incest.” I corrected him. “I think that qualifies as a lot.”

Brad got more defensive. “So what? I like reading porn,” He bluntly stated but averted my eyes.

To break the ice before this got out of hand, I chuckled lightly. “I kind of figured that out.” I didn’t want him thinking he had to defend himself but I wanted him to tell me about his interest. “This isn’t just porn honey,” I held up the magazine. “It’s incest.” I looked at the cover and smiled inwardly as I recalled reading it only a few minutes ago.

Brad looked sheepishly up at me, hoping it was ok if he smiled since I had made a little joke. “I’m sorry mom.”

“I know you are baby, but you don’t have to be and I think what you really mean is that you’re sorry I found them.” I couldn’t help but smirk at my own humor. “Well I did find them, and now I think we need to talk about them.

“What’s there to talk about mom? I like this kind of stuff and I read it. What more do you want me to say?” He was getting defensive again and refused to look at me. I didn’t want him to shut down on me.

“Brad honey, I know talking about sex with your mother isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it isn’t easy for me either. I’m just wondering, since it’s out in the open now, if you want to talk about it with me. All those months in therapy together gave us the tools to use when we need to talk, let’s use them, ok?” I was throwing him a lifeline and hoped he took it.

Slowly Brad opened up to me. “It’s not really a big deal mom. I just like reading about that kind of stuff.” He started. “It excites me.” Redness crept up his neck.

“By stuff you, of course, mean incest.” I was going to insist he call it what it was.

Brad let out a big sigh and nodded. “Ok, yes mom, I like reading and thinking about incest.” This time he looked up and met my eyes. “I get turned on by reading it,” he told me.

I couldn’t help but notice how flushed his neck and face were, and as charming as I found that, I wasn’t going to let him stop talking about his interest in incest yet. “Now that wasn’t so difficult was it,” I smiled and playfully kicked him under the table. A perverse pleasure swept over me at hearing him tell me how it turned him on. It turned me on too. The dampness between my legs was proof enough that I also found reading incest exciting.

“Yes it was.” He said a little sarcastically, but he still managed a little grin. He was feeling a little better now that he knew I wasn’t mad or disgusted with him.

I laughed and so did he. “I guess it was.” I smiled and touched his hand. “Honey, it’s just that incest is so… well it’s not like other pornography where you look at pictures of women or read stories about things and then think about them and… masturbate.” I knew referring to masturbation wouldn’t embarrass him since we’d talked about how normal it was for anyone to do. “But this is about family members having sex together and I guess I need to know if… if you just enjoyed reading about it or if there was more… ” The air in the kitchen grew heavy as I waited for Brad to answer. I had to know if he thought about having sex with me.

Brad took his time answering and when he finally did, he ignored my pointed question but at least kept talking. “I guess that’s why I like reading about it mom, because it is family and it’s so totally wrong but at the same time its exciting and… and I like jerking off when I read it.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “”Thank you for being so graphic. Well we really have come a long way for you to admit mastur… jerking off, as you call it. You know I think that’s healthy… to talk about it.” I almost laughed again. I really wanted to know if he thought about me when he jerked off. I hesitantly asked. “Do you think about… me when you ah… when you jerk off?”

Brad’s eyes were fixed on the table when he answered. “Yes.”

A sexual rush gripped my pussy when he admitted that. “I see,” I said as I tried to control my emotions. Why did that excite me so much? “Well, I guess I should be flattered.” I said and brushed my long brown hair out of my eyes. “I actually took the time to read a few of the stories to get an idea what they were all about.” I wanted him to know I had read what he masturbated to.

“And?” Brad said looking slyly at me.

“And what?” I asked, suddenly feeling the tables were being turned on me a little.

“And did you like them?” He asked smugly.

“I wish now that I hadn’t reminded you about your coping skills,” I said and felt myself blush. I had enjoyed them but I knew I couldn’t tell him that.

“You’re not answering the question Mom. You’re avoiding. Did you like them?” He asked seriously. He was enjoying the fact that he had deflected some of the heat from himself and sent it back to me.

“This isn’t about what I like or don’t like. We’re talking about you. I read them to see what they were about and what about them turned you on… ” I tried my best not to think about him thinking about me and masturbating as he read them.

“And did you find out mom?”

“Stop it. I’m the one that’s asking the questions,” I covered my mouth so he wouldn’t see me stifling a smile but he was too perceptive. Mischief danced in his eyes.

“You’re avoiding the question again Mom,” Brad pointed out as he pushed me more than I was comfortable with.

“I’m not answering that because this is about you and your interest in incest… ” I stared him down and was pleased when I made him break eye contact with me. “But I will tell you what I thought about them if you want,” I squeezed my legs together to control the rush surging through my pussy. “They aren’t very well written but I can understand why the stories,… why you like them.” I admitted. I sat there with a straight face. I was determined not to smile or laugh.

“See, now that wasn’t so difficult was it?” He laughed; knowing he had backed me into a corner. He got me to admit I enjoyed them. When Brad stood, I couldn’t help but notice how his shorts had crept up around his crotch. He had what looked like the start of a hard-on and seeing it made my mouth dry.

He was exasperating but I loved him for being himself. “Look honey,” I said when I felt I had gained my composure again. “You can read them all you want. I won’t tell you you can’t, that would be silly,” I admitted. “And now that I know you have them, it would be silly of you to have to hide them.” I hadn’t expected this conversation to go this way but since it had I decided to press on. For reasons of its own, my pussy was starting to tingle and it was getting impossible to ignore. Something in me loved knowing he fantasized about me when he read them. “Since you said you think about us having sex, I guess you like the chapters on parents and children?” I had to press my legs even tighter together and as I tried to suppress another bolt of sexual excitement. I wanted to hear him tell me again how he thought of me when he masturbated.

Brad tilted his head back and finished his soda and delayed answering for a moment. When he did, it was all I could do not to reach between my legs and touch myself. “I like the ones about mother’s and sons and whole families.” He fidgeted with the magazine, nervously spinning it on the table in front of us. “I like thinking about you and me doing it mom. Does that upset you?” He suddenly seemed very confident of himself.

“Oh,” I said softly under my breath. “Yes… I mean no, it doesn’t upset me or… worry me as much as it did a few minutes ago.” My voice trailed off as I thought about that. I wasn’t upset; on the contrary, I actually felt very excited. I watched him play with the magazine and I lost myself in thought as I reminded myself why I was so damp between my legs. I hadn’t had time to dry myself off after masturbating and I could feel my secretions soaking through my panties. I turned my head so I wouldn’t have to look him in the eyes when I mentioned that text books had been written about this subject, “They say it’s normal for sons to think about making love to their mothers.” I didn’t know much more than that but I felt it was important to mention. My pussy contracted and it took all my will power to hold myself still as I visualized making love with my son… committing incest with him.

A big smile covered Brad’s face. “I guess I’m pretty normal then, Mom. I think about making love to you, a lot.” His frank statement shocked and thrilled me. “I guess you think I’m a pervert or something.”

I had to clinch my pussy muscles and I noticeably shook and worried that Brad would realize what was happening to me. I had to work to control my shaky voice when I stood and went to him. I touched his cheek and told him. “I don’t think you’re a pervert. You’re my son and I love you.” I was aware of how close our bodies were when Brad stood up. “I guess I should feel flattered that you think that way about me.” I was speaking to his chest, not daring to look into his eyes. I could feel the heat from his body and it made me nervous. “I just never imagined you felt that way about me.” I wanted to feel repulsed by the idea but deep down I was actually enjoying the idea that he had fantasies about me. It made me feel young and wanted again.

“You should feel flattered mom. You’re just so beautiful and I can’t help it if I think about you that way.” Brad said honestly. He touched my hair and softly told me. “I don’t feel this way about anyone else.”

I could feel myself blushing. Was this all my fault? Have I been too permissive? Maybe it was how I dressed at home. I often left my bedroom door open when I changed and frequently only wore bra and panties when I was rushing about in the morning. Was I unintentionally fueling his fires? Was I the cause of all this? “It’s my fault.” I blurted out. I wanted there to be a reason for his feelings towards me. I had a need to fix this problem. I sat down and tried to blame myself for his feelings.

Brad came around the table and hugged me from behind. “No mom, it isn’t your fault. It’s me. I’m the sicko. You’ve never done anything wrong. I’m in love with who you are.” He said as he wrapped his arms lovingly around me and hugged me tightly. He had my arms lightly pinned as he cajoled me “You’re perfect mom, it’s me. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you.” Brad kissed my hair and sighed. “You can’t help it if you’re so beautiful and you have such a sicko for a son.”

His arms felt wonderful and I sensed the tension of the moment passing. I was relieved we had gotten through this crisis. “You haven’t upset me honey and you know I’m not perfect, far from it and I certainly don’t think you’re a sicko.” I smiled inwardly and put my hands over his strong arms and ran them over them, enjoying how muscular he felt. Not surprisingly, the burning sensation between my legs came back. I closed my eyes and pictured him jerking off while he thought about making love to me; his mother and I became wetter. “Any other woman would love to have such a handsome young man fantasizing about her. Honey, if I wasn’t your mother, I might just make you back up all that flattery.” We were back being our playful selves again but I didn’t recognize that this was far from being over.

Brad sighed and hugged me tighter, “But if it wasn’t you Mom, I wouldn’t be interested. I know that sounds weird but that’s why they call it incest. That’s why it turns me on so much, making love to my own mother.” He whispered and softly nuzzled my neck.

How could I have forgotten? It was more than just having a crush on me. It was also about how forbidden incest was. And then, as if awakening from a sleep, I became aware of the electrically charged air and how intimate the two of us were right now. Brad’s warm breath on my neck and his arms around me weren’t a son’s touch anymore. I almost panicked. “Brad honey, you have to stop that, or… ” I laughed nervously and moved my neck away from his warm lips, trying to distance myself from them. I instinctively moved to free myself from his arms, but only managed to push them down around my waist. I was definitely not in control anymore. I don’t know how this had turned so intimate but it had and I grew alarmed when I realized how my body was responding to my son’s lips and touch.

“Or what mom? Brad asked as he tightened his arms around my waist and kissed my neck again. His lips sent shivers through my body. His kisses grew longer and more sensuous. I felt his tongue as he trailed it over my neck. It was a lover’s kiss. “I love you so much Mom.” He murmured into my ear.

His kisses and words made me shiver. “Or nothing!” I exasperatedly gasped as a hot rush flowed down my neck and went directly to my pussy. What was happening to me? I shouldn’t be letting him touch me like this. “You have to stop that right this minute or you’re going to be in so much trouble mister.” I was trying to sound serious but I don’t think I was succeeding.

“I will Mom, but I just want to show you how much I love you and how beautiful I think you are.” His open palms pressed against the flat of my stomach and I sensed how close his fingers were to the underside of my breasts. “I’ll stop anytime you tell me to, Mom.” He said as he nibbling behind my ear. I shook all over. His voice dropped an octave and became husky and sensual. “You taste delicious Mom.”

I laughed nervously as he sent shivers through me. “Then stop now!” I said with more feeling than I actually felt. I was confused and upset with myself when I didn’t make him stop. The warmth and pressure from his hands so near my breasts was incredibly erotic. I was wearing a bra and wished I wasn’t. I knew what was happening was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. It was as if a switch had been turned off to my brain and another one turned on to my pussy. I took Brad’s hands in mine and held them, knowing that what I wanted was wrong. I had the ability to stop this but not the willpower. I held his hands just below my breasts and moved them over the flat of my stomach. “Please honey, you should stop,” I was practically purring when his lips found the tender area right behind my ear and his hands brushed the underside of my bra and breasts.

“How come I don’t think you want me to stop Mom?” Brad asked as he inched his hands upward until he was cupping the underside of my breasts. “Do you really want me to stop Mom? Tell me and I will.” He held his hands still but the pressure and warmth from them was still incredibly delicious. When I didn’t push them away he only grew bolder. He lifted my breasts and felt their fullness. He was driving me crazy. “I’ve always wanted to do this Mom?” His hands covered my breasts as he explored them.

I wanted to tell him to stop but couldn’t. The heat coming from his hands felt incredible and I gasped as he curled his fingers over each of my breasts and possessively massaged them through my bra. “No, no, Brad, you shouldn’t do that,” I moaned coarsely and arched my back; exposing even more of my neck for his hot lips. I wanted him to stop but it was as if my will to think straight was gone. I brought my hands up and covered his and half-heartedly tried to pull them away. “No Brady, this is so wrong. I… I… ah… I don’t want you to do this. Please honey, you have to stop.” My words were devoid of conviction as I held my hands over his. I let him touch me, and it felt wonderful… it felt right. My heart was pounding; it was difficult to sit still as my pussy contracted with spasms of desire for him. “Brad honey, you have to stop.” I weakly moaned as he passionately kissed my neck and ears.

“I will mom, as soon as I know you really want me to stop.” He nuzzled my neck again and kissed me with his hot lips; his hot tongue found my ear lobe and washed it. “You’re so beautiful and you make me so horny Mom.” He felt my body react to his words and hands and he took my silence to continue. He used his thumbs to find my hard nipples and electrified them every so lightly until each were rock hard. He cupped each breast and massaged them. “And these are so beautiful Mom.” He kept kissing my neck and ears and I melted when he told me, “I think about them all the time, Mom. I think about how big they are and how full and firm they feel right now. I jack-off thinking about them Mom. Does that upset you?” He asked innocently.

“Ahhh,” I moaned. “No, no, no… it doesn’t upset me.” I purred as I thought about his cock. I let him touch me for several long seconds before I tried to come to my senses. I knew it was wrong but it felt so right and I didn’t want it to stop. “Stop Brad. I’m your mother, this is all so wrong.” I feebly said, and tried to push his hands from my breasts. I realized that reminding him I was his mother only fueled his thoughts of incest for me. I couldn’t help myself when I said it again. Brad held my breasts even harder when I told him, “I’m your mother.” I said it again and felt my first orgasm slam through my body. “I can’t let you do this. I’m your mother and it’s so wrong!” Each time I reminded him and myself that I was his mother; I came again. “We have to stop,” I gasped when he pinched my nipples. “Ahhhh,” I moaned louder. I couldn’t keep my legs still; they were opening and closing as if they had a mind of their own. Each time they closed, a thunderclap shook my pussy. “No honey, please you… we can’t do this. I’m your mother.” I moaned one more time and literally collapsed in his arms.

Brad only fueled the fire between my legs. “Mom,” He said and moaned with me. “They feel so wonderful Mom, you’re so beautiful.” He repeated and squeezed each one. “Can I touch them Mom? Can I see them? Just once? I won’t ever ask again. Please Mom, let me look at your breasts and touch them just once. Please.” The anguish in his voice matched the throbbing in my body.

“Brad, you’re crazy. I won’t, I can’t. It’s wrong and you shouldn’t even ask. All those stories about mothers and son’s aren’t real, they’re just fantasies. I read them too so I understand how you feel, but I can’t.” I told him but still did nothing to make him stop playing with my tits. “Just enjoy this moment.” I told him as I moved my hands over his.

“Please Mom, no one will know. It’s just you and me, and I love you so much, won’t you please just let me see them once?” His hands were moving all over me and I really didn’t want him to stop. My body stiffened and I moaned out loud. I had my second,… no, my third orgasm. I couldn’t keep track anymore. I was so moist; I thought I might have wet myself. As much as I wanted to give into his desires, I knew I couldn’t disrobe for him. That would be too much but I wanted something. I compromised with him and myself.

“If I let you touch them just this once, will you promise never to ask again?” I wanted him to see them, to touch them and know them. I wanted this one moment of pure lust and incest to continue.

“I promise mom, just once and I’ll never ask again!” He reached down and tried to pull my sweater over my head.

“NO! Stop Brad!” I pushed his hands away, stopping him. “I’ll let you see them but I won’t let you undress me.” I pulled my sweater back down and pulled my arms inside and reached around and managed to unhook my bra and worked my arms through the straps. I pulled it out a sleeve and threw it on the table. It stared back at me, my crushed cups telling their own sordid story. I was braless and I felt wickedly free and excited. “Just this once and I never want you to ask again.” I pulled my son around in front of me. I parted my legs and I pulled him between them. I saw how hard he was and it made me shake all over. Before I could change my mind, I placed his hands under my sweater and let him touch my breasts. I was committing my first act of incest and it was wonderful.

Brad moved his hands all over them. “They’re awesome Mom!” He breathed heavily as he found my nipples. “They’re so beautiful! I love them.” He croaked. “I can’t believe how firm and full they are and I love you for letting me touch them. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve jacked off thinking about doing this.” He easily told me as he played with each nipple, rolling them between his fingers and made them even harder. He was so engrossed with my boobs that he didn’t realize I had another orgasm.

“Just this once,” I wheezed as my climax tore through me. “Just this once Brad honey. Please don’t ask again.” I squeezed my legs around him, hoping to find his cock. I was disappointed when I couldn’t find it.

“I won’t Mom.” He said as he pushed my sweater over my breasts and up around my shoulders. “So beautiful mom, they’re just so big and perfect.” He said as he gazed at them and kneaded them tenderly. “I could look at them forever,” He muttered happily and shocked me when he moved his mouth to them and kissed them. He licked and sucked both of my nipples and I shook uncontrollably. “You like me doing this don’t you mom? I can tell.” He said as he made love to each breast.

I held his mouth to my breasts and moaned. “Huh, mmmm.” I moaned. He was right; I loved everything he was doing to me. I was surprised at how gentle he was. I would have expected him to be clumsier, cruder. He was worshipping them as no lover had ever done before. I couldn’t look at him when I admitted. “Yes honey, I like what you’re doing.” I jumped when I felt his cock move against the inside of my thigh and it thrilled and scared me when I realized how big and how hard it was. I knew I had to stop him before this went any further. “That’s enough Brad, no more.” I breathlessly told him and pulled my sweater back down and moved his hands away from my breasts. I stood up and picked up my bra and numbly looked at it while my body continued to quiver and shake. “Honey, you have to promise me you won’t ask again.” My voice had no resolve and I feared what would happen if I let him touch me again.

Brad stood before me and grinned happily. He had no remorse or regrets. “I won’t, I promise, and I’m not sorry Mom.” His hard cock tented the front of his shorts and reminded me of a huge wave cresting a beach.

I wasn’t sorry either but I didn’t dare tell him that. He came towards me and I dropped my bra and held up my hands. “No.” I whimpered. I didn’t trust myself to let him touch me. I shouldn’t have let this go past the first few moments but I had… willingly. Now looking into his eyes and seeing his misguided love for me, I melted inside again. I reached out and took his hands and brought them under my sweater again and let him touch me, one last time, or so I told myself. “I love you too honey. I understand your feelings but we’re a decent family and we can’t do this. Read your magazines, that’s fine. I don’t have a problem with that, just don’t ask or expect me to fulfill your fantasies.” I let him move his hands over my breast and felt exhilarated and daring and depraved. I felt even more decadent when I involuntarily moved my hips against him and felt his cock. I came immediately. “Oh my… !” I moaned. I pressed my body against him as my wonderful orgasm ran through my body. It took all my willpower to break the spell that surrounded us. I finally pulled his hands away and moved my hips from his. I didn’t trust myself anymore.

Brad stood in awe of what had just happened, but understood it was over… for now. “I love you mom. You’re wonderful.” I tried not to look but my eyes were drawn to his crotch. The outline of his hard-on was there. He was huge. It made me smile and shake inside knowing I made him that way. Without another word between us, Brad picked up his incest magazine and went to his room.

“I love you too baby.” I called out silently to his back. I stood there and shook uncontrollably as I watched him walk away. I wanted to cry out to him to come back, but I didn’t. I couldn’t count the number of times I had cum and hated myself for my weakness. They were orgasms like I had never experienced before. They were illicit orgasms, ones you could only have when the love was forbidden. The seed had been planted when I read his magazines and now I only wanted more. It was wrong, I told myself, but my argument was without commitment or conviction. I knew descent people didn’t do what I had just done. Descent people didn’t commit incest I told myself, but that didn’t make how I felt any less wonderful. I was flattered and excited by my son’s feelings. His interest in incest was focused on me and that thrilled me. I’m not the worst woman to look at but I do look my age. I wish I didn’t weigh 140 lbs but I do. The two things that Mother Nature had given me were long legs and big boobs. I’m 5′ 8″ so I carry my weight well and with 36-C cup breast, I get more than my share of admiring looks from men. I stood at the back window and reached up and touched my breast. I could still feel the heat from my son’s hands and I came again when I pinched my nipples.

There were no awkward moments between us after that afternoon. Our lives moved on seamlessly but we both knew we were forever changed. I briefly considered being more modest about how I dressed but that didn’t seem like any fun. It was fun too to flirt and dress provocatively for my son. I made a point to wear only bra and panties when we shared coffee in the morning. I liked how his eyes undressed me and I was very aware he got hard from looking at me. I enjoyed our little teasing games and knew he did too. We didn’t talk about incest again but it was always there.

Having given my permission, Brad openly read his incest magazines, showing none of the shame or embarrassment of the first day. I would find them in the bathroom, the living room and even in the kitchen. He had no compunction about reading them in front of me either and that excited me. I would sneak glances at the front of his pants to see if he was hard and he usually was. It was exciting to catch him as he tried to discreetly adjust himself when he got hard. I hoped he was thinking about me as he read. I usually got so excited that I would sneak off to my room and masturbate. When he wasn’t around, I would read them from cover to cover. I can’t even begin to describe how thrilling it was the first time I let Brad find me reading one of them. It took weeks for me to work up the courage to just sit there with his nasty little magazine in front of me when he walked in the kitchen one afternoon.

“Hey, look at you.” He smiled as he saw what I was reading. “Find something interesting?” He asked as he pretended to be looking for something behind me. I know he was looking over my shoulder to see which section I was reading.

I tired not to blush but I knew I did. “Well, you leave them everywhere.” I heard myself weakly explain. I had almost read the whole magazine and was extremely turned. Of course I was reading about parents and children having sex and if he hadn’t come in just then, I would have had my hand under my dress and been masturbating.

“That’s a good story isn’t it?” Brad said as he leaned over my shoulder and pointed to the story I was reading. “She reminds me of you Mom.” He not so subtly suggested. His hands rested lightly on my shoulders and he was massaging my neck. His warm hands felt wonderful.

I knew what he meant about the mother in the story but I wanted to hear him tell me why she reminded him of me. I tried to sound innocent when I asked. “What do you mean?”

“Big boobs Mom.” Brad laughed as he massaged my shoulders. He bent down and kissed my neck several times before adding, “She has big boobs and she loves letting her son touch them.”

“Brad Hunt, you’re awful.” I blushed at the compliment and subtle suggestion.

“Just telling the truth Mom.” His hands moved down over my shoulders, inching closer to the tops of my breasts.

“That’s far enough young man.” I said and placed mine on top of his and stopped them from going lower. Brad reluctantly took his hands away and kissed my cheek.

“Not far enough Mom, but I’ll behave.” He handed me back my magazine. “Enjoy.” He said as he walked off smiling.

I loved it that he knew I read his incest stories. I knew by reading them, I was keeping the incest door open between us, but I didn’t care. I read them from cover to cover but would always go to the sections about parents fucking their children first. I often found myself identifying with the mothers in the stories and masturbated when I found one that really turned me on or struck close to home. Brad began book-marking stories that he thought would turn me on, knowing I would be curious and read it. It wasn’t long before we were sitting and reading together, trading magazines when we finished one.

“I picked up some new ones mom.” Brad casually informed me as he set a plain brown bag down on the kitchen table. It was so fun to so be so open about our common interest. The pull of family sex… incest drew us closer each day.

“Oh good,” I smiled to myself but didn’t turn around. I was daringly only wearing a thin bra and panties and didn’t want Brad to see how excited my nipples already were or see the wet spot at my crotch. We were sharing something forbidden and exciting, but I was still having trouble acknowledging it. I found it easier to tease him by how I dressed then talk about incest yet. I sensed Brad’s eyes on me, and it made me excited. My sheer silk panties were bunched up between my cheeks and I reached back and pulled them out. If he could have seen my face he would have known how much I enjoyed showing off my body to him. I didn’t trust myself to look at him when I breezily told him, “I’ve about read all the ones we have.” I felt wicked admitting that they were now ‘our’ magazines. “Some of them several times,” I added bravely. I know I was blushing and could feel the heat creep up my neck. Brad noticed too. He came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders and rubbed them. I practically melted into his body. “Mmm, that feels so nice.” I told him. His fingers fumbled with the straps to my bra as he pushed them down over my shoulders. My heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t doing anything I didn’t want him to do, I told myself.

“I’m glad you think so Mom. I reread them too, especially the ones I leave out for you. The ones about… mothers and sons.” He put his face to my hair and inhaled. “It’s so cool how we both like reading about the same thing Mom.” His hands moved over the tops of my shoulders and inched down. “I watch you read them, and I know they affect you the same way they do me.” Brad moved his arms under mine and wrapped his hands around my stomach and drew me into him. I felt his hard cock push the thin material of my underwear between my cheeks. “I think about when you let me touch you before. Do you think about that too?” He knew my answer.

I laughed nervously as he moved his hands over my taut stomach. “Brad… you promised.” I reminded him but did nothing to stop him. He knew I dressed like this for one reason… him! I didn’t try to pull away from his hard cock. “And yes, I think about that day. It was beautiful and exciting… but something we can’t do again honey.” I knew I didn’t sound very convincing. I turned around and found my pussy pressed up against his cock. He held me lightly, and moved his hips back, making me search for his hard cock. I greedily found him and wickedly pressed myself against him. My whole body responded. If we were lovers, I would have fucked him right there, standing up.

“I think about how awesome your tits are Mom,” He whispered as he pressed back against me. His cock was against my pussy. “But you know that don’t you Mom? You know I jack off thinking about you.” He huskily said and moved his hips suggestively against me. His cock became wedged between my damp lips; only my panties and his shorts separated us. We rocked back and forth together, my pussy coming alive. I was as wet as a dishrag as I enjoyed the thrill of my son’s cock.

I lay my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around him and held him to me. “I know you do honey.” I murmured. “It makes me excited knowing you do.” I moved my hips rhythmically against him, stimulating my clit as I rocked against him. He felt so damn big down there and my resolve melted faster than snow in summer as we held each other. I nervously laughed and tried to keep the mood light. “I like it that you feel you can tell me which stories you like best.” I lightly pushed back against his cock and smiled. “We should stop this now or you’re going to get ideas.” I said as I tried to move my hips away from his. Brad’s cock followed me.

He reached behind me and pulled me to him again. “I already have those ideas Mom.” He hungrily shoved his cock hard at me this time. “Can’t you tell?” He teased. “Let me touch you again Mom, please. You loved it as much as I did.” He soothingly whispered into my ear and ignored my plea to stop. He slowly rotated his hips as he reached between us and touched my breast. His fingers found my nipple through my thin bra and he lightly pinched it. I moaned with forbidden pleasure. “This is the perfect bra mom. I can see your pink areolas and see how hard your nipples are.” He said as gently attacked the other one.

“Brad you promised!” I gasped as exquisite pleasure overwhelmed my body. “You have to stop this.” I weakly told him as I pushed my pussy back at him.

“Just this once, Mom? I’m so excited; I know you want me to.” He said as he ground his hard-on against my pussy.

Oh! I certainly did want him. The head of his cock was practically ripping a hole through my panties. “Honey, we shouldn’t. We have so much going together and I love sharing our stories together but I can’t let us do this.” I sadly told him and pushed his hand away from my breasts. They ached where his hands hand just been and I wanted to put them back

“They’re so beautiful mom. I love touching them.” He murmured softly and reached for them again. I let him.

He used both hands and I moved into him and automatically sought out his cock again. I wanted to feel him between my cunt lips again. Despite our clothes I felt his steel rod work itself deeper between my pussy lips as he fondled my breasts. I had an explosive orgasm when he pinched them lightly. My mind was shouting for me to stop him but my body was begging for more. His hard cock burrowed into my pussy and I almost cried out for him to go ahead and fuck me but I couldn’t make myself do it. I became giddy. I realized that I was having fun fooling around with my son. I foolishly told myself I could stop this anytime I wanted to. “Brad honey, I love doing this as much as you do but you promised last time that that would be the last time,” I teased. “How can I ever believe you?” I involuntarily lifted one leg and wrapped it around him and trapped his cock against my pussy. “You’re making your mother do such terrible things.” I laughed softly and moved my pussy against his cock.

Brad laughed with me and grabbed my ass and pulled me into him. “I don’t think they’re so terrible.” He quipped as he held me by the hips and shoved his cock further between my lips. He knew he could do anything he wanted now.

I felt like we were already lovers when I hooked my other leg around him and let him hold me up in the air. I was practically throwing my pussy at him now, but I knew it was time to stop. “Enough honey. We can’t do this. Decent people don’t do this.” I laughed at how silly that sounded.

Brad ignored my plea and massaged my ass and even dared inch his fingers towards my pussy but he stopped short of touching me there. “Are you sure we’re decent people Mom? This doesn’t feel very decent to me.” He kissed my neck and ears over and over and whispered, “I love you Mom, more than anything.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. This was fun and wicked and wrong and I loved being in his arms. “I know you do baby, and I love you too but this is so wrong.” I reluctantly unwrapped myself from his arms and stood away from him. The outline of his cock stood out boldly and I wanted to drop to my knees and touch him. “Now go to your room and I’ll go to mine and we’ll both masturbate and cool down.” I teased. I turned and silently went to my room and masturbated as I thought about what I had just done. I knew I only wanted it to happen again.

Later that night, as if nothing had happened earlier, we sat together and read our incest magazines together. I was wearing a thin top and panties and Brad was only wearing a thin cotton pair of shorts. Brad finished a story and handed it to me. “I love this story, bet you will too.” I could tell by his smile that it was a hot story.

“Thank you dear.” I read it immediately. When I finished, I looked over at him and smiled. “I like that one too.” I didn’t try to hide the fact that I had my hand over my pussy. I was wet enough to soak through them.

Brad grinned and winked as he stared at my crotch. “I thought you would. That was so cool how the mother convinced her son that blowjobs were actually healthy for him.” He laughed at his lewd suggestion.

I laughed, “He must be the healthiest kid on his block after all the times she sucked him off.” I couldn’t help blushing at talking that way.

Brad immediately feigned being sick. “Oh mom, I don’t feel so good. Could you please give me a hummer so I’ll feel better?”

I laughed too. “You wish.” If only I dared to just crawl between his legs and put that monster of a cock in my mouth and suck him off!

I had long lost my shyness about looking at Brad’s hard-on. He seemed to take a great pleasure in sitting in front of me with it tenting in his shorts. I couldn’t help but silently wonder what it looked and felt like. He had a swimmers build, tight chest muscles and absolutely the greatest ass ever to go with his thick cock. One time as I was coming out one door and he was coming in, we bumped into each other and Brad’s hard-on pressed right up against me. I laughed, “Brad, you’re going to hurt someone with that thing if you’re not careful.” It was meant to be a joke but it made me lightheaded to feel how hard he was.

“It won’t hurt and I’ll be careful mom,” he teased. He looked down at his tented shorts and grinned. “Maybe I should put a warning sign on it.”

“Yeah,” I chimed, “Mothers beware!”

Once when I was out of town, I found our favorite magazines at a newsstand. I was so proud of myself for buying them and couldn’t wait to show Brad what I had done. “Look what I bought!” I showed him. “The newest editions,” I proudly announced. It was the first time I had ever purchased them and felt pretty good about myself for doing that. Buying them for us made me drunk with incest thoughts. I was growing more comfortable with our intimacy with each passing day. I didn’t feel nearly as guilty about what my son and I did anymore. I knew we were closer than any other mother and son I knew.

“Want me to leave one for you?” He teased me; he knew full well that I would want to read all of them.

“Yes of course. I can’t wait to read them. I thought I did quite well saving them until I got home. I wanted to share them with you first.” I informed him. I had of course, taken a couple of old ones with me so I would have something to masturbate with.

“I’ll take one and you can have these two.” He knew I couldn’t wait to sit and relax and read them.

Then it struck me, I didn’t know where Brad bought his. “Brad honey, were do you go to buy them?” We lived in a small town and I knew none of the local stores carried Family Frolicks or Loving Families, two of the titles we both liked best.

“Where? At Decents.” He said matter of factually.

“Decents?” I said aloud and then remembered. It was the adult bookstore about 20 miles from town. “Decents, where decent people go for decent fun,” was how they advertised themselves.

“One in the same, Mom. Dirty books and videos,” He said as he rubbed the front of his shorts and showed me how hard he was. “Dirty books that I buy and share with my mother.”

He made me blush. “Maybe I could go with you next time you go. It’s been years since I was there.” I was thinking I could use a new vibrator.

Brad smirked and read my mind. “What’s the matter Mom? Need a new vibrator? Yours wearing out?”

“Brad Hunt, how dare you talk to your mother like that!” I wasn’t mad of course. I actually enjoyed being able to talk so candidly about sex with him. “But if you must know, yes I do need a new vibrator. Mine has been getting a lot of use lately.” It was fun admitting that to him. “Some young man keeps getting me all horny.”

Brad grinned. “I know what you mean. This sexy older woman is driving me crazy. I jerk off two or three times a day thinking about her.”

“Bragger,” I grinned but knew he was telling the truth. “But I must admit, my young man gets me so horny I usually have to masturbate at least twice a day.”

The sexual talk and touching only increased over the next few days and weeks and I did nothing to discourage it. One evening as I was watching TV in the living room and Brad came in and joined me but not to watch TV. He came in to read. He stretched out on the couch next to me with a copy of Family Four Play. He was wearing his favorite loose fitting cotton shorts. I couldn’t miss how hard he was before he even lay down. I gazed longingly at the front of his shorts and felt my pussy start to dampen. The outline of his cock was so perfectly molded; I could make out every vein.

“Anything good on?” He asked, obviously not interested in TV as he started reading.

“Just the usual,” I told him as I tried to watch the TV and him at the same time. I knew he masturbated or jerked off frequently, so did I, but we had always given each other some space when we got horny but tonight seemed different. It was as if he sensed he could do anything he wanted to in front of me. He was intentionally flaunting his cock, daring me to look at his bare, muscular chest and the obvious hard-on he had. He looked very comfortable with himself as he read and I liked that. It made me smile and feel good about our relationship to think we could be so open with each other. I even teased Brad about a certain story he was reading, betting him he was going to jerk off after reading it. He didn’t deny it.

I had become increasingly more casual and less discreet about how I dressed in front of Brad. The bras I wore were fancier, usually lace trimmed and fairly transparent. Even my choice of panties became more brazen. Several times I had worn thongs and Brad just about flipped when he saw me in those.

“Heck mom, I won’t have to read anything when I jerk off tonight. All I’ll have to do is think about how hot you look in those.” He was almost panting as he spun me around and looked at my ass. He stood behind me and rubbed my ass and blew into my ear. “You have the smoothest skin Mom,” he said as he ran his hands over my cheeks. “I could cum just touching you.” He lewdly promised. To my surprise and pleasure, he knelt behind me and planted little kisses all over my bare cheeks.

“Oh you devil!” I mewed as he kissed my ass cheeks. I guess if I didn’t want this kind of attention I wouldn’t have dressed so brazenly. “Brad, you’re tickling me,” He was but it felt good too. I teasingly wiggled my butt for him. “Honey, I don’t think you need my help jacking off. You’re horny all the time anyway.” It made me feel so alive and excited to be able to talk dirty with him. It was if we were already lovers.

“I’m horny because of you Mom, but I’ll take all the help you want to give me when it comes to jacking off.” He said as licked between my cheeks and kissed my ass. I felt his tongue follow the string down between my cheeks. I wanted to reach around and pulled them apart but I just couldn’t make myself cross that line… yet. When he stood up, his cock was so hard it had pulled his shorts inches away from his body.

I laughed and bent over and did a little bump and grind. “Glad I could help sailor.” I knew we were way past having innocent fun. It had become so easy and fun to be sexual with him. The guilt was lessening and so were my objections to incest. I loved having him kiss my ass and exposing my body to him. I wanted him to look at me and do things to me.

“Geez Mom, just stay like that and I will cum.” He was gripping his cock through his shorts and lustily pretending to jerk himself off.

I laughed and stood up. “Sorry buddy, times up. If you want to see the next show, you’ll have to buy another ticket.” I was absolutely dripping and the front of my panties did nothing to hide that from Brad’s eyes. There was a large wet spot right over my crotch.

Brad stared at my pussy. “You’re such a tease mom,” He laughed good-naturedly. “I’ve had a little accident too.” A wet spot about the size of a quarter showed on the front of his gray shorts. His precious pre-cum was leaking out. Brad pointed to my crotch and told me, “Looks like you have too. It’s a shame we’re wasting it.”

I innocently ignored his comment about my wet pussy. “Oh, poor baby. I thought you liked it when I teased you.” I said innocently and reached out and touched the wet spot over his cock head. “I guess you have more than you need.” I giggled and jumped back from his hands.

That pretty much blew him away. “If you get to touch me, I get to touch you too!” Brad reached for my crotch and I let him put his hand over my pussy. His finger rested between my wet slit. “I won’t have any problem beating off now.” He smiled and pushed his finger up and down my gash.

“Leave your door open and I’ll listen.” I moaned.

“I’d rather have you watching.”

“Maybe someday I will.” I grinned wickedly and left him standing there thinking about that.

Touching and flirting became everyday occurrences for us. I liked it when Brad would find an excuse to straighten my bra straps. His hands always seemed to end up on my breasts. I let him play with them for a few minutes as we silently looked at each other. Once, when we were hugging, Brad’s cock somehow worked itself out of his boxer shorts and found my waiting pussy. I couldn’t see it but I sure could feel him. “You’re going to get a cold if you let it stick out like that.” I breathed heavily as he nestled it against my panties. My body tingled all over while we stood like that. Brads hands were still on my breasts and I couldn’t help myself when I ground my cunt against him.

“I know a warm place to put it.” He lewdly suggested as we dry humped each other.

Brad dated and that was good but it also meant he wasn’t home with me. I actually got moody and depressed when he hadn’t touched me intimately for several days I hated being denied looking at his body too. When I was sure he was staying home, my mood would change and I would be noticeably happier and friskier and ask him, “Are you going to read tonight?” I hoped he would get the hint that I wanted to see him with a hard-on.

Brad knew what I wanted and teased me. “What’s the matter Mom? Are you horny?” We both laughed but I was dead serious about it.

I would give him a coy little smile and say, “Maybe.” He knew I was.

Tonight as Brad read, I raptly watched as his shorts rose slowly before my eyes. His cock looked immense, bigger than usual I thought. I’m sure it had to be at least eight inches long and I was positive my fingers wouldn’t reach around it. I watched as he touched himself through his shorts. He grabbed it and pulled on it twice and then stopped. I thought about what it would be like to watch him masturbate, and it made my pussy drip. I was disappointed when he straightened it up along his stomach and then took his hand away. I almost cried out but caught myself before I did. I was dangerously horny tonight and I knew I was going to do something about it. I could feel the dampness between my legs and I fanned myself to cool down. When Brad suddenly sat up and faced me he looked pleased to find me intently watching him.

“Have to pee.” He casually said, the grin on his face told me he knew I had been watching him. When he stood, his shorts poked out like a tent and Brad casually reached inside them and straightened it. “Oh, sorry Mom. I forgot myself,” He chuckled and moved quickly past me.

“You did not and you are such a tease.” I panted. I sat there breathing hard as my pussy flowed rivers. The way he had stood there and let me admire him just fueled my lust for him. I loved looking at his youthful body and my fears of becoming more intimate with him diminished with each passing moment. A year ago I would have been embarrassed to have been caught looking at his crotch but not anymore! I was the one that seemed to be begging for more intimacy. I couldn’t resist touching myself. My lightweight pajama bottoms were thin enough to easily masturbate through. Within seconds my crotch was soaked and I pushed my finger through the wet material and between my slit and drove my pussy wild. When I thought I heard Brad returning I quickly crossed my legs and pretended to be watching TV. I was disappointed when it was another five minutes before he returned. I wondered what was taking him so long since. When he came back, his erection was gone.

“My turn,” I said as I stood up, making no attempt to hide my wet crotch. I was disappointed that his hard-on was gone but tried not to show it as I headed for the bathroom. I wasn’t gone more than a few minutes but when I returned I was thrilled to find Brad playing with his cock. He had his hand down his shorts and was beating off.

“That looks fun.” It was all I could think of saying. I checked my emotions as I stood over him and watched as he fisted his cock under his shorts.

“You have no idea mom.” Brad grinned up at me. His hand continued to move under his shorts. “You know I’m thinking about you.” An innocent smile covered his face as he continued to play with his cock. “Just looking at you makes me want to cum.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” I told him as I watched his hand. “You know what it does to me when you do that,” I exasperatedly said as I sat with my legs spread and watched him. His chest rose and fell as he openly masturbated himself. He made no effort to be discrete. My breathing became labored as I watched. Every once in awhile, I even got a peak at the head of his cock. This went on for several minutes and I couldn’t pull my eyes away. I was sure he was going to jack off right there. A little gasp escaped my lips and Brad turned and looked at me.

“You alright Mom?” He asked as he looked innocently at me. He was still holding his cock as he smiled at me. He knew he was stretching the limits of our permissive behavior and he didn’t care. Somehow he sensed tonight was different.

I couldn’t tear my eyes off his cock and I realized I was talking directly to it. “Alright? Yes of course I’m all right, why wouldn’t I be? Why wouldn’t I be ok? Just because you’re playing with your cock in front of me, why should I be ok?” I said and pointed to his hand. How could he do this to me? He knew very well what it was doing to me. Did he think I was made of stone? Did he think it didn’t affect me? Did he think it was ok to openly jack off in front of me? He must since I didn’t tell him to stop.

“Geez Mom, I’m sorry, I’ll stop,” He said as he withdrew his hand from inside his shorts. “I won’t do it again.” He looked a little sheepish but unrepentant. “I thought you liked watching me.” He said innocently and reached up and ran his finger along the length of his cock. “I thought you liked seeing me hard.”

I was flabbergasted. He had called my bluff. “No… Yes I do… no don’t stop. I’m so confused! You know darn well I like watching you!” I blurted. “Do it! I know how much you want to. I don’t care.” I told him. I realized Brad wasn’t looking at me; his eyes were lower. I followed them; they were on my wide-open legs. My hand was resting over my pussy.

Brad smiled and gave me a little approving laugh. “You look like you were enjoying yourself too, Mom.” He grinned as he stared at my hand.

I hadn’t even realized that my hand was between my legs or that I had been touching myself as I watched him. The damp material of my shorts was bunched up between my pussy lips. I quickly pulled my hand away and blushed. “Brad, I’m, ah… Brad you’re embarrassing me!” I tried to look serious but I couldn’t pull it off. I started to giggle because it was obvious what I had been doing. I had been caught fingering myself. I met his eyes and smiled. “Well I’m only human!”

We both laughed. Brad playfully gripped his shorts and pulled his cock lewdly for me. “I’m only human too, Mom. I’ll behave if you insist.”

“No! Don’t behave! I want to watch you do that.” I must have sounded ridiculous because Brad burst out laughing.

“I won’t behave if you don’t.” He grinned as he sat there and slowly stroked his cock for me. “It’s pretty cool that you want to watch me Mom.”

My lips were dry and I couldn’t speak or meet his eyes. “Yes I guess it is and I like doing this for you too.” I let my hand drop between my legs again and ran my fingers over my pajama-covered pussy. So what? I wanted him to see me touch myself. What harm was there in openly masturbating in front of each other? I kept my legs spread, welcoming his eyes. I pulled the damp material from between my pussy lips and then pushed my fingers back between them. “I like it when we’re bad together.” I desperately wanted to slip my hand up the leg of my shorts and touch my pussy.

“Me too, Mom. It’s fun being bad together.” He said and stretched his arms. His cock was outlined lewdly inside his shorts. “Last chance to look,” He said and stood up and flaunted his cock before my eyes. It threatened to break over the top of his shorts when he exaggeratedly stretched again. All I could see was cock. It stood out proudly against his shorts. “Look all you want Mom. I want you too and I want to watch you do that too,” He said as he pointed to my pussy.

“I know you do baby and I love doing it for you,” I meekly said as I moved my fingers across my pussy. I pushed the material in with one finger and grinned up at him. “I like having you watch me. It makes me horny and I like that.” I told him as I pushed a finger deep between my cunt lips. “See! See how hot you make me!”

Brad licked his lips as he watched me finger myself. The head of his cock briefly popped over the top of the elastic as he watched. “Don’t stop Mom. I’ll be right back.” He told me as he headed to the bathroom. As soon as I heard the door close, I pulled the leg of my shorts away from my pussy and furiously fingered myself. Within seconds I was experiencing an orgasm. I shoved two fingers up inside of me and worked my clit with my thumb and came several more times, all the time thinking about my son’s cock. I saw myself holding it and masturbating him and I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t help myself. I continued to finger fuck myself and anxiously listened for any sound from the bathroom. It seemed like forever before he returned. He must be jacking off I thought. Is that what he had done the first time? I wondered how many times he could cum in one night. I wanted to go to the bathroom door and listen and look in but I didn’t. When he finally came back, the front of his shorts was different again. He wasn’t hard.

I was disappointed when Brad didn’t immediately notice that I had opened the top two buttons of my pajama top or how my breasts were spilling out and exposed. I wanted him to see them and want them again. They ached for his hands.

Brad seemed to be pretending the last twenty minutes hadn’t happen. He was innocently stretched out on the couch and was reading again. I was so frustrated that he hadn’t noticed how my breasts were exposed that I almost buttoned my top again. I took a quick looked down my front and admired the swell of my breasts and how hard my nipples were. They were very excited. Since Brad wasn’t watching, I reached up and played with each one and smiled at my brazenness. The thin cotton top did nothing to hide how hard my nipples were and I silently screamed for my son to turn around but he just kept on reading. I sat there panting like a bitch in heat. I had to get his attention or I was going to burst.

“Good stories this month?” I waited for him to notice me.

“Yeah, really good, Mom.” The words tumbled out of his surprised mouth as he finally noticed my boobs. I looked down and smiled at how big my nipples looked against the thin material. My eyes went right to Brad’s cock and I was rewarded as it grew before my eyes. “Wow, Mom!” He said under his breath as he stared at my breasts. “You know how horny I get looking at your boobs.” He gripped his hard-on and stroked it again.

I couldn’t help smile at his reaction. “Oh my, I didn’t notice.” I smiled and looked down at my almost fully exposed breasts. “I should button up. You certainly don’t need you to get any more naughty ideas.” I pretended to start to button up again.

“NO!” Brad blurted out. “You know you don’t have to do that. You’re fine.” He panted and gripped his cock even tighter.

I was determined to do a little more teasing of my own. “So which is it? Do you like seeing my boobs or watch me touch myself? Which is it Brad?” I asked innocently as I reached up with one hand and pinched each nipple through the thin cotton while the other hand played with my pussy.

“Heck Mom, don’t make me choose. I love seeing your boobs and you know I love watching you play with your pussy.” His hand gripped his cock harder as he stroked himself for me. “You’re so hot!” He said, as his eyes darted from my boobs and then to my pussy.

“I won’t make you choose honey.” I giggled and pointed to his newly arisen cock. “Not as long as you stay that way for me.” I reached up and pulled my top away from my chest and pretended to fan myself, exposing even more of my breasts for him. “It’s so warm in here, don’t you think?” Brad couldn’t tear his eyes off of my body and I couldn’t take my eyes off of his hand and cock. Seeing me acting like this was something new for him. “I’m so warm down her too.” I said as I lazily continued to touch my pussy through my shorts. Brad could only jerk off faster as he watched me. Several times the pink head of his cock came into view and I had to stifle my moans when an orgasm shook my body. I must have had three or four silent ones while we openly masturbated in front of each other. I finally couldn’t take it longer.

Brad groaned and fisted his cock even faster. “I have to pee again.” He started to get up.

“No! Don’t you dare! Stay right here. I know what you’re going to do!” I said loud enough and with enough urgency that it startled him. I knew he was going to jack off again.

He looked at me, mouth open. “Do? What do you mean Mom?” Somehow the head of his cock was now pointing down the leg of his shorts, and fully exposed. I gasped at how swollen and purple it looked. He didn’t try to hide it from me.

“I can’t take it any longer. I want to watch you. I want to watch you masturbate, or jerk off as you like calling it. You’re driving me crazy by making me watch you play with yourself. I can’t stand it one more minute! I have to see you do it! I want to see you jack off and cum!” A thousand things ran through my head. I knew what I wanted was wrong but I didn’t care anymore. I lusted for my son. “I want to watch you masturbate and I want to see you cum and I want it right now!” I almost demanded.

Brad was stunned. My offer was almost too much for him to comprehend. “Man Mom, if you’re really serious, I will right now. I’ve always wanted to do it in front of you but I didn’t think you’d ever let me.” He was challenging me to something that didn’t need challenging. I had already told him what I wanted. My desires were way beyond reading incest stories or flashing my tits or pussy at him. I wanted more and I wanted it now, tonight.

“I meant it Brad; go ahead, I want you to do it.” I said softly. I was spent emotionally. I couldn’t fight what my body wanted and needed anymore. I wanted my son to masturbate in front of me. I wanted to watch that beautiful cock of his spurt cum through the air. My crotch was soaked and I showed him. “See how I am? See what I’m doing? I masturbated twice when you were gone. I’m so damn horny for you!” I almost screamed. To show him how crazy for him I was, I stuck my hand inside my shorts and openly finger fucked my pussy. “I’m fingering myself. That’s how horny I am for you! “I want what we read about in our books.” I pushed my fingers deep inside of me and fucked myself and looked at him for approval. I had no idea what I would do if he turned me down.

I had nothing to fear. “I want that too Mom. I want to jack off while you’re doing that. ” He said pointing to my pussy. “Don’t stop fingering yourself!” He said as he sat back put his hand inside his shorts and began to jack off again… for real this time. “I want what we read about too, more than anything. I’ll do anything you want me to.” He said as he pulled on his cock.

“I’ve tried to be a good and decent mother but I can’t anymore.” I told him as I masturbated myself. “I want you to jack off for me.” I pleaded. I wasn’t worried that he would hate me for doing this anymore.

“Oh mom, you’re the best mother a guy could ever have. You’re decent and loving and I could never stop loving you. All those hot stories we read, we can be just like those people.” He leaned back and stroked his hard cock for me. “See Mom, my cock is hard because of you.”

“I see you baby and I love it. Please don’t stop. I need to see you jack off and cum.” I sighed. “I want us to live just like the people in our stories. I want us to be wild and do crazy sexual things together, to love each other. I want to commit incest with you!” I knew promising myself that we wouldn’t do more than masturbate together was foolish. I knew I wanted it to go further. “I want you to jack off anytime you want to. Just please promise me you won’t ask for more.” I knew I was susceptible to any sexual suggestion and I wanted him to promise me he wouldn’t ask me to do more.

Brad nodded comically. “I promise Mom. I won’t ask to do more.” He said as he faced me. He was only feet from me as he gripped his cock through his shorts. “I’ll jack off as many times as you want Mom.” He told me as he pulled his shorts away from his cock and pointed it at me, as if offering it up to me.

I wanted more. “I love it when you talk that way baby and I think about you when I masturbate too.” My eyes were glued to his hand and cock and I could feel myself creaming. “I think of you that way when I read and I want it to be us.”

“I jerk off every night thinking about the times when I touched your tits. They’re so big and hard and soft all at the same time.” He feverishly told me as he worked his cock and made himself hotter. “I know you liked me touching them.”

“I did baby, I loved every second you had your hands on me.” I could almost feel his hands on them now. “I didn’t want you to stop Brad, but I was afraid. I’m not afraid anymore.” I smiled and closed my eyes and quietly suggested, “I think you should take your shorts off honey. I want to see it when you cum.” I said it so softly that Brad almost didn’t hear me. I wanted to see his cock. I couldn’t deny myself that wicked pleasure one more second.

He looked stunned. I think he thought he was going to have to jack off in his shorts. “Heck yes Mom. I want you to see it when I cum.” He quickly tore them off and stood naked before me. “How’s that Mom, better?”

“Oh yes much better,” I groaned. I was so happy to finally to be able to just sit back and look at his beautiful cock instead of fantasizing about it. “I love looking at your naked body and your wonderful cock.” I panted and rubbed my legs together. “And I love watching you jacking off! Promise you’ll do it for me all the time now.” I pleaded.

“I will, I will Mom.” He spread his legs wider so I could see his big balls. His cock was long and thick and curved slightly upwards. I wondered how it would feel inside of me. I’m glad he couldn’t read my mind. “I’ll jerk off for you anytime mom, just tell me.” He panted.

“I don’t want you to ask baby, just do it from now on, anytime you want to. Mommy wants to see her big boy jack off and cum anytime he wants to!” A guttural voice, not my own, told him what I wanted. I managed to sit up a little in my chair and watched as he beat off. I licked my lips in anticipation of seeing his cum flow from him. “You’ve already cum twice; maybe it will take you longer this time.” I worried he wouldn’t be able to cum so quickly again. I had no idea of the sexual prowess of my son.

“Heck Mom, I can cum three or four times, maybe more if you’re watching me.” He proudly told me.

“I hope so baby. I want to see you cum as many times as you can.” I was dripping a river of my own cum from between my legs and I meant every word I had just said. I wanted to watch him jerk off and talk dirty to me. I was aware that my breasts were still partially covered and it seemed so silly how ten minutes ago that had seemed so daring. My chest was heaving and I could feel the swell of my breasts as they strained to escape my top.

Brad laughed joyously. “You’re so hot mom. Keep talking dirty and touching your pussy and I’ll be up all night jacking off for you.” His eight inches of hard cock looked so delicious. I was unaware that I was running my tongue across my dry lips. I wanted to taste him and take his cock deep down my throat. The look on Brad’s face was intense as he beat off for me. He had his cock pointed at me, as if to say, ‘this is all for you Mom.’ “Can I ask for just one more thing, Mom?” He paused in mid stroke.

It took me a few seconds to realize he was asking me something; my eyes were glued to his cock and his heavy balls. “What honey,” I answered as if in a fog.

“I know I promised… but,” He hesitated to gauge my response. When I blankly stared at him he went on, “Will you take off your top?” The look on his face was charmingly innocent.

“Why the hell not?” I said barely audible. I didn’t hesitate; my hands flew to my buttons and I practically ripped my top off. I had gone this far, so why not let him see my tits again? “Better?” I asked as I looked down at my ripe breasts. I thought they were too large but I’m glad my son liked them. They sagged a little but tonight they felt young and alive. I was proud of how firm they still were. My hard nipples pointed outward, begging for attention. I moved my hand to them and caressed them and made my nipples even harder. I put my other hand between my legs and ran my fingers along my wet slit, and moaned with carnal pleasure. Brad’s face beamed with excitement. “Is that what you wanted to see baby? Do you like seeing me touch my tits and play with myself?” I sat forward a little and shook my shoulders and made my breasts shake. I used to do that as a teenager to excite my boyfriends, except I wasn’t a teen anymore and this wasn’t a neighbor boy in front of me, this was my son. I felt giddy. I pulled my shoulders back and proudly displayed my tits for my son. “Just for you baby. Look all you want!”

“I’m looking Mom! You’re so hot!” He said as he faced me and continued to masturbate. “Thanks for letting me see them again Mom. I won’t ask again.” He promised for the third time.

I shook with desire and lust and told him, “Its ok honey. I want you to ask me to do things. I like turning you on.” I could feel my juices flowing as I fingered myself and sat naked from the waist up. “Think this will help you cum?” I teased him by holding my tits and jiggling them. I was actually having fun now instead of dreading each second. “Or do you need more?” I giggled playfully, because I just knew he would.

Brad inched closer and fisted his cock even faster. He closed his eyes and he threw his head back before he looked down at me and smiled. “Will you lick them mom? Just like the mother’s do in our stories.” He was shaking. “Please.”

I clapped my hands together and laughed like a schoolgirl, my breasts bounced heavily. “Of course I will baby,” I pulled up one breast and just did manage to get my tongue on my nipple. I licked each one several times before I wet my fingers and pinched my nipples. “I feel like a whore or a porn star.” I laughed happily. “My breasts are super sensitive and I can cum sometimes from just playing with them and thinking about you.”

“Ah shit mom yes, just like that, just like a whore would. Play with your tits just like that!” A few seconds later, and Brad was telling me he was going to cum. “I’m doing it Mom! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” His voice was strained, almost animalistic. His hand flew over his cock faster than I could imagine would feel good. “Ahhhhhhh yesss!” he said when he finally shot white ropes of cum out of his cock. Some of it landed on the carpet, some on his hand, and some of it landed on my legs. I loved it! I loved watching my son jack off! His head was thrown back and his hips were thrust forward as he continued to cum. He was a magnificent animal!

I squeezed my legs together and moaned loudly and came with him. Brad didn’t even notice. I pinched my nipples hard and felt my pussy flood my hand as I watched in awe as more long streams of cum ejaculated from his cock. He finally slumped back onto the couch, his fist still wrapped around his cock. The look of pure lust and pleasure on his face was one I will never forget. “That was beautiful darling.” I said as I fought to control my breathing. “It was better than any fantasy.” I told him as I worked my hand up the leg of my pajamas and fingered my pussy.

“Wheweee! That was the best mom. I’ve never cum that hard before,” He told me as he sat there grinning foolishly. “I told you all I needed was to see your tits.”

I laughed, “Well you got a bonus since I let you watch me finger myself too.” Until tonight I probably wouldn’t have been able to talk so dirty with him, but all that had changed now. “I’m glad I was able to help.” I laughed giddily. “But I think you could have done it without seeing my boobs.” I was on to him but I didn’t mind. I did it because I wanted to. “If you promise to cum like that all the time, maybe I’ll have to go topless around here,” I coyly suggested. I felt so wicked. I knew I would do almost anything for him from now on; including letting him play with my tits anytime he wanted.

Brad looked sheepishly at me and admitted, “I probably could have Mom but it was a lot more fun this way.” He grinned at me as he casually rubbed his spent cream into his chest and pubic area and smiled at me. “Got it all over me,” He grinned and showed me his fingers. “Can’t let it go to waste.” He said as he licked his fingers.

“Oh Brad,” I groaned as I watched him eat his own cum. My mouth opened and closed. I wanted a taste too. I fingered myself harder and came screaming! “AHHHH!”

“Wow Mom, that was awesome!” Brad shrank back as he watched me climax. “I don’t suppose decent people do this kind of stuff, but I don’t feel very decent right now. Jacking off for you makes me feel pretty indecent,” He laughed and sucked his fingers again.

“Ok, ok, maybe we aren’t as normal as most families but you and I are still a decent, loving family. What we have is very special and I refuse to feel guilty about it and neither should you. I don’t want to stop what we’re doing… ever! But I can’t let it go further baby.” I wanted to make sure he knew there were still limits. “I’ve discovered so much about myself in the last year and I’m happy about us. I never new I could enjoy the kind of porn we both read or that I would be sitting here half naked with you but here we are. I love what we just did; it was beautiful. I like seeing you naked and all hot and horny.” I told him and showed him how my finger was still buried in my pussy. “And I loved watching you jack off.” That was about as open as I had ever been with anyone and it wasn’t lost on Brad.

Brad wasn’t fazed by what I said about limitations. All he wanted to do was jack off again. “That’s what I love about you Mom; you’re so darn honest and open… and horny!” He grinned at me and sat up. “I bet I could cum again. Want me too?”

I laughed, of course I did. “I was kind of hoping I would get to see your monster act at least once more tonight.” I could tell Brad liked hearing me refer to his cock as monstrous. “But I really need to clean up a little first. I got kind of wet down here.” I wasn’t bashful about admitting that now. I ran my finger through my wet cotton shorts and told him. “If you can keep me this wet and horny I’m going to wear you out honey!”

“I hope so Mom but for now, I need something to drink, be right back.” He said as he walked naked past me to the kitchen.

I grinned greedily, possessively, as I looked at his engorged cock as it flopped up and down when he walked by. “Hey wait for me and thanks for asking if I wanted anything,” I chided him and gave his butt a playful swat.

“Hey watch that or your going to make me think you like my ass.” He teased as he put his arm around my shoulders and drew me into him. His fingertips grazed the tops of my breast and I didn’t discourage him from touching them as we walked into the kitchen.

“Watch it buster, those are your mother’s boobs you’re fooling with.” I told him as he wrapped his hand around my breast and possessively squeezed it.

“Sorry Mom won’t happen again,” He grinned and made me laugh.

“Your promises aren’t worth squat buster,” I laughed. He held my breasts and tweaked my nipple before heading to the refrigerator. When he bent over to get a drink, I got a glorious view of his muscular legs and tight ass. I couldn’t resist putting my hand between them take hold of his cock. I milked him like a bull. “Sorry. Just couldn’t help myself.” I giggled and scooted out of his reach.

Brad stood up and chased me around the table, “Oh boy Mom, you’re really in for it now. If you think you can just grab my cock and get away with it you’re in for a big surprise!” He promised as he chased me around the kitchen table.

“No Brad, behave! Stop!” I screamed and laughed as he chased me. It was fun to laugh and fool around with him like this. He was almost the perfect lover, except I hadn’t made love to him… yet. We were both laughing and enjoying ourselves and I let him catch me. His hands immediately went to my boobs and cupped them firmly from behind. “Let me go right now or you’re going to be in such big trouble young man!” I twisted and squirmed but he wouldn’t let me go. “No Brad, please don’t. Stop,” I giggled, as he held me and covered my breasts with his big hands. His wonderfully warm body felt heavenly against mine, and I loved how his cock felt as it pressed into the crease of my pajama bottoms. His touch was so gentle and loving. “Please Brad, let me go, we shouldn’t do this, you’re naked.” That sounded so silly and it made us both laugh.

“Naked! How did I get this way? I don’t remember taking off my cloths.” He laughed as he worked his cock between my legs and rubbed it over my pussy lips.

It felt marvelous to let him play with my tits and drive my pussy crazy. I could see us doing this often. I reached around with one arm and held his hot buns with my hand. The more I wiggled the further his cock sank into the folds of my cunt. “Oh honey, that feels so nice but you should stop.” My voice was barely above a whisper and he knew I didn’t mean it. When he kissed my neck and blew in my ear, I melted. I pulled him harder into me. “Oh my god, you’re marvelous.” I mewed.

“We don’t have to stop Mom.” He suggested as we practically made love standing up. “I don’t think you want me to stop. Just tell me one more time and I will, promise.” He challenged me as he expertly rolled my hard nipples between his thumb and forefinger and drove me crazy with desire.

I might have been able to resist his hands but not the hard cock pressing into my pussy. I lost it. It felt like a steel rod forcing itself between my legs and into my pussy. I weakly submitted to my lust. “Ok, just this one time.” I calmly said. It wasn’t as if we were actually fucking. I moved my butt against his cock and let him push into me. “But you have to promise, no more.” I couldn’t help myself, he felt that good. I pushed back into him. “You’re so damn hard. I love it!” I told him and ground my ass against him and felt his cock press deeper between the folds of my willing pussy.

“I love how wet your pussy feels.” He said as he tenderly kissed my neck. “I promise never to do this again,” he said and kissed my ear, “or this either,” he lied as he kissed my long neck, “and I promise never ever to do this again either.” He told me as he pulled me back into him and pushed his hard cock even further between into my pussy lips. Only the thin material of my shorts kept him from being inside of me. “Unless you ask me to,” He hissed.

I could only mew like a kitten as my naked son held me to him from behind. “Well as long as you promise,” I breathlessly said and bent at the waist and let him simulate fucking me. I was on fire and I didn’t want it put out. Brad surprised me when he turned me around so I was facing him. “You didn’t have to stop doing that,” I seductively told him and moved my pussy against his cock and smiled. “I loved feeling your cock down there.” I told him as I brought his hands up to my tits. “Touch me honey. Touch me all you want to.” I lifted one leg and wrapped it around his hip and ground my cunt into his cock. “You make me feel so alive and excited. I love you so much honey.” I said and closed my eyes and thought about how wonderful it would feel to have him inside of me. I wanted to tell him to fuck me but I couldn’t… not yet. I was surprised and disappointed when he broke our embrace.

“If we keep doing this mom… well, you know, I’m going to cum.” I don’t think he knew how close I was to asking him to fuck me. The moment passed and I regained my senses.

I swallowed hard and shook my head to clear it. “Well we wouldn’t want that now would we?” I sighed and reached down and gently held his cock for the first time. His circumcised head was magnificent. I ran my hand up and down it and felt how hard and warm it was. “I wouldn’t want to miss seeing this monster cum again.” I smiled seductively. A little voice inside of my head kept telling me I wasn’t going to be able to control myself if I watched him jack off again. I ignored the voice. “I know I made you promise you wouldn’t ask for more but seeing you jack off is something I’ll never tell you to stop doing.” I marveled at how firm and hard he was already. I could feel the pulsing vein on the underside of it as I ran my hand up and down his length. I thought about how it would stretch my pussy if I ever let him fuck me. “Are you sure you can cum again?” I couldn’t wait to see him shooting off one more time.

“Oh yeah, I could cum as many times as you want me to Mom!” He bragged as he lewdly humped my hand. “I love jacking off, especially if you’re watching me.”

If I only dared, I told myself, if I only dared to take that final step towards incest. I just couldn’t I told myself. But we could still have fun. “Come on then my handsome son. I’m the kind of woman who makes her men keep their promises,” I led Brad by the cock into the living room. I was horny and I never wanted this evening to stop. “Show me.” I challenged him. “Jack off for me one more time,” I begged him and laughed as he came stumbling along behind me. It was fun being dirty and sexy with him. It was wonderful to be myself. I knew our lives had forever changed and I had no regrets. What we were doing was healthy and good and right. I loved my son and he loved me and no could ever make me believe incest was bad.

“Geez mom, I didn’t realize you could be such a… ,ah… ”

I stopped and turned and stared at him. “Were you going to call me a slut? A whore?” Saying those words almost made me cum. I loved being thought of that way by him.

Brad gulped and nodded his head. “I’m sorry mom… “

I smiled and bent and kissed his cock. “Don’t be. I feel slutty and from now on, I’m going to be your slut!” Just telling him that made me cum. I shook and my knees buckled and I grabbed on to him to steady myself. It took a minute to recover. “Now, let’s see some action from this hot cock of yours.”

“Cool Mom.” He laughed when I finally let go of his cock and let him sit. Before he even started playing with his cock, he warned me, “This may take a little longer. I mean, I just came a few minutes ago.” He said as he stroked himself again. “Are you going to play with your tits again?” It wasn’t a question.

“If you want me to, honey.” I told him as I licked my fingers and sat back and stimulated my nipples again. “All you have to do is tell me what you want.” I enjoyed giving him control. I grinned impishly at him and asked, “I suppose you want me to play with my pussy too?” I already had a hand between my legs.

Brad groaned. “Of course I do! I love seeing your fingers on your pussy.” The words almost burst out of him. “I think a slut like you would want to do that for her son.” I was surprised at how quickly he’d learned how much that turned me on.

“Yes dear.” I said and batted my eyes at him. “I’m glad you like watching your slutty mother play with her pussy. I like doing it for you,” I told him. “And it’s ok if it takes a little longer this time, we have all night.” I could watch him fist his cock forever. I pulled on my nipples and told him how horny I was. “My pussy is dripping baby. You make me so wet when you jacked off for me.” My hips, as if they had a life of their own, gyrated back and forth, simulating being fucked as I watched my son play with his cock. I didn’t care how I looked. I was horny and I wanted my son to know it. I pushed the material of my shorts between my cunt lips and ran my fingers along the wet crease. I immediately started moaning. “Ahhhh this is so hot!”

Five minutes later Brad was still stroking his cock. He fisted it very quickly, up and down, and then would go into a slower version of that. A pained look came over his face. “I’m not sure if I can cum mom. I want to and it feels like I could but I don’t know.” He had such a disappointed look on his face.

“It’s ok honey. You’re probably tired.” I totally understood, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want him to keep trying. I wanted him to jack off if he could. I’d never been with a man who could cum four times in one night so I understood if he couldn’t. “Maybe, if you played with my tits that would help?” I coyly suggested. “Or maybe we should just go to bed if you’re too tired.” I knew if I gave him a choice or challenged him, he would rise up to the task. I was dying to masturbate and cum but I was holding off until he came with me.

“Geez can I Mom?” He practically knocked me over to get at my boobs. He attacked them with both hands and his mouth.

“Slow down honey. I’m not going anywhere.” I said and pulled his head down to my aching tits. “Suck them for me, just like you did when you were a baby.” I told him and almost came when I felt his hot lips on my nipples. Despite my willingness to let him suck and kiss my boobs, he still couldn’t cum.

“I’m sorry Mom, it feels like I could cum any second but I’m not there yet.” He looked crestfallen but he didn’t stop licking and kissing my tits. He held one nipple in his mouth and drove me crazy. After a few minutes he sat up, even more frustrated than before. When he put his face only inches from mine, I knew something was up. I recognized that look.

“What? No! I don’t even want to hear it.” I held his face with my hands and laughed. “What ever it is, the answer is, no! I told you no more and I meant it buster.” I kissed his nose and pulled his face back to my tits. “Play with my boobs and be happy.” I told him but still wondered what he wanted to ask.

“It was nothing Mom.” He said a few minutes later. He looked so sad. He sat back on his haunches, silently looking at me, still trying to cum for me. “I’m sorry mom; I just wanted to please you.” That’s when I knew he was playing on my emotions and I let him. “I won’t ask.”

“Good.” I sat back and folded my arms across my chest and silently contemplated him. We were having our first lover’s quarrel. I silently laughed because it felt good. If all my fights with Brad’s father had been so much fun I would still be married to him. I told myself that I wouldn’t do more but I was still curious. After all, I did want to see him jack off. “Ok,” I said, giving into my basic instincts. “No promise but, what were you going to ask?” My resolve to limit our playing was fading fast now.

“Ok, I totally understand Mom, no promises.” Brad sat up straight and gathered up his courage and asked, “I was just wondering if you’d take off your pajama bottoms so I could see you down there. I’m sure I’d cum in a minute if you did… but you don’t have to if you don’t think its right. I understand completely.” He said almost winded from trying to say that all in one breathe. He looked so earnest and concerned. He knew he had me but he didn’t dare ruin it by smiling.

I was the one who smiled because it was if he was reading my mind. I wanted to masturbate and he wanted to see my pussy. What harm could there be in that? I had come this far so why not further? But I was in a playful mood and pretended to be reluctant. “I don’t know Brad,” I lamented and pretended to be thinking about it. I wanted to be naked for him to lust over, just like I’d read about in the family sex magazines. The woeful and pitiful look on Brad’s face was priceless. “It would be so wrong. It might give you other ideas.” It took all my willpower not to giggle, since I knew I was going to get naked for him.

“I’m sorry Mom. I totally understand. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t think is decent.” He was on to me and couldn’t help smiling. “I shouldn’t have asked but I was just thinking about you. I know how much it means to you to see me cum again.”

I couldn’t help laugh. “I’m so glad to know you were just thinking about me.” I reached down and held his cock and stroked it for him. I liked teasing him, especially since I knew I was going to give in to him.

“Oh I was Mom, only you.” Brad grinned and faced me and stroked his long thick cock. He cast his eyes down and his cock seemed to soften. “I just thought if you were really my slut, you’d want to show me your pussy.” He had me.

I screwed up my mouth, pretending again to be thinking about getting naked for him. I silently nodded my head and looked up at him. “I did promise you I was going to be your slut didn’t I?” I whispered. I was absolutely dripping by now and it took every ounce of control not to reach over and grab his cock and put it in my mouth. I nodded, “And as your slut, I’ll do as you ask.” I stood up and touched his arm. “Promise me you won’t ask again.”

“Oh, geez Mom, never. I won’t ever ask again.” He solemnly promised as he furiously began beating off again. “Just this once Mom, if I could see you naked, if I could see your pussy, I’m sure I would cum in no time.” He huffed.

“Just this once then,” I said and stood up. I felt so wickedly hot and I suggested he remove my shorts for me. “I think it would be fun, just this once, if you took them off for me.” I wanted to feel his hands on my body and let him strip me naked.

Brad jumped up immediately. “Oh yeah Mom, that would be hot.” He knelt before me and placed his hands on my hips and slowly urged my shorts over my hips. He stopped when he got them just past my ass. He held each of my cheeks and gently caressed them. “Awesome Mom!” He said as he ran his hands all over my butt and looked at my pussy for the first time. His face was inches from what pubic hair I had. I could feel his warm breath moving across my wet pussy lips. I like how my pussy looks. I trim it short because I like seeing my pussy lips. I hoped Brad did too. I thought my cunt lips looked like they were begging for a nice hard cock. I stood still as my son continued to strip me. I knew he could smell my sex because I sure could. When he finally got my shorts around my feet, I kicked them to the side and nervously stood before him. I wanted him to see everything. I wanted him to like my body and desire it as much as I did his.

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“Oh my gosh Mom, your pussy’s awesome.” Brad licked his lips nervously as he knelt before me and gazed at me.

“You make me weak all over.” I told him. I had to spread my legs a little to steady myself as another orgasm shook my body. I held onto him and felt my juices run down my legs and that only made me hornier. I kept telling myself that I had just let my son disrobed me, and that made my insides turn to a mass of quivering jelly.

Brad kept rubbing my ass and mumbling to himself as he stared at my pussy. “You make me so fucking… Sorry mom, you make me so darn hard.”

“Its ok honey,” I laughed, understanding. “You make me so fucking horny too.” I didn’t mind him talking like that. I loved it. I loved having him look at me, and tell me I made him horny. “You’ve undressed me with your eyes often enough, I guess it’s ok to finally do it with your hands… just this once.” I reminded him. I knew in my heart that this wasn’t going to be the last time we did this but I wanted it to be the most memorable for both of us. I wanted more than anything to tell him that he could do this anytime he wanted to. I loved knowing I affected him like this.

“I could look at you forever mom. You’re just so beautiful.” He muttered as he ran his hands all over my legs and ass. I knew he was going to touch my pussy when he moved his hand between my legs and inched it upward.

I could never hear those words often enough. “Thank you for making me feel so special and beautiful honey. I like being naked for you.” I started to giggle because this was so much fun. I swayed seductively back and forth in front of him and proudly showed off my pussy to him. I thrust out my hips and asked. “So, did you like your mother’s pussy?”

“I kind of knew you shave but I didn’t know it was going to look so beautiful.” Brad’s hand inched closer to my pussy and I didn’t stop him.

I wanted to reach out and pull his face to it and have him eat me and ravish me and make love to me but I couldn’t tell him that… yet. I ran my hands through his short blonde hair and made him look up at me. “Will you jack off for me now? Please! I don’t know if I can stand much more of this.” My voice seemed to come from some other person.

“Wow! Heck yes!” Brad sat on the edge of the couch and slowly jerked off as he looked at me. The ruby red head of his cock was engorged with blood as he beat off. His eyes were riveted on my body but he still seemed hesitant. “Mom, ah, ah… are you going to… ah,… you know, like open your legs so I can see your pussy while I jack off?” He had absolutely no shame and I was glad he didn’t. I had been waiting for him to tell me rather than ask me but he would learn.

“Do you mean like this?” I asked shamelessly as I sat back and spread my legs for my son. It made my pussy clinch to show him my dripping cunt. I smiled at him as I exposed my wet, coral pussy lips. When I had them spread as far as I could, I looked up at him and shyly ask, “Is this how you want your slutty mother to act? Do you like me spreading my legs and showing you my pussy?” I loved how that sounded but I felt a little foolish as I exposed my 42-year-old body, as if I was some hot young girl. I’m aware of my imperfections but I could see that in my son’s eyes, I had none. I’m pretty, but not beautiful, but he made me feel like a goddess and I loved it.

“I love it Mom. I want you to act slutty all the time now.”

“I will baby, just tell me.” I smiled at him and fingered my wet pussy. “Would it be better if I lay on the floor?” I suggested; acting hotter than I probably was. I licked my lips and flicked my pink tongue enticingly and blew him as kiss. “That way you can stand or kneel over me and see my cunt better while you jack off.” I didn’t wait for his answer. I eased myself onto the floor and lay spread eagle before him.

“Geez Mom, that’s great!” He immediately got up and stood between my legs.

He definitely liked my suggestion. I lifted both knees and exposed myself more for him. My pussy lips glistened and shone with my wetness and my secretions oozing from me and I wanted him to see that. “I’m wet for you baby. I’m wet and horny for my son and I can’t wait to see you jack off again.

“Wow mom, your pussy’s awesome. It’s like your drooling down there! I love it! I guess you’re pretty turned on too.”

I laughed. “Oh Brad, you’re so funny. Of course your mother’s turned on. I wouldn’t be doing this if I wasn’t.” I couldn’t help but laugh as he gazed so intently between my legs. I lifted my pelvis even higher, bringing my pussy even closer to his throbbing cock. “I’m only human after all. What woman wouldn’t be turned to have such a handsome young man promising to jack off for her?” I pulled my legs up tight. “That big thing of yours is driving me crazy.” I knew he could probably see my asshole too but I was long past being modest. Rivers of my own juices ran down between my legs and dampening the floor beneath me as I showed off my sex to my son. I put my finger over my clit and masturbated as he jacked off.

Brad knelt and looked even closer. “I love your cunt, Mom. I’m going to cum buckets for you,” He bragged. “Honest I really am, Mom.” He said as he sat back on his haunches and slowly stroked his beautifully swollen cock. “You’re so hot Mom, I can’t believe we’re doing this!” He groaned and inched even closer.

I closed my legs a few inches and trapped him, stopping him from getting any nearer. “Close enough buddy boy. Just hold it right there,” I playfully warned him. “If you’re going to jack off, you don’t need to be any closer.” Actually, I was thinking about where his cum was going to land. I wanted to make sure it landed all over me.

“Aaah Mom, pretty please, can’t I get a little closer, just this once?” he laughed good naturedly, knowing full well I would let him do anything he wanted. He bent his body and almost made his cock touch my pussy lips. If he had, I would have cum screaming.

“Stay right were you are, your vision’s good enough to see everything you need to see.” I warned him playfully. I couldn’t believe I was horny enough to do what I did next but it felt so naughty that I just did him. “Here, maybe you’ll like this,” I said as I brought my feet up to his cock and trapped it. I wrapped them around the knob of his cock and slowly jacked him off. “Ever have a foot fuck?” I asked giggling as I held his cock by the soles of my feet and slowly moved them up and down along his slick cock.

“Oh shit Mom, that’s so hot!” he said as he rocked on his knees and let me foot fuck him. He admired how my feet held him and groaned. “I never knew Mom. I never knew you were so hot!” he exclaimed and shook all over.

Holding his cock like that was fun but I wanted him to use his hand when he came. I let go of him and reached down between my legs and used my fingers to spread my pussy lips. “I want you to shoot at my pussy. Just aim that big monster at my pussy and cover me with your cum.” A river of my own cum now covered my inner thighs. I felt like such a slut and I loved it. I was doing things I had only read and fantasized about. I knew I would never again be the kind of mother I been brought up to be. I was committing incest and I loved it. I knew decent families didn’t do this but I didn’t care. I was over my fear of incest and I only wanted to go further with my son. “Watch me Brad, watch me finger myself.” I pushed two fingers up my snatch and fucked myself crazily as Brad beat off above me.

“Oh, geez yes Mom you’re so fucking hot!” He said as he furiously jerked off. “I’m going to cum all over your pussy! I’m going to cum so hard!” He promised. He was practically shouting as he arched his back and erupted with long spurts of hot cum from his wonderful dick. “Talk dirty to me mom. Tell me to cum on you! Tell me you love it!” He shouted.

“Cum for mommy! Cum all over me honey!” I commanded him. I literally threw my pussy up at him. His cum landed all over me. I had it on my boobs, my stomach, between my legs, and some even hit my face. I was covered with it and when I looked down and saw how much was on me, I couldn’t control myself anymore. Fingering my pussy wasn’t enough. I needed more. I reached under me and between my legs and stuck a finger up my ass and fucked my pussy and ass at the same time. “Oh yesssssssss, so fucking hot Brad! You make me so fucking hot!” I moaned and kept fucking myself to another powerful climax. My body slammed against the floor as another powerful orgasm exploded in me. I bucked and withered all over the floor, almost knocking over a lamp before I finally slowed down enough to control myself.

Brad watched me in awe. I think I scared him a little when he saw me fingering my ass. “Mom, that was so beautiful, and you’re so beautiful.” He said as he milked the last few drops of sperm from his cock, and offered it to me. “Want to taste me?”

“Mmmm nice, I was hoping you’d offer.” I didn’t want him being shy about anything sexual any more. I loved the taste of cum and figured most men did too. “I’d love to taste your cum.” I opened my mouth and let him shove his finger into my waiting mouth. I sucked greedily and then scooped up a puddle from my stomach and offered it to him. We both slurped and smacking our lips loudly, showing each other how nasty we were. I opened my mouth wide and showed him. “See, all gone. I ate the whole thing!”

“I knew you were sexy and hot, and now you’re a comedian. Do you have any more surprises for me Mom?” He asked as he sat back against the couch and admired my cum covered body. “This sure is better than any of our stories. I can’t believe we just did that,” He huffed excitedly. He got a silly little grin on his face as he got on all fours and brought his face between my outstretched legs. “I should help you clean up.” He didn’t wait for my permission. He ran his tongue all over my stomach and sucked and licked up all the cum he could find. “See, I know how to clean up my messes.” Brad opened his mouth wide and showed me. “And I ate the whole thing!”

“Oh honey, now you’ve done it.” Brad had no idea how hot I thought it was for a man to eat his own cum. I was cumming again. I put my hand over my pussy and cupped myself as hard as I could and pressed my finger against my clit and let out a primeval cry when I came. “Arrrrrrrgh!” I roared. My body gyrated up and down before I finally collapsed into a fetal position. I stayed like that for several minutes, until my orgasm let loose of me. When I could move again I got the giggles. “Wow! That one snuck up on me.” I shook all over; I was so happy and so in love with my son. “My beautiful, wonderful son. I love you.” I muttered, almost incoherently.

“I love you too Mom, but geez, are you ok?” The look on Brad’s face was priceless. He looked like he wanted to call 911.

I laughed so hard I was almost crying. I was so happy. “Yes baby. I’m all right. That one just took me by surprise.” I told him as I looked down at the cum still covering my body. “I guess I forgot to tell you how hot I get seeing a man eat his own cum.”

Brad smiled and licked another drop of cum from my chest. “I’ve jacked off into my mouth before Mom.”

I groaned with lust. “I want to see you do that.” I told him. “Hey, you missed some, so don’t be so proud of your cleaning technique just yet.” I pointed out. “As usual, whenever you clean, you inevitably leave something behind for me.” I chuckled and pointed to his cum that was still covering my body. I invited him back to lick up even more. “Come on, help me.” I told him and held out a cum covered finger for him.

Brad groaned hungrily. “Oh god Mom, yes!” He said as he sucked my finger dry. “I love it.” He said as I pushed my finger in and out of his mouth and listened to him smack his lips. Brad wanted more. “All for me!” He laughed.

“There’s some here,” I pointed to my breasts. “And there’s some here,” I held out my chin, “And even here,” I pointed out the large mass of cum that was entwined in what little pubic hair I had. “If you really loved me like you say you do, you wouldn’t leave me with such a mess to clean up.” I giggled like a schoolgirl.

Brad’s lips found my breast, licking and slurping up cum long after it was gone. He held one breast to his mouth and suckled like a baby, making low moaning cries as he licked my nipple and drove my pussy crazy. “Mmm, I love making mommy all clean.” He joked like a little boy. “And here too.” He said as he licked my chin with tiny little puppy dog licks.

I brought his face to mine and looked deep into his eyes; time seemed to be stand still as I pressed my lips to his and shared his cum. I ran my tongue all over his lips and then gently slipped it between them and licked his teeth before he finally opened his mouth and kissed me back. We kissed softly at first and then hard, so hard my teeth hurt when we finally broke our first lovers kiss. “I love you Brad Hunt and I don’t want us ever to stop doing this.” It was a promise I would never break.

“I love you too Mom and I always will. I don’t want us to ever stop doing this either. I love incest, it’s so hot and dirty and intimate and that’s how I want it to be with us.” He hugged me tight and we rolled around the floor as we kissed and touched each other. I gently guided his face between my legs.

“I think there’s one more spot that needs your expert tongue.” I smiled and nodded my head as he looked questioning at me, to make sure he understood me. “Go ahead baby, go down there too.” I sighed and lay back and let my son eat me. “I want you to.” How many times had I dreamt about having his mouth on my pussy?

I was amazed that Brad was such an expert at eating pussy. He buried his face between my legs and licked his cum from my tiny patch of pubic hair before he went after my clitty and my pussy. I was going to guide him and show him how much pressure I enjoyed but he instinctively knew what to do. His tongue found my clit and made wide, soft, circles around it before he zeroed in on my little nub. When he knew I couldn’t take any more, he went after my pussy. His tongue was deep inside of me one moment and then replaced by his fingers as his tongue went after my clit again. I felt myself cumming again and held his face tightly to my pussy and exploded in his face. It seemed like I came forever. I couldn’t get enough of our forbidden love. When my pussy couldn’t take anymore, I begged him to stop. “Enough Brad, enough, I can’t take anymore. I’m so tender down there I don’t think I could even pee right now without cumming.” I giggled happily and pulled his wet face up to mine. “That was sooooo good baby,” I laughed and kissed his face, licking his lips and savoring my own juices. We finally collapsed together on the floor and lay like that for several minutes. “Whew! I hope you liked that because I sure did!”

“Like it! Mom, I loved eating your pussy!” Brad rubbed his pussy-covered face all over my stomach before he came up and kissed me. He planted little kisses all over my neck and face and we shared our fluids. I licked his face, as if I was finishing the last crumb of cake. “I love you so much Mom. It’s just so crazy. I didn’t think it was possible but I love you even more now.” He licked hungrily at both of my nipples and his cock found its way between my legs and was at the entrance to my pussy. He wasn’t hard, so he didn’t enter me, but I would have let him if he had been.

It was that instant that I knew I was going to fuck my son. I wanted him inside of me, filling my pussy with his marvelous cock and filling me with his hot cream. This would complete our journey towards incest. It might not be tonight but it would be soon. Tonight I wanted him to appreciate what we had done and how far we had come. I wanted it very special when we fucked for the first time. I had already cum more times tonight than I had in the last year and I was exhausted to the point of collapse. I was drunk on sex and needed to sober up. I stroked his hair as he licked and sucked my nipples and I told him how much I loved him and how much I needed him but that I was too tired to go on. “So good honey, that feels so nice. Mommy needs her big handsome son to make love to her just like that.”

Brad gave each breast a final, long kiss before he sat up and kissed me tenderly on the lips. “I love you so much Mom and I understand… but… ” He looked down at his cock and grinned sheepishly. It was almost hard again. Amazing!

“Brad, can you really do it again?” I reached out and took him in my hand and milked him until he was hard as a rock again. I got a delicious idea. “If you want to baby, you can cum on me again.” I giggled as I sat up and leaned forward. “All over my face this time,” I wickedly suggested. I wanted it that way. I wanted to show him how much I loved him and how much of a slut I could be for him. He had to know he could jack off on my face anytime he wanted to. “Want to give your mother a goodnight facial?”

Brad shook his head in amazement. “Heck yes mom. I thought you’d never ask.” He grinned and pulled on his ridged cock. I watched him become fully engorged. I recognized his guttural moaning and knew he was close. His first blast of sperm hit my face. I quickly opened my mouth and he filled it with three long spurts and I gulped it down and let the rest land all over my face. I couldn’t believe he could have so much spunk left. One heavy gob covered one eye and made it impossible to see. The rest splashed against my cheeks and covered my nose. I licked the sides of my mouth as fast I could, trying to get it all before it dripped to my lap. “Fucking A mom! You’re a cum slut!” He said as he staggered back and admired his work. “Now that’s how a decent mother should look!” Brad came to me and licked my face. We kissed and shared his cum, tongue to tongue. We ended up rolling around the floor, kissing and hugging and grinding our naked bodies together. We were talking silly and making promises to each other and telling each other how hot the other made us. I rolled on top of Brad and fit his limp cock between my pussy lips and challenged him.

“So, you think your mothers a slut do you?” I loved hearing him call me that. “Tell you what. If you can get it hard in 30 seconds, you can fuck your slut mother.” I would have too.

“Ah come on Mom, that’s not fair,” Brad moaned underneath me. “I’ve already cum five times tonight.” He tried his best to get another hard-on going but it wasn’t going to happen. He played with my tits and fingered me, as he moved his cock back and forth against my pussy but he couldn’t get hard enough to fuck me. I thought he was going to cry; he was so upset with himself.

“My poor baby,” I cooed lovingly to him. “Don’t worry, I’m going to let you fuck me honey. How could I ever refuse us that pleasure?” I kissed him long and slow and ground my cunt against him and actually felt him stiffen a little. “I’m a terrible tease aren’t I baby. I probably deserve to be punished for being so mean.” I told him, giving him a hint of another side of me. Brad didn’t catch my meaning but that was ok, he would. Next time I wouldn’t be so subtle. “Come on honey, let’s get to bed. I for one am dead tired.”

“We’re really going to do it mom? You’re going to let me fuck you?” He was as excited as I’ve ever seen him.

“Yes baby. I’m going to let you fuck me. I can’t wait to feel you inside of me. I want that just as much as you do.” We kissed long and hard. I knelt over him and took his cock in my mouth and sucked him. He was soft but that didn’t make it any less exciting. “I love this cock and can’t wait to feel it stretching my pussy.” My voice was husky and sultry as I promised my son that we would soon be fucking.

“How am I ever going to be able to sleep knowing we’re going to make love? I’ll be thinking about you all night.” He said and thrust his hips out and pushed more cock into my mouth. “Tell me one more time mom. Tell me what we’re going to do.”

I kept sucking him and running my tongue over his cock head and lavished it with lewd licks and kisses before I took him out and lay on top of him. I plastered my naked body to his and whispered into his ear, “I’m your mother and I’m going to be your slut and let you fuck my brains out! You’re my son and I want you to fill my cunt with your cock! Is that graphic enough honey?” I laughed lustily and kissed him quickly and then got up and left him. I walked to my room and shut the door behind me. The last thing I saw before I closed my door was Brad lying right where I left him, his semi-hard cock in his hand and a silly, dazed look on his face. I slept fitfully and didn’t get up until well past ten in the morning.

I opened my bedroom door and listen for any sign that Brad was up. The house was dead quite. Even though I had showered the night before, I took another quick one. I had masturbated twice after I went to bed. The first, right after I had gotten into bed. I’d used my fingers and I came quickly and gloriously. I woke hours later, tossing and turning, not able to sleep. I was still so darn horny and knew I wouldn’t get back to sleep if I didn’t masturbate a second time. I got my long, black vibrator from my nightstand and buzzed myself to sleep after a second long and thunderous orgasm.

“What to wear?” I asked myself as I stood in front of my closet and tried to decide what to put on. I wanted it to be something special but nothing looked right. I didn’t have to be anywhere until late afternoon so on impulse I decided to just throw on an old, oversized T-shirt. It fell about midway over my curvy ass and I liked what I saw in the mirror. I knew I should loose 10 pounds, and I’d work on that but for now, I thought I looked pretty good. I was still missing something though. Shoes! I slipped on a pair of three-inch heels and checked myself out in the mirror. The heels really made my legs look long and supple and hopefully sexy for my son. What Brad and I did last night was how I wanted us to live from now on. I wanted our relationship to mirror the hot love stories we both read and loved. I’d promised him that we were going to fuck, so why bother pretending it wasn’t going to happen. I knew what we were doing was incest and that just made it all the more exciting.

The thought of fucking him excited me beyond belief. It was the ultimate taboo, and that made it exciting and forbidden. I went out to the kitchen and put a pot of coffee on and made myself breakfast. About a half hour later I heard noises coming from Brad’s room and then heard his shower running. My heart was pounding as I thought about what I would do or say when he came into the kitchen. When I heard him coming, I pretended to be looking out the back window and not aware that he was there. I stood up on my toes and leaned over the sink, exposing my bare ass and waited for him.

“Mmm morning mom… wow!” He said as he caught sight of my naked ass. “Nice mom.” He said as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. “You smell nice; sexy and nice.” He whispered as he pushed his already hard cock between my legs and nestled it against my pussy lips.

I giggled and wormed my butt back at him. “Hi handsome,” I said as I snuggled into his big, strong arms and felt my pussy moisten. “Sleep well?” I mewed as my horny son nuzzled my hair and planted little kisses on my neck. “You’re giving me goose bumps.” I shivered; both from the chill his kisses were giving me and from the sexual thrill of finally being able to acknowledge that we were lovers.

“You’re giving me more than goose bumps.” He told me as he slowly pushed his cock through the wet folds of my pussy lips. He was wearing boxers and his long cock stuck through the opening and sought the wet opening to my sex. “You were so hot last night mom. I still can’t believe you let me jack off on you.” He moaned softly as he moved his hands up under my shirt and cupped my tits. “I kept seeing your face covered with cum.” His breathing became labored as he worked his cock across my open pussy lips. “Your already excited mom, I can tell.” He laughed softly as he rolled my hard nipples between his fingers. Brad dropped to his knees and planted dozens of tiny kisses all over my ass cheeks. I gasped as he parted them and probed my ass with his hot tongue. “Mmm, so tasty mom.” He said as he shoved his tongue past my pink button and into my puckered ass.

I gasped. “Brad Hunt! Where did you ever learn to do that?” I hoarsely groaned and tried to relax so his tongue could slide in further. “Who ever it was, she did a great job, don’t stop.” He was pushing his tongue in and out of my ass, as if he owned it. I had to brace myself against the counter or I would have fallen. I reached down and played with my clit as my son tongue fucked my ass. This was the kind of sex I have always wanted from my lover and now I had finally found it with my son. “I hope you realize you can’t just lick my ass and not get me all horny!” I laughed as his tongue invaded me. I reached down for his hand and brought his fingers to my pussy and let him finger me as he ate my ass.

“I was kind of hoping you’d like that,” He said as he stood up and played with my tits again. “I want you Mom and I know you want me too.” He said as he bent his knees and pushed his cock up towards my waiting pussy. He found my wet opening and the head slide easily between my waiting lips. He held it there, just the head trapped by my pussy lips. “I want to fuck you Mom and I know you want me to.” He slowly moved his cock back and forth; in and out the head of his cock entered me. He dared me to tell him I didn’t want him to fuck me.

I was breathless as he teased my pussy. “I won’t tell you that baby. I want it too.” I moaned crazily. “But here? Now?” I asked hoping to maybe change his mind. I had our first time together all planned out in my head. I had it planned right down to what I was going to wear; in my bedroom, candles, soft music, maybe wine and all night to show him how much I lusted for him.

Brad thrust up at me again and kissed my neck. “Yes mom, here, right now!” he said as he turned me around and kissed me. He may not have been thinking as romantically as I was but we both wanted the same thing. Brad pulled his boxers off and fit his cock back between my cunt lips. “You’re so tight Mom.”

“I think it’s because you’re so big” I smiled. “Do you really want to fuck me right here?” I couldn’t help myself. I leaped into his arms. I threw my legs around his waist and locked my pussy against his cock and kissed him back. My pussy was his now and I let him know it. “Yes baby, fuck me. Fuck your mother right now!” I cried. So much for a romantic evening, I sighed.

Brad held me up in the air and somehow managed to get his cock back to the opening of my pussy. He staggered; almost tripped before he regained his balance. And then he was in me. “Ahhh, yes, mom! I’m in you!” He roared. I was so lubricated that he was easily able to get his long, thick cock into me. He slid deep up inside of me with his first thrust. We stumbled again but his cock didn’t come out, thank goodness.

“You are baby, you’re inside me. Your cock’s inside of your mother and we’re really doing it. We’re fucking!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. “I love my son and I love fucking him!” We laughed and kissed and danced around the kitchen, all the while Brad held me in his strong arms and fucked me passionately. “I’ve waited so long for this Brad honey, and I can’t believe I refused to give in to this for so long. Can you ever forgive me?” I asked him and planted little kisses all over his face. I felt so foolish for denying us this pleasure. “Forgive me honey. I should have let you do this long ago.” I really was sorry now to have wasted so many months. At the time, I thought my reasons were sound but they seemed so silly now.

“Mom, you’re crazy. We’re doing it now because that’s the way it was supposed to be. I’ve wanted this for years but I wanted it to happen just like it has. We both needed to find this place at the same time.” He sounded wiser beyond his years and I loved him for that.

“You’re right honey but I’m going to make it up to you now,” I told him as I hugged him to me and wildly fucked him as he held me in his arms.

“You’re darn right you’re going to make it up to me,” He said and carried me toward the kitchen table.

When I realized where he was heading, I yelled. “My tea cup!” It was my favorite English teacup and I didn’t want it broken. While still holding me with one arm, Brad managed to pick it up and move it to the counter and then as if we were in a scene from a movie, he swept the table clean of dishes. The crash of broken glass followed by the clanking of silverware made us both laugh. Brad gently laid me on the kitchen table and then drove his cock deep up inside of me. “Thank you for saving my teacup.” Brad stood between my legs and held me by the hips and fucked me royally.

Brad laughed. “You’re welcome,” He said and fucked me harder. “I wouldn’t want you distracted.”

“Stop all this talking and concentrate on what you’re doing.” I kidded him. “Your mother needs you to fuck her with this fabulous cock of yours.” I told him. I caressed his face and smiled. “Less joking and more fucking.” I giggled. We ended up on the living room floor with me on top, my favorite position. I liked seeing what was going on and it also let me play with my clit while we fucked. Brad seemed to like it too. He could play with my tits as well as use his hands to pick me up and control the pace of our lovemaking. It was such a relief that he wasn’t threatened by my need to stimulate my clit. Brad’s father used to get so upset when I masturbated myself as he fucked me. At times, a woman needed more than a hard cock.

“Do you always get your way mom?” Brad grinned from under me.

“No I don’t, and that because I don’t always want my own way. You and I have a lot to learn about each other, and I want you to know what turns me on as well as me learning what turns you on.” Even though we were in the middle of our first illicit fuck, it was time to get a little serious. “There’s going to be more to this relationship than just fucking,” I warned him. “I want you to learn how to fuck my mind as well as my pussy. If you fuck my mind, you automatically fuck my cunt (I loved being able to talk like that with him). But it doesn’t always work the other way around.” I didn’t know how complex my son was yet but I knew myself well enough to know I wanted more than just his cock. Incest was our foundation but we needed more than that to sustain us.

“I want to learn everything about you mom. Don’t hold anything back,” He said as he bit my nipple hard enough to make it hurt. “Is that ok?” he asked when he let it loose.

I groaned loud and long and tossed my head back and forth as the pain turned into pleasure. “Yessss! Yesss! Do that.” I told him as I growled madly. He had to know about me. “I enjoy some pain honey; you’ll have to find my limits.” I challenged him. “And I enjoy being spanked! How about that?” I grinned at him and dared him to find out.

“Far out! I’d love to turn the tables on you mom.” He said as he pulled out of me and set me across his lap. “You’re a bad little girl and you need your little butt spanked.” He laid several sharp slaps on both cheeks. “If you continue to be bad, I’ll have to spank you even harder.” He threatened as he put his hand between my legs and finger fucked me. He continued spanking me and playing with my pussy and I loved it. When he had laid at least twenty firm and stinging spanks to each of my cheeks he stopped and asked me. “Are you going to be a good girl or do I have to keep punishing you?”

I sucked my thumb and acted like a little girl. “I’ll try to be good.” I was in heaven. It had been years since a lover had spanked me and I missed being controlled and punished. It always made my juices flow after a good hard spanking.

“I hope so or you’ll get more of the same, little girl.”

Brad, somehow, knew just what to say to me to turn me on, and keep me excited. I sat up and sucked my thumb and pretended to pout. “I’ll be good.” I lied and giggled as I rubbed my sore butt.

Brad wanted to fuck my ass and of course I let him. I hadn’t done that in years and it quickly became a favorite way to make love with us. I loved it when he would tongue my ass and then spear me with that wicked thick cock of his. I even learned how to tongue fuck his ass.

Over the next few months we fucked many times a day and learned more and more about each other. One evening we had been out shopping and Brad asked me to give him a blowjob as he drove; he knew I loved doing crazy stuff like that for him, especially in public. I had him unzipped and in my mouth in a matter of seconds. I was having a great time sucking him off when I felt the car slow down and come to a stop. I started to pull off of him but Brad held my head down.

“Just stay where you are mom.” I did but was very curious about where we were. I heard the car window go down and immediately knew where we were, and I struggled to sit up. “Trust me mom, just keep sucking.” His voice was full of mischief.

“Hi, how can I help you?” A young male voice asked.

Brad had pulled up to the drive through window of a fast food restaurant and was ordering. A young boy leaned out the window to take his order. “Hi, I’d like a small fry and I think my Mom’s going to need a drink after I cum in her mouth.” Brad told him. I lay over his lap and sucked his cock and tried not to laugh.

There was no way the young boy at the window could miss what I was doing. I slowly came up off of Brad’s cock and held him in my hand and smiled at the clerk. “Hi, yes, just a coke. I’m going to need it in a minute.” I giggled and went right back down on Brad’s cock and sucked away.

“So that’s one small fry and one cola for my mother.” I heard Brad say nonchalantly. Brad told me later that the kid’s jaw was hanging down to his chest as he watched me suck him off.

We didn’t make it to the end of the drive before Brad was filling my mouth with his delicious cum. I made sure I swallowed every drop before I sat up. Brad was laughing so hard he could hardly drive. “You’re so bad Brad Hunt, and you owe me big time for that buster.” I shook my finger at him, pretending to be mad.

“I’m sorry mom, but that was so hot, I couldn’t resist.”

One afternoon, on a whim, I stopped at a tattoo shop and got my pussy pierced. I had a ½” loop inserted in the hood of my clit. I also bought a larger one for special occasions. Brad loved it when I showed it to him. I bought a long thin chain and Brad loved leading me around by my pussy. I even wore the chain when we went clubbing. The thin chain came up from under my skirt and Brad held it and led me around by my pussy or simply hooked it to my belt. More than one woman noticed and gave me smiling signs of approval.

Chapter 2

I was actually relieved when Brad started dating again. It had been over six months since our first fuck and I was beginning to worry he would become so fixated on our relationship that he wouldn’t meet any girls his age. I shouldn’t have worried. He told me he wanted to meet a girl that not only understood our relationship but wanted to be involved in incest too. Neither of us ever wanted to hide our relationship again, but we knew it would take a special person to understand how important incest was for us. I knew if I ever became serious with another man, he would have to be ok with me fucking my son.

Brad dated several girls but only one seemed to have outlasted the others. I had only met Penny once. I ran into the two of them when I was on a date at the same restaurant. She was a beautiful, petite blonde, full of energy and blessed with a radiant smile as well as being very well endowed. I could see why Brad was attracted to her. He did love girls with big boobs and Penny looked to be at least a 34 C. I instantly liked and immediately felt very close to her, even though we had just met. My date and I invited them to join us and the four of us had a great time. By the end of dinner, I felt like I had known her for years. I couldn’t put my finger on why I felt so close to her but it was fun how we just clicked. Brad said she was a younger version of me and I took that as a compliment. We joked about Penny’s last name, Buldoc, since it was my maiden name. In this part of French New Hampshire, Buldoc was as common as Smith.

Brad and I enjoyed being naked at home so it wasn’t often we had guests over without telling the other one first. I was a little surprised when I came home hours before I was expected and walked in on Brad and Penny. I heard their voices before I found the two of them on the back deck. I was happy that Brad was still seeing her. What made it even a more pleasant was that I found them naked and making love. The two of them were fucking on the chaise lounge and they hadn’t heard me come in. Brad was on top and the two of them were in the middle of what looked to be a wild and pleasant fuck. Penny was even better looking naked than she was dressed. Her soft pink breasts looked so firm and kissable and it made me wet to watch Brad kiss them as he fucked her. As I watched, I thought about how long it had been since I had been with another woman and ideally wondered if Penny was bisexual.

I didn’t want to disturb their lovemaking by barging in on them so I just watched for a little longer. After a few minutes, I went to my room and took off my clothes and got comfortable. It was my house after all, so I did what I would normally do when I got home. I went back to the window and watch the two of them fuck a little longer. Penny had her tongue buried in Brad’s ass and she was milking his cock with the other. It didn’t look like the first time she had done that either, she was going at it with too much gusto. I couldn’t resist fingering myself as I enjoyed the show. I fantasized about how fun and exciting it would be to have Penny as a lover. Having such a young pussy such as hers to fall in love with would be fun. I’d have my face between her legs and helping her cum as often as I could.

I busied myself in the kitchen by throwing together a pasta salad and then made myself a cup of tea and sat down and waited for them to finish. I was so horny that I had to peak at them again. I was thrilled to see Penny giving Brad a blowjob. She certainly had no trouble taking all of his long cock down her throat. I gasped excitedly when I watched her pull Brad’s cock from her mouth and let him shoot off all over her pretty face. Good girl, I thought. She looked radiant with his cum dripping from her face. Brad seemed surprised and upset at having cum all over her pretty face. He did his best to lick her clean but she had so much covering her hair and face that he pulled her up and led her to the kitchen. I almost got caught watching them. I just managed to get back to the table before they caught me. I sat innocently drinking my tea when they entered the kitchen.

They were laughing and joking as they entered the kitchen; Penny was leading Brad in by his cock. Brad was all apologetic. “I’m so sorry baby. I didn’t know you were going to do that.”

“It’s ok. I did it on purpose. I love it when you shoot all over me like that. It makes me feel so nasty,” Penny giggled but choked back her laugh when she saw me sitting at the table. “Oh shit,” She softly said and quickly let go of Brad’s cock. “Hi Mrs. H.” The guilty look on her face was precious. Brad’s cum clung to her face and hair.

“Mom!” Brad exclaimed, just as surprised as Penny was. “I didn’t know you were home.” He gave me a knowing smile and I returned it. He guessed correctly that I had been watching the two of them fuck. Not surprising, his cock was still pretty hard.

“Hi you two. How are you Penny?” I asked as I stood up and stuck out my hand for her to shake. I wanted to put her at ease as quickly as possible. I pretended not to notice or care that we were all naked or that Penny had cum drying on her pretty face. I could see why Brad was so taken by her. Any girl that loved facials was a girl Brad would worship. I couldn’t help be admire her breasts; they were perfectly conical and stood out, as if defying gravity. My eyes sought out her pussy. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a perfectly formed V, about one inch wide at the top and narrowed down to nothing just above her pussy lips. She took my breath away. Her red and puffy pussy lips told their own story. It was pretty obvious that the two of them had been fucking for some time and knowing Brad, the fuck I saw probably wasn’t the first one of the day for them.

“I’m fine Mrs. H.,” Penny shyly greeted me as she tried to hide behind Brad. She looked a little uncomfortable at being nude in front of me. She stared at my hand for a few awkward moments before her good manners took over and she stepped out from behind Brad and took it. When I let it go, she immediately retreated behind Brad’s naked body again. For a moment I thought that she might bolt for the door.

Brad helped calm Penny by coming to me and wrapping his arms around me and giving me a hug. “Been here long?” He whispered.

“Long enough,” I whispered back. I had to suppress a moan as I felt Brad’s cock rise up against me. I resisted the urge to move my pussy against him. “Better behave or you’re going to scare Penny.” I reluctantly moved from Brad’s arms and without saying a word, took Penny’s hand and brought her to the sink.

“It’s so good to see you again,” I told her and winked. “I can see why Brad’s so taken by you,” I breezily commented as I wet a cloth and dabbed at her cheeks and hair. As I wiped cum from her face and hair, my arm came in contact with her ripe breasts. That sent little shivers through my body. It was exciting to see how Penny’s nipples immediately hardened. “But I don’t know how you put up with him. He’s always making such a mess.” I said with a straight face as I cleaned the last of my son’s cum from her hair. Penny didn’t quite know what to say until she realized I was trying to suppress a smile. She blushed and returned my smile with one of her own.

“Thanks Mrs. H. but it wasn’t Brad’s fault. I kind of made him do it.” She proudly admitted. The girl certainly wasn’t shy about being caught having sex. I liked that. When I finished with her hair, she thanked me and stood beside Brad and held his hand, as if to say, “I love your son and I love it when he jacks off on my face.” She didn’t seem nearly as uncomfortable being naked now.

“He should have had something handy, he knows better.” I scolded. “I brought him up better than that.” I wasn’t sure if Penny picked that up or not. Part of me wanted her to know that he and I had a special relationship. For some reason I thought she wouldn’t mind.

Brad looked right at me and said, “I can’t win around here. No matter what I do, cum in you or cum on you, I get in trouble!” That brought hard laughs from all of us.

Penny hugged Brad’s arm and reassuringly told him, “Don’t you worry honey, just as long as you cum, that’s all that counts, right Mrs. H?” Penny quipped and we all burst out laughing again.

“You bet it is Penny.” I couldn’t resist adding my two cents. “What else do we need them for?” Penny and I laughed but Brad didn’t seem to think we were all that funny. “Brad’s gotten a lot better about cleaning up his messes,” I held up the wash cloth, “but he’s just like most men, he’s ‘clutter-blind.’ He still misses the obvious things.” Penny giggled and poor Brad knew exactly what I was talking about. When I regained my composer, I invited Penny to stay for lunch. “I have a pitcher of iced tea and I’ve made a salad, would you like to stay and eat me Penny… Oh my! What did I just say?” That was a Freudian slip. “I of course mean eat with me?”

There was a playful twinkle in Penny’s eyes when I misspoke and I wondered if she had been thinking the same thing. Penny’s eyes slowly drifted down to my pussy. I looked down and saw a shimmer of love juices oozing from between my pussy lips. It made me squirm excitedly to see her looking so raptly at me. “Penny?” I said to break her out of her trance.

“Huh? Oh nice. Huh? Oh no thank you Mrs. H.,” She said when she was finally able to tear her eyes from my pussy. “I really should get going.” She said and tugged at Brad’s arm so he would bend down. I couldn’t help but hear her ask, “Where are my clothes?”

Neither one of them had a clue where they had abandoned their clothes earlier. Fucking will do that. “Ah, yeah, just a second.” Brad’s head swiveled all about him as he tried to remember where he had put their clothes.

I gave them a hint. “By the back door honey,” I waved my hand and smiled when he finally saw where I was pointing. Penny saw the mirth in my eyes and smiled back and we connected in a female way.

I watched them dress, such as it was. Brad put on a pair of shorts and Penny was bra-less and didn’t seem to have any underwear either as she pulled on a tight pair of shorts over her cute ass. She didn’t seem terribly embarrassed or shy about dressing in front of me. “Will you be back for dinner Brad?” I asked to break the silence.

“Probably not mom, I’ll call you if I am.” He said as he led Penny by the hand around me.

I wasn’t going to let him get away that easy. “Aren’t you going to give me a kiss goodbye?” I stood with my hands on my hips and blocked his way. With me being the only one not dressed, it made the situation very intimate.

“Of course mom.” Brad instinctively did just what I hoped he would do; he wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me to him and kissed me passionately on the lips. “Love you mom.” He said as he brought his hands up between us and toyed with my nipples. “See you tonight beautiful.” He said softly and kissed my lips again. It was an unspoken promise that told me he wanted to fuck me tonight.

I cupped his ass with both hands and pressed my pussy against him and smiled inwardly when I saw the smile on Penny’s face. “Better be careful honey, we don’t want to make Penny jealous.” I looked over at her and was pleased to see a mixture of awe and approval on her face. My female intuition told me she didn’t see anything terribly wrong with the way we were hugging and kissing.

“I’m not jealous Mrs. H.; I think it’s sweet that you and Brad are so close.” It was interesting to watch her body language. She seemed agitated. She couldn’t keep her hands still. She repeatedly rubbed them on her hips, as if she wanted to put them somewhere else.

“I think he’s sweet too and I can’t help it if I love him so much.” I smiled knowingly at her, letting her decide what that really meant. I don’t know what made me want her to know how close Brad and I were, but I sensed it might turn her on. “So nice to see you again Penny. I hope you come back soon.” I stepped forward and hugged her. Our bodies melded into each other. I felt the warmth coming from her body and loved how my naked breasts mashed into hers “Don’t be a stranger,” I told her and brushed my lips against hers. Penny’s tongue shot out a second too late to catch my lips. I think she was expecting a longer kiss. She looked disappointed when she didn’t get one but she recovered quickly.

“It was really nice seeing you too Mrs. H.” She said breathlessly as I held her to me. “And I guess that depends on Brad,” She said as she moved seductively against me. She seemed comfortable in my arms and made no effort to pull away from me. I let one hand slide down her back and I let it rest easily on her firm little ass. After a few more exciting seconds of being pressed so firmly against each other I let her go. When I stepped back, she looked at Brad with her cute little puppy dog eyes and smiled. “I really love your house Mrs. H. and thanks for… ” She looked at the washrag on the counter and smiled, “for being so understanding.” She took Brad’s hand and let him lead her out the door.

Brad came home around eight o’clock that night and I was more than ready for him. I had been reading about a whole families fucking and had masturbated twice thinking about a threesome with Penny. I wondered if she had ever been in one. It was strange how I felt like I had known her for years. If I were ever to have another bisexual affair, I hoped it would be with someone as hot and fun as Penny. Her cute little body exuded sex.

“Hi honey.” I greeted him as he threw off his shirt and dropped his shorts before he got to the living room.

“You are so bad mom.” He tried to look serious but he couldn’t carry it, especially when he went right for my pussy and started giving it a good tongue licking.

“Me?” I asked innocently. I laid back and enjoyed my pussy lapping.

“Yes you. You know darn well what I’m talking about.” He said as he licked my wet pussy and stuck a finger up inside of me and lovingly finger fucked me as he ate me. “You really deserve a good spanking,” He laughed and nibbled on my clitty. His voice was muffled against my pussy and it tickled me.

Mmmm, now that sounded fun I thought. “I didn’t embarrass you did I? You know I would never do that intentionally,” I told him in between laughs. “Ahhhh! I’ve been waiting for that all night.” I moaned as he hit a tender spot.

“For some reason, Penny really likes you, and you didn’t embarrass her.” He conceded. “She thinks you’re cool, and I have to admit, when you did that thing with the washcloth and then hugged her, so did I.” Brad sat up and gave me a serious look.

“Hey, were you going? You’re not through here yet.” I loved what he was doing down there and tried to pull his head back down but he wouldn’t let me. “Well I like her too but there’s something else on your mind. What is it?”

“I don’t know; it’s just that you two are so alike. She’s so open and understanding and likes to talk about sex all the time, just like you. You know, asking me what feels good, being so vocal about things she wants to try, things she wants me to do to her… ” Brad got a silly look on his face and grinned from ear to ear.

“What? Tell me,” I demanded.

Brad laughed. “She likes to be spanked too. She likes it when I tell her she’s been a bad girl and I take her over my knee and spank her, just like you do mom. Weird huh?” He was still grinning. “Oh yeah, big on anal too!” He laughed.

“Well good for her,” I laughed. “I knew I liked that girl.” I said and wondered if there was more to all this than I could see. “You didn’t mention how much she enjoys being jacked off on,” I giggled and held Brad’s cock. “I know she did that intentionally and I thought it was so sweet.” I got down and sucked Brad’s cock for a few minutes before adding, “Not all women enjoy that so I hope you appreciated it.”

“I do, I really do mom. She thought you were so cool when you didn’t say anything about my jizz all over her face,” Brad grunted as he shoved his cock back in my mouth and pumped away, face fucking me.

“You really like her don’t you?” I said as I held his cock on my tongue and licked his fat head. I got a little taste of cum on my tongue and now I was dying to feel him inside of me.

“Yeah I do mom but it’s strange. She gets off on kinky sex as much as I do and you saw how cool she was when you kissed her, but there’s more. I haven’t figured it all out yet but I know she’s pretty open about sex with her dad. The trouble is, she just won’t talk about her relationship with him. It’s frustrating.”

“Keep talking.” I said and kissed him. “Tell me while I do this for you.” I put off getting fucked for a moment and coaxed him back in my mouth. I held his cock and licked the underside of his balls and managed to lick his asshole before going back to his cock and swallowing him down my throat and listened to what was on his mind.

Brad let me suck him for a few minute and then suddenly stood. He held my head to his cock and fucked my mouth as he told me about what he had seen at Penny’s house. “Maybe it’s nothing but I caught Penny kissing her father on the lips when I came out of the bathroom. He had his hands on her butt, just like you and I do. They broke off the kiss as soon as they heard me but it sure looked hot to me. Penny just blew it off when I asked her about it. She said it was just a little hello kiss to her dad.”

Not surprisingly, Brad got harder as he told his story. “I better take care of this,” I teased as I tightened my lips around his cock and got down to business. His cock was dripping sweet cum onto my tongue and I hoped he was close. “Just keep talking honey, your mother wants everything you have,” I told him and licked his balls and mouthed his hard cock.

“They have incest magazines too Mom. The same one’s we buy. I found one in the bathroom.” He told me as he fed me his cock.

“When I asked Penny about them she just laughed it off and told me her dad bought and read them. She said she never read them but she looked a little guilty to me.”

“That’s pretty interesting Brad. I don’t think there are many families that just have “Family Frolics” sitting around the house.” It was starting to make sense now. I remembered how Penny had looked at Brad and me when we were kissing and hugging earlier today. It was definitely a look of approval, not of shock or disgust.

Brad wagged his cock at my lips and smiled, “Will you get back to this? You have no idea how horny I am talking about this Mom. Please.” He teased my lips, hoping that would codify my feelings. It worked. “It would be so cool if Penny and her dad were into incest like we are.” He thoughtfully said as I sucked him off.

“Yes of course dear, just keep talking,” My son was definitely excited about that possibility. I wrapped my lips around his cock and bobbed my head up and down on his boner and waited for him to cum.

“Yup, pretty neat isn’t it mom. Maybe that’s why Penny didn’t freak when you smooched me today.”

I pulled off of him and licked his cock head as I thought about that. “Maybe, but I have a hunch there’s more going on here than we see.” I had to think this through. I was missing something. I knew Brad was excited about the possibilities but it just seemed as if there was more to the story than either of us understood.

“I tried to ask her about her relationship with her dad, but every time I bring it up, she shuts down and gets real moody so I drop it.”

“Well, I, for one, am curious too.” It would be so fun to know another family that was involved in incest. “I really like Penny, so don’t do anything dumb Brad. I’ll be very angry at you if you scare her off.” I tried to sound light hearted but I knew Penny was good for Brad and I didn’t want him to screw up this relationship by pushing her too hard for answers.

“I like her a lot too mom. We have a ball together and ah… well you saw, we have great sex.” He gave me a silly little grin and laughed. “Now will you get back to this?” He chuckled and shoved his cock back between my lips. “More sucking and less talking.” In a few short minutes, Brad rewarded me with a mouthful of cum. I swallowed every drop.

Brad brought Penny to the house that next afternoon. I was of course naked when the two of them came in and Penny was just so funny when she saw me. “Oh good, Mrs. H., you’re nude, I hoped you’d be. Do you mind if I take off my clothes too? I think it’s just so cool how you and Brad go naked at home.” Without waiting for a reply, she pulled off her top and shimmied out of her shorts. Brad raced her and in seconds both kids were standing naked in front of me. I didn’t miss how red and puffy Penny’s cunt lips looked.

I couldn’t help smile at her openness and told her I certainly didn’t mind if she got naked with me. “Just be yourself Penny. I’m so glad it doesn’t offend you.” Brad’s cock came to life and stood out hard and proud. Penny and I both looked admiring at it. “Why don’t you put Penny’s things in your room honey?” Penny’s beautiful nipples were as hard as Brad’s cock. Lucky girl. She was going to get Brad’s cock first.

“Thanks Mrs. H., and I’m definitely not offended. I love hanging out nude.” She almost grabbed Brad by his cock but stopped at the last second and instead took his hand. A half hour went by and they still hadn’t emerged. I eventually walked half way down the hall and called them. “Brad, I’m serving lunch soon. Penny will you join us?” I was tempted to stick my head in Brad’s room but resisted. It was another five minutes before the two of them came into the kitchen; their naked bodies were flushed and sweaty. For once, Brad’s cock was almost soft and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why. Penny must have fucked his brains out. Good for her I thought. “Penny dear, would you like to take a shower before we eat? You have about 15 minutes.” I offered her, hoping I would have few minutes alone with Brad before dinner.

“That would be wonderful Mrs. H. I guess I could use one,” She laughed lightly and held onto Brad’s arm. I couldn’t help but notice the little bite marks on the sides of her breast and a white sheen of cum around her cunt lips.

“Brad honey, show Penny where the towels are and I’ll get my shampoo.”

“That’s so nice of you Mrs. H.,” She said as Brad led her back down the hall. I went to my bathroom and grabbed my shampoo and rinse and brought them back to the other bathroom. “Here we go Penn… Ooops. Sorry.” I had walked in on my two lovebirds. Penny was on her knees and giving Brad a blowjob. I watched as her tight lips furiously milked him. Penny’s hands were wrapped tightly around Brad’s ass, and she was pulling him deep down her throat. I thought it was so sweet when Brad brushed a stray hair out of her eyes.

“Hold that thought hon.” Brad pulled Penny up and kissed her. “Thanks sweetie,” He ran his hand over her breasts and thumbed her nipples. “Thanks mom,” He said and took the bottles from me and handed them to Penny. “Call me if you need help.” Penny couldn’t take her eyes off of Brad’s cock. She definitely had plans for it.

“Come on Brad. Give the poor girl a chance to clean up,” I said as I tugged him out of the bathroom. I’m sure if I hadn’t been there the two of them would have been screwing again. I wondered why Brad wasn’t showering with her.

“Thanks mom, that was really nice of you.” He threw his arm around me and cupped my boob playfully as we walked back to the kitchen. “I really wanted to talk to you for minute, without Penny hearing.” He was practically walking on air as he guided me into the kitchen.

I sighed as Brad tweaked my nipples. “Brad, you just got done screwing and having your cock sucked, behave yourself for at least a minute.” I told him good naturedly as I spun and faced him. “So what’s gotten you in such a good mood honey?” I reached down and fit his cock between my waiting pussy lips. He made me feel all warm and squishy between my legs. I’d really grown accustomed to having my son’s cock in me.

“That was nice of you to offer Penny our shower. I guess I should have thought of it first.” He told me as he rocked his hips back and forth against me. I felt his cock stiffen and grow as he easily slipped inside of me.

I told him that I was surprised he wasn’t showering with her. “But I’m sure you would have if you had wanted to. So what’s up… besides this?” I giggled and reached down between us and touched his cock shaft as he fucked me. It was marvelous fucking standing up. It was meant for people in a hurry. I wrapped one leg around his thigh and let him fuck me deeper. I figured we had at least ten minutes of good fucking before Penny was through showering.

“Mmmm, wow, nice mom.” He said as he worked a few more inches of cock in me. “It’s Penny’s dad, he caught her blowing me and he was just so cool about it. He even complimented her for swallowing. It was weird but fun. Penny wasn’t embarrassed or freaked that he caught her sucking me off. Is that far out or what? ” He marveled as he slowly fucked me.

“That is pretty interesting.” I said as I wrapped my other leg around him and let him hold me up so he could fuck me deeper. “How about her father? Was he doing anything while he watched the two of you? He wasn’t masturbating or anything was he?” I ask as I motioned for Brad to put me down so I could clean of a spot off on the table for us to fuck. I sat on the edge and motioned Brad back to my pussy. “Fuck me honey. We only have a few minutes.”

“No, nothing like that but I’m pretty sure he was hard.” Brad said as he fingered me. “Penny says she has no problem doing stuff like that in front of him. She says that he’s very cool about her having sex since she’s of age. I think that’s pretty cool of him. I mean I didn’t mind him watching,” Brad grinned. “I’ve never minded an audience.” I was holding Brads’ cock and was about to pull him into my cunt when we heard a gasp.

“Brad?… Oh!” Penny stood naked at the kitchen door with a look of shock and surprise on her face “I… I, ah, I was going to ask for a brush… ” Her voice trailed off as she stared at the two of us. “I hope I didn’t interrupt anything.” Her eyes were glued to my hand, which was wrapped around Brad’s cock. “I just wanted to borrow a brush and a hair dryer, but it can wait.” She said as she gave both of us a curious look before she turned and walked back to the bathroom. “I’ll just wait.” She said as she waved at us over her shoulder, as if to say, ‘you two finish what you were doing, no hurry.'” There was no doubt she saw my hand around Brad’s cock and how I had him positioned at my pussy. It’s good she hadn’t shown up a minute later, or we would have been fucking.

“Shit.” Brad said as he stood up. “Penny, wait up.” He totally forgot about me and I almost fell off the table.

“Wait Brad.” I stopped him. “It’ll be alright, trust me. Just give her a moment to think about what she thought she saw. At least we weren’t in the middle of the table, fucking and knocking things all over the floor.” It was my fault for being so horny I told myself. After what Brad told me about her father, I was convinced that if Penny had seen us fucking, she wouldn’t have been all that upset or shocked. The look she gave us wasn’t one of disgust. That was a ‘How interesting,’ look. “If she asks,” I had to think about this for a moment. “Just tell her I was lonely and horny and that you were helping me. I know that sounds simple and crazy but trust me on this one honey. Don’t lie to her.”

Brad looked at me like I was crazy but agreed. “Ok, mom, if that’s your story, I’ll go along with it.”

The two of them came back about five minutes later and Penny seemed fine, but I knew I had to say something. “Penny, about what you saw… “

“It’s ok Mrs. H., Brad explained. I totally understand. I knew you two were close, just not that closes.” She giggled and gave me a warm and understanding smile. “I’m sorry we made you so horny.” Her infectious giggle got all three of us laughing.

I picked up on Brad’s little lie. “I need to date more often or stop watching the two of you making love. I apologize if I upset you dear. It’s just that masturbating with Brad watching… well, it just really gets me off.” That wasn’t the whole truth but at least it was the truth and Penny had empathy with my plight. “Well I still apologize for surprising you like that. I know how it must have looked. I should have just used my vibrator.” I told her.

“You don’t have to apologize to me Mrs. H., I totally understand. I can’t keep my hands off of him either.” She rubbed his butt and moved her excited breasts against his arm and smiled at me.

“You’d better stop or Brad’s going to get a big head.” I chided her.

“Big!” Penny screamed. “It’s already huge Mrs. H.! Look!” She said and reached down and held Brad’s cock up by his balls. She held him in her small hand and wagged him at me and laughed. “If he was any bigger, we wouldn’t be able to get him in us,” She laughed mischievously as she unabashedly played with his cock, seemingly unaware that she had just insinuated that I also fucked Brad. Brad and I quickly looked at each other and neither of us I corrected her.

“Hey, I’m here you two. I can hear you.” Brad said and pretended his feelings were hurt. He definitely enjoyed having Penny playing with his cock in front of me.

“You hush now.” I told my son. I gave Penny a knowing smile and boldly took Brad’s cock from her and led him to the table. “Let me help you Penny. I have a little experience at this. Sit down and eat Brad. You need your strength if you’re going to take care of this pretty young lady.” Penny just broke up as she watched me lead Brad to the table by his hard cock.

“Mrs. H., you’re wild.” She said and hugged me and then Brad. “Poor baby, he needs us to lead him everywhere.”

“It’s good he’s got such a big handle to lead him by!” I shrieked. Even Brad couldn’t help laughing.

We had a lovely dinner and afterwards, Penny took me up on my offer to stay and watch a movie. Brad started to protest but Penny cut him off. “Brad, I want to stay. It’ll be fun, just the three of us and besides I haven’t seen the movie your mom rented.” Penny stood in front of him and held his cock in her hand to get his attention. “We have plenty of time for this later on.” She cooed and kissed him and gently led him into the living room… by his cock and settled in with him on the couch. “There, this isn’t so awful is it?” She asked as she lovingly stroked him and appeased him. She knew how to get and keep him horny.

Brad looked a little bemused by Penny’s sudden boldness and how audacious she was behaving but he certainly wasn’t complaining. He knew I had no problem with what either of them was doing. “We’d better be careful Penny, you saw how horny mom is.” he nodded in my direction and smirked.

“Brad Hunt! Don’t you dare make fun of your mother,” Penny said, coming to my defense. “She can’t help if she gets horny around you. You’re so darn handsome and sexy,” She giggled and stuck out her tongue at him. “Mrs. H, sit with us. I’ll make sure Brad behaves.” She said and pointed to the spot on the couch next to them. “I think there’s enough of him for both of us.”

I laughed. “I’m not sure I want him to behave Penny.” I giggled. “And you can be sure; I will get horny if I sit too close to him.” That got us all laughing again. I really did want to join them but I thought Penny was just being polite.

My candidness made Penny laugh. “Two horny women. Now that should make Brad happy!” Penny gave me a conspiratorial smile as she waved me down. “You’d like that wouldn’t you honey?” She said as she seductively held his cock and made him harder. She batted her pretty blue eyes up at him knowingly. “You’d like your mother to sit with us wouldn’t you Brad honey?”

Brad couldn’t resist her smile or her eyes, much less the hand she had wrapped around his cock. “Come on Mom, sit,” he blushed, and patted the couch beside him. He looked a little sheepish, what with Penny so openly fisting his cock but he was all for me sitting next to him. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me as if to ask, ‘What am I suppose to do now?’ He was having a ball being the center of attention.

It was difficult watching the movie while sneaking peeks at what Penny was doing to Brad. She certainly was doing her darndest to make him cum, no doubt about it. I watched her lick her hand several times to lubricate it so it moved smoother over his cock. I silently urged him to cum. I was beyond flustered and horny. If she was really going to jack him off, there was no way I wouldn’t have my own orgasm too. I desperately wanted to reach between my legs and finger myself as I watched her. My legs opened and closed involuntarily, squeezing and massaging my pussy. “Maybe I should leave you two love birds alone.” I offered and started to get up so I could go and masturbate. “I can hear my vibrator calling.”

“Don’t go Mrs. H, please, stay. It’s my fault. I’m making you horny.” She gave me a big wink. “I just can’t keep my hands off of him,” She leaned over Brad and planted a big kiss on the head of his cock. “Or my mouth either. I’m sure you have the same problem.” She laughed sweetly. It was as if she was encouraging me to do something with Brad in front of her.

My heart beat faster as I thought about how we had almost been caught fucking earlier. “If you keep doing that, I’m going to have to take care of myself.” I smiled and stared at her. She understood what I was talking about.

Penny nodded and whispered, as if Brad wasn’t there, “I’d understand if you wanted Brad to kind of help you Mrs. H.,” Penny pursed her lips and gave me the most innocent smile. “If you’re as horny as I am right now, maybe we can convince Brad to help both of us.” She slyly suggested. “Besides, I owe you one for interrupting you earlier… ”

“Penny!” Brad gulped.

“Don’t Penny me Brad Hunt. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t help your mother.” She looked past him and winked at me. “She has needs too.” Brad still wasn’t sure what to do and I for one was prepared to just sit back and let Penny orchestrate this little love fest. Penny took his hand and placed it between my legs. “Don’t act so innocent. You know darn well how to satisfy a woman this way. Just pretend it’s me.”

I was just as surprised as Brad was. “Penny… I… ah, I… ah don’t want you to think we do this… ” I squirmed as I felt Brad’s fingers on my pussy.

“I don’t think anything Mrs. H. I just don’t see any reason why two horny women shouldn’t be able to get a little satisfaction. I think your relationship with Brad is really cool. Besides, it’s just the three of us, who will know?” She asked as she took Brad’s other hand and deftly put it between her legs. “Let’s see how well Brad can multitask.” She giggled.

“Oh I like your ideas Penny.” I squeezed my legs together, trapping my son’s hand against my pussy. “I think Brad does too.”

That was the green light for Brad. He started finger fucking both of us. “So, you don’t think I can do two things at once?” He asked as he worked our pussies. “We’ll see about that.” His cock was standing straight up and away from his body as he fingered the two of us. Penny and I both stared at it; we both wanted it. I almost reached over and held him. “How am I doing Mom? Penny?” he asked as he pushed a finger up both of our pussies and finger fucked the two women in his life.

Penny slumped further down on the couch and practically cried. “Oh honey… do that, just like that.” She said as she held her legs wide open for him. “And don’t forget your mother.” She panted. “Finger her too!” She moaned.

“He’s not forgetting me Penny. He’s fingering me and it’s wonderful.” I moaned. I had my legs spread and was moving my pussy back and forth against his invading fingers. I was practically falling off the couch when I came. “Oh OH OH!” I shouted a little self-consciously. I squeezed my legs together and came on Brad’s hand. A few minutes later Penny let out a loud low moan and started to cum.

“Faster… harder! Oh my god yes!” She screamed as she thrashed about the couch. The two of us each had a terrific orgasm with Brad’s help. Neither of us moved for several long minutes as we regained control. “Oh boy did I ever need that.” Penny said and stretched her naked young body before snuggling into Brad. “But look at poor Brad Mrs. H.” She said as she licked the palm of her hand and fisted his hard cock again. “My baby’s so hard and excited. He was so good; I think he deserves a reward. Don’t you think so Mrs. H?” Penny looked over at me and I could read the lust in her eyes. “I think I should help him!” She said as she crawled over Brad’s lap and took his hard cock in her mouth and began giving him a blowjob.

“Ah geez honey!” Brad moaned lustily, his body coming off of the couch. He pushed his thick cock deep into her mouth. He looked at me, pleading with me not to be jealous. I wasn’t.

Penny came back up and smiled at me again. “Feel him Mrs. H. He’s so hard and hot.” When I didn’t immediately react, she reached over and took my willing hand and wrapped it around my son’s cock. She moved my hand up and down over the length of Brad’s cock and laughed. “He has such a marvelous cock!” Penny looked at me and smiled. “You’re so lucky Mrs. H.”

I was light headed as I openly masturbated my son in front of Penny. I managed to smile weakly and admit to her, “It is wonderful Penny.” The last thing I wanted to do was let go of him but I did. “But I think you should be the one to make him cum.” I sat back and put my hand between my legs and made sure Penny could see that I was fingering myself. “I’ll just watch and have fun here.”

“Ok, my turn this time.” Penny said and eagerly threw her mouth onto his cock. Brad put both of his hands on top of her head, not pushing, just touching her hair to show her how much he liked what she was doing. He eventually stopped moving his hips and let Penny use her head and mouth to fuck him. In a matter of minutes he was cumming and filling her mouth full of his hot cum. “Oh geez yes!” He said as he arched his back and thrust his cock deeper down her throat. “Suck it Penny, take it all!” he urged her as she milked the last of his sperm from him. Brad leaned over to me and we kissed long and hard, his hands were all over my breasts as his girl friend sucked his cock. I kept right on fingering myself as we kissed. When Penny felt Brad finally softening, she tightened her lips around the head of his cock and slowly withdrew, smacking her lips, as she savored the last of his cum. She saw us kissing and just smiled at us.

“Ohhh, that was yummy!” She giggled. She obviously had no problems with giving blowjobs in front of me or seeing her boyfriend and his mother making out. She was just giving Brad’s cock one last lick when she gasped. She had spotted my clit ring. “Mrs. H., your pussy’s pierced!?” She said, as she stared hard between my legs.

“Yes, do you like it?” I held my pussy lips apart and showed off my clit ring. I just assumed she had seen it earlier. I’d never made a secret about being pierced but it was usually hidden between the folds of my pussy. I thought it was charming that she had noticed it and asked. “Brad says I jingle when I walk.” I added. It made my juices run showing her my pussy and clit ring. I couldn’t help myself when I laid back and lightly fingered my clitty. “I can cum just touching it sometimes.”

Penny looked at Brad and smiled knowingly. “And I bet it gets touched a lot,” Penny and I traded knowing smiles. “Can I look? I just think they’re so hot,” she said as she slid off the couch and knelt in front of me.

I laughed, “Of course you can. I don’t get to show it off much, do I Brad?” I said and gave him a quick little smile.

Penny either didn’t hear me or chose to ignore my inference. She slid off the couch and got between my legs and admired my ring and its placement. “It’s so beautiful. I’ve always wanted one but I just never dared. I’d put mine right above my clit too. That’s so hot Mrs. H.,” Penny reached out and then stopped herself. “May I?” she asked, surprisingly timid now.

“Only if you stop calling me Mrs. H. It seems to me that if you’re going to touch my pussy you should start calling me Angela.” I spread my legs further and exposed myself for her.

Penny liked that, “Ok Angela.” She said as she reached for my pussy and ring. Her face was only inches from my cunt and I noticed a little drop of cum stuck to the corner of her mouth. I used my finger to wipe it off and offered it to her. “Thanks.” She said as she seductively sucked my finger clean. “Almost as good as getting it right from the source.”

“Almost.” I grinned and licked my finger. I almost made myself cum. I was panting when I told her, “Look as close as you want.” I pushed my butt closer to the edge of the couch and offered up my pussy to her. I tried to will her tongue and lips to my pussy. Having her face so close to my cunt was almost more than I could take.

Penny reached out and gently parted my lips and held my clit ring. “I love the size; it’s so dainty and delicate.” She looked thoughtfully as she held my wet lips apart and examined my ring. Her middle finger somehow found its way inside my pussy.

I gasped and involuntarily pushed my pussy back at her finger and felt another inch of her slim finger moving around inside of me. “I have a larger one I wear for… special occasions.” I panted as I moved my hips back and forth and fucked myself on Penny’s finger. I wanted to tell her how Brad used a chain to lead me around by my pussy. “I wear a larger one when I have a really hot date or when I’ve been really bad, don’t I Brad.” I moaned lustily. “It gives my guy something big to hang onto.” I grinned at Brad over Penny’s shoulders and blew him a kiss. I was flowing a river from my pussy as Penny held my cunt lips apart and fingered me. Her fingers were soaked and I gasped as she nonchalantly licked them dry and then patted my pussy and sat back up.

“I should really just do it.” She said as she sat back down and wrapped her wet fingers around Brad’s cock again. She seemed very content to be able to hold him again. “You wouldn’t mind if I got pierced would you Brad?” She innocently asked as she parted her pussy lips. “Right here.” She indicated the hood of her clit. “I should get a chain too, just like your mother’s. I think it would be hot to be led around by my pussy… just like your mother. You could drag me around when I’ve been bad and you wanted to punish me.”

Brad groaned with lust. “I’d love it if you did. I just love seeing mom being led by her clit ring. You’d look just as hot,” He told her. I had to quickly close my legs to stifle an orgasm while I watched Brad casually put his hand between Penny’s legs and finger her tight little pussy.

I plunged two fingers inside my pussy and fucked myself as Brad fingered Penny. “I could go with you if you want,” I managed to say. “I went by myself and wished I had had someone to hold my hand.” I playfully rubbed my clit and played with my ring.” You’ll just love how a hard cock feels against it the first time.” I told Penny as I flicked my little ring with my finger. “I almost fainted, didn’t I Brad honey.” The kids were going at it so hot and heavy that they didn’t hear me. I think they forgot I was there.

After watching them touch and kiss and grope each other for a few minutes Penny remembered she had been talking to me. “Oh that would be wonderful Angela!” She thanked me as she squirmed and clamped her legs around Brad’s fingers as he brought her off one more again. I watched raptly as she rocked back and forth and played with her nipples before she slumped back into the couch as her orgasm crashed through her young body. When she opened her eye again, she continued right where she left off, just as if nothing had happened. “Can we go this week?” I loved it that she felt so free and open about having sex in front of me. She understood perfectly well that I enjoyed watching the two of them. We made a date for next week.

I got up to clean myself up and when I came back a few minutes later, Penny was on Brad’s lap and the two of them were fucking. Penny’s young body was slowly moving up and down on his thick cock, her eyes were closed as she arched her back and rode him. Brad was lifting her up and down, holding her by her white globes as he drove his cock in and out of her. I wanted to sit and watch but resisted the temptation. Instead I leaned down and kissed Brad’s cheek. “You two have fun.” I said. I put my hand to Penny’s cheek to caress it. She surprised me when she pulled me to her and kissed me hard on the lips. Her tongue found mine and mine found hers. We kissed long and hard, as two lovers would. “Wooow! Penny!” I softly gasped as she ran her tongue over my lips.

“Thanks for the great evening Angela, and especially for sharing Brad with me.” She kissed my lips lightly and smiled.

“You’re more than welcome Penny.” I said as I ran my tongue over her soft lips. “I like sharing him with you.” I said and let my fingers trail over her pink nipples. Penny reached up and held them to her breasts and gave me a final kiss. I left the kids to finish their fuck in private. I hurried to my room and my vibrators and got what I really needed.

When I came back, they were both dressed and both of them were still feeling very playful. “Bye Mrs… oops, bye Angela,” she laughed distractedly. Brad was behind her and had her peasant blouse pulled up to her neck as he played with her tits. “I’ll see you Tuesday. Thanks again for dinner and… ” She smiled as she reached down and caressed Brad’s cock through his pants. “Well, you know. That was fun.” She said. She surprised me again by coming to me and embracing me. We kissed tenderly, romantically. Her tongue flicked out and met mine. “I like kissing you Angela.” She pressed her young breasts against mine and smiled, “Especially when we’re naked.” She gave me a little wave and left with Brad.

I picked her up on Tuesday and it was certainly more fun this time. Penny is so free and unencumbered and had no problem being so intimately exposed to a stranger when she got pierced. I watched the young girl doing the piercing move her fingers over Penny’s pussy as she examined her. She casually slid her fingers inside Penny and fingered her as they chat. Neither girl seemed embarrassed or inhibited by my presence. I looked on, fascinated and turned on by how open young girls were these days. I wished it were my fingers up Penny’s pussy. Penny picked out a lovely gold ring and had it attached to the hood of her clit as well as a long thick chain. Afterwards I took her to lunch and took advantage of the time alone to have our much-needed talk.

“You’re not going to be able to have sex for a few days.” I reminded her. “She told you that didn’t she?” I asked as we drove. It was a couple of days before I felt comfortable fucking again. Brad and I came up with at least a dozen ways to bring each other off without actually fucking and I was sure he and Penny would be just as creative.

“I’ll hate that,” She laughed, “I just don’t know if Brad will survive though.” She giggled and blushed. “You might have to help him Angela.” She slyly suggested without looking at me. She had her short skirt pulled up around her waist as she admired her new ring. “I promise I won’t get jealous.” She said as she carefully touched her tender little snatch. I wondered if she was going to masturbate in front of me. “I could never be jealous of you and Brad, Angela.”

“I’m his mother, not his wife but I’ll help anyway I can.” We smiled knowingly at each other.

“Thanks Angela. Most mothers aren’t as cool as you are.” She sat quietly and I couldn’t help but notice the sweet smile on her face.

“Most young girls aren’t as cool as you are. But you were thinking. What? Tell.” I asked as I fought to keep my eyes on the road while still looking at her slick blonde pussy and what she was doing with her fingers.

“I was just thinking about Brad. He’s such a good lover. He just makes me so happy and I’d do anything to please him… anything,” and she laughed again. “He’s so willing to go along with anything I ask.” She said wistfully and then gave me a very serious look. “I liked watching him finger you Angela. Not many mothers would do that for their son’s. I’m glad you let him. I’m glad Brad did it.”

“I’m glad I did too and I especially liked it that you were there watching and ok with it.” I whispered. “It really made it special for both of us.” I wasn’t ready to tell her I had fucked Brad later that night but I saw my opening to inject some motherly advice. “Penny, the thing you and Brad need to do to make your relationship work is to be open and honest with each other. You need to tell Brad about you, so he will be able to love you the way you need to be loved.” I let that hang in the air before I added, “And don’t get pregnant! I don’t want to be a grandmother… yet.”

Penny laughed. “You won’t be, don’t worry about that.” She seemed to be thinking about something and finally said, “I know what you’re talking about being open Angela,… but I made someone a promise.” She bit her lip and seemed about to start crying. “I just can’t.” she said into her hands.

“Penny, it’s time for you to grow up. You’re 18, you’re a young woman and it’s time for you to decide if you’re ready for the type of relationship Brad is offering you.” I was being hard on her but I knew I was right. She needed to be up-front with Brad about her relationship with her father. I knew how much he wanted to tell her about our relationship, but her reluctance to talk about her father was holding him back. I knew if she didn’t open up to him soon, he would be disappointed enough to walk away from the one girl who could make him happy. I hoped she took my advice since I strangely felt closer to her then I did with most women my own age. The bond we had formed was unique, one I’d never had with another woman. I sensed Penny felt the same way.

We rode in silence until I got to Penny’s home. “Angela, you’re just so understanding. You’re like the big sister I never had.” She said as she threw her arms around me and hugged me. “Thank you for what you said. I want to tell Brad everything… but I can’t… yet.” I hugged her back and rubbed her back. I couldn’t resist letting my hand drift down past her short skirt and up and underneath it. I caressed her bare bottom and pulled her to me. That produced long soft moans. “You touch me as nice as Brad does.” She sighed and melted into me.

I used both hands to pull her closer to me. “I don’t want you to loose Brad and I don’t want to loose you either. I like you a lot Penny.” I almost said ‘I love you.’ “Think about what I said. It’s time to make your own decisions.” It was advice I hoped she took. I brought her face up to mine and kissed her full on her young lips. I moaned softly when she put her hand between my legs and caressed my inner thighs. I automatically spread my legs and allowed her to move her hand anywhere she wanted to. “I like how you touch me too.” I told her and kissed her eyelids, the corners of her mouth and then her lips.

“If I could pick a big sister, she’d be just like you Angela,” She said breathlessly as she moved her fingers over my pussy and touched my clit. “Thanks for going with me today. I could never have done it without you there.” She told me as she moved her finger in and out of my wet pussy. “I can’t wait to show it to Brad.” She sighed as she worked my pussy to a fever pitch. “I hope he likes mine as much he likes yours.” She said as she masturbated me. “You’re so lucky to have him all the time.”

I gasped as her fingers fucked me. “He’ll love it Penny.” I promised her as I pushed my pussy back at her fingers. I marveled at how she had taken over the role as the aggressor. I looked into her eyes and let her kiss me. Our tongues moved lightly over each other’s lips before we held them together and kissed deeply. Penny’s fingers were driving me crazy. “I am lucky. I have both of you.” I told her and gripped her hand and fucked myself on her fingers until I came. When I could finally speak again I told Penny how I felt about her. “I love you and I love how you make me cum.”

We kissed passionately. Penny looked lovingly into my eyes and asked me to help her cum. “Touch me Angela, please,” she pulled my hand between her legs and put my finger between her pussy lips. “I want you to make me cum,” I touched her new ring and easily slid past it and fucked her as she had fucked me. We embraced and kissed again and ground our bodies together. “I’ve wanted you to do that since the first time I met you.” She huskily told me as she ground her cunt onto my fingers. “I’m pretty sure I know who taught Brad to be such a wonderful lover.” Penny whispered into my ear. “I’m glad he’s had such a good teacher and I’m glad you’re the first one to touch my new ring.” She gave me a dreamy little smile and seemed to float out of the car and into her house.

I sat there stunned and terribly turned on by what had just happened. My craving to make love to Penny was off the scale. My lips still burned from her kiss and I looked at my wet fingers, the ones that had just been buried in her pussy. I smiled, shook my head and drove home in a daze. I was an emotional and sexually wreck when I realized Bard wasn’t home yet. If ever I needed my son’s cock it was right then. I ran for my vibrators and masturbated myself to sleep.

When I got up, I found Brad in the kitchen on the phone. I silently waved to him and sat down next to him. It was obvious he was talking to Penny. His cock was hard and he was slowly stroking himself as he talked. “Penny?” I mouthed. Brad nodded his head yes.

I took advantage of the situation and knelt before him and took his cock and put it in my mouth. “It sounds beautiful honey. I can’t wait to see it. Yeah, I’m jerking off right now thinking about it. “Ouch!” Brad yelled when I bit the head of his cock.

“Oh nothing hon. Just banged my toe. Yes, Mom just got up.” He nervously said as I bobbed my head over his thick cock. “No, I’m ok, nothings wrong, honest.” He told her as he pushed my head down further onto his cock. “Ahhhh geezzzzz,” he moaned softly.

On the other end of the phone Penny heard this and worried. “Brad, are you sure you’re ok?”

“Of course I’m ok. I’m fine… Mom just, ah… she just… !” Brad held his hand over the receiver and laughed. “Mom, you’re killing me.” He pushed his hips up and fed more cock into my mouth.

“Brad, what’s going on? Are you ok? Is your mother ok?” Penny asked concerned that something was wrong with him.

“I’m fine Penny and so is Mom. Believe me, I’m really ok and so is Mom.” He said as he thrust his cock between my lips.

I held Brad’s cock and licked his long shaft. “Brad,” I said in a hushed voice, “Tell her what I’m doing. Tell her I’m giving you a blowjob. Tell her I’m sucking your cock and you’re going to fuck me as soon as you hang up.” I just had a feeling about this.

“Are you crazy Mom?” He asked in a hushed voice.

“Tell her Brad. Trust me.” I told him in a tone that told him not to argue. “Tell her I’m sucking your cock and that you’re going to fuck your mother when you get off the phone. Do it Brad. You have to trust me on this one.” It was woman’s intuition and I just knew it was the right time to come out and tell her about us.

“Braaad! Talk to me! Tell me what’s going on. Is your mother ok?” Penny’s voice was frantic.

“Penny… ah… everything’s ok here. It’s just that mom… I… we… ” Brad looked down at me again; the question on his face was comically painful.

“Tell her Brad.” I bite the head of his cock.


“What was that? Brad Hunt, I’m coming over there if you don’t tell what’s going on!” Penny was almost crying now.

“Honey… everything’s… ok,… honestly… Everything’s… ok because… because… because” And he took a deep breath and told her, “Everything’s ok honey because… mom… because my mom is… giving me,” and I could hear the catch in his throat… “A blowjob!” The silence was deafening. I could hear a gasp from the other end of the phone.

I seemed like forever before Penny spoke again. “Brad Hunt if you’re teasing me, if you’re lying to me, I’ll never speak to you again!”

I couldn’t hear what she said after that but I could tell Brad needed more help. “Tell her again honey. Tell her the truth, she needs to hear it.” I put his cock back in my mouth and licked his pee hole and waited.

“It’s true Penny. Mom and I have been lovers… fucking each other for over a year now. She’s sucking my cock right now. She sucks my cock all the time and when I get off the phone I’m going to fuck her.” Brad held his breath while he listened.

“What’s she saying?” I couldn’t stand it. Brad was nodding his head up and down as he listened.

“You are? Ah huh, Yes, I understand what you’re telling me and no I’m not upset. I love you too. Yes, I think that’s hot baby.” Brad was smiling from ear to ear.

“Tell me, what is she saying?” I sat up and got right in my son’s face.

“Hold on baby.” He put his hand over the phone and looked at me like I was some kind of mystic. “How did you know?” he asked me, he was beaming from ear to ear.

I just gave him my best, “Mother knows best” smile, and waited impatiently for him to tell me what Penny had said. “Well! What did she say?”

“Penny, she’s fucking her father right now. She said he is usually fucking her when we talk on the phone! She’s sitting on his lap right now and he’s fucking her! Is that wild or what mom! She says she’s been fucking him for years! How did you know? Did she tell you?”

“Never mind that. I want you to invite Penny and her father over for dinner this Saturday.” I gave Brad a smug little smile and went back to his dick.

“Yeah, ok mom,” he laughed and made the invitation. “She’s sucking me off again but I’m not going to cum. I want to save it for later, when we’re fucking.” Brad was beside himself now. He couldn’t have been happier if he had won the lottery. “Does your dad cum in you?… Oh god, that is so hot Penny. I want to taste you right after he fucks you?… I have?” Brad chuckled louder. “Cool.” He said as he held my head down on his cock.

Brad’s answer to Penny’s next question made me smile. “Of course I eat her after I fuck her baby. Don’t I do that with you?” He was beside himself now. “I’ve got to go honey or I’ll be cumming in mom’s mouth and I really want to fuck her and then eat her, just like you and your dad are going to do. Ok, I’ll call you later… Yes after I’ve fucked her.” Brad was barely able to contain himself as he and Penny exchanged new information. “Yes, I want you to tell me all about how your dad fucks you. I want to hear everything. I want to hear how he eats that hot pussy of yours after he’s cum in you.” Brad stood up and I almost lost his cock.

“Have to go baby. Mom needs my cock. Love you.”

Brad hung up and held my head and fucked my face hard. I thought he was going to cum for sure but somehow he held off. “It’s just incredible mom. Penny and her dad are into incest too! I don’t know how you knew but I’m glad you did. This is so perfect mom. You have no idea how much I lover her.”

“I think I do honey. I love her too,” I told him as I remembered kissing and touching her earlier today. Brad and I spent the next hour fucking with renewed passion. It was if we needed to fuck each other’s mind as well as our bodies. I was so relieved that he wasn’t jealous of Penny’s father. It was just the opposite; it turned him on!

I called Penny the next day and we planned out our evening. It was fun having someone as young and vibrant as she was to conspire with. We came up with a few great ideas for making the weekend a special evening for all of us. The two of us went shopping together and we both bought outfits that we knew the men in our lives would love.

I refused to have sex with Brad all day Saturday and Penny did the same with her dad. It made Brad cranky and irritable. When I called Penny, she said her dad was the same way. Penny even refused calls from Brad. We wanted the guys as horny as possible.

“You look terrific mom!” Brad said when he saw how I was dressed. I had a very short floral patterned skirt on and opened toed sandals on my feet. It was my blouse that elicited my son’s compliments. It was an off the shoulder, sheer black top that did nothing to hide my ample breasts. About an hour before the Buldoc’s showed up I let Brad fool around a little with me but I made sure we didn’t get too carried away. My pussy was dripping and primed for an exciting evening after I let Brad licked my asshole and pussy. He begged me to suck him off but I adamantly refused and I made him promise he wouldn’t jack off. I wanted to make sure we were both on the edge of explosion when our guests arrived. I busied myself by cleaning things that had already been cleaned three times already and waited for the doorbell to ring. Even though I was expecting the doorbell, I jumped when it finally chimed.

The two of us went to the door. Brad was wearing a polo shirt and deck shorts, casual but still dressy enough for a summer dinner party. My nipples were hard with excitement and showed through my sheer top. I put my hand on Brad’s crotch and cupped his balls and cock to make sure he was hard, and then unzipped him and freed his beautiful cock. “You open the door.” I instructed him as I knelt and swallowed his cock. I held him by his ass and bobbed my head back and forth and watched out of the corner of my eyes as he opened the door. When he did, he found Penny in the exact same position I was in. She was on her knees and sucking her father’s cock.

“Holy smokes!” Brad exclaimed as he looked at the two of us. This was to be the first of many surprises Penny and I had planed for Brad and her father. Little did we know the biggest surprise of the evening was unplanned. Brad sheepishly smiled and stuck his hand out to Mr. Buldoc. “Hello sir,” He said as he thrust his cock deeper into my mouth and proudly grinned. “Nice to see you Mr. Buldoc.”

Bill Buldoc shook Brads hand and laughed. “Hi Brad. It looks like our ladies have an interesting evening planned for all of us.” He was holding Penny’s head as she sucked his long thick cock down her throat and seemed as comfortable as Brad was to be having his dick sucked.

Penny stood up first and pulled me up with here. We hugged me and giggled like two kids. We were so proud of our little joke. “Angela, I want you meet my dad.” She had a hold of his cock as she introduced him to me. “Daddy, I want you to meet Brad’s mother, Angela.”

I finally turned and faced him, a big smile on my face. Hello Mr… It took me only a moment to recognize him. “DADDY!?” I shouted.

It took my father even less time to recognize his oldest daughter. “Angela!”

“Daddy?” Penny mouthed. “I don’t understand!”

“Oh my gosh, Angela honey!” My father and I looked at each other as if we were both seeing a ghost. Dad’s mouth was agape as the shock of seeing his oldest daughter sunk in. He held out his arms and I came to him. He wrapped them around me and hugged me. “Oh honey, I can’t believe I’ve found you. I had no idea you were Brad’s mother.”

Brad looked at me, and then Penny’s father. It was just sinking in what to what was going on. “Dad? What’s going on mom? This is your dad? Grandpa?”

Penny stood next to Brad and looked as confused as he was. She had let loose of her father’s cock and it stood proudly at attention. It was still wet from Penny’s mouth. “What’s Angela talking about daddy?” She looked like she was about to cry.

“Maybe I should put this away,” Bill Buldoc, said as he attempted to tuck his hard-on back into his pants.

“Don’t you dare daddy,” both Penny and I chimed in at the same time. We all burst out laughing.

“Leave it out daddy,” I said as I ushered everyone into the house and closed the door. Despite this incredible turn of events, I didn’t think it should change our evening one bit. I was determined to make the best of this family reunion. “You’re just fine daddy.” I smiled down at his cock and grinned. “I can see why Penny’s so happy to let you fuck her.” He was built as big as Brad was and it only made me wetter to look at my own father’s cock.

My dad, ever the gentleman, hugged me and told me how beautiful I looked. “My youngest daughter loves my cock. I just hope my older daughter does too.” He said softly. “I can’t believe I’m standing here in front of my beautiful and sexy daughter.” Daddy winked at me and took the liberty to reach up and cup my breast and play with my nipples. “I hope this won’t change what seemed to be the start of a very exciting evening.” Daddy moved his hand up under my dress and slid it between my legs and check out my pussy. “Good, just as wet as your step-sisters.” He grinned at his brazenness. His fingers found my cunt slit and he slowly fucked me as we stood together. “I already have one daughter letting me do this and now I have a second. How lucky can one man get?” He grinned as he worked my pussy into a lather.

I hadn’t seen my father in over 25 years and my emotions were in turmoil but I didn’t see why that should change the evening Penny and I had planned. We were all here to celebrate incest and this surprise only made it better. I looked at Penny to judge how she was taking all of this. I shouldn’t have worried. Her glazed eyes of approval told me all I needed to know. I leaned over and kissed her as daddy finger fucked me. “I think Penny and I both like how this has turned out. We’ve both found a sister and that makes this all so great!” It felt weird but exciting to have my father finger fucking me. My pussy was quivering as he aroused me sexually. “I think we’re all lucky tonight.” I said as I led everyone into the house.

It took us a couple of hours and several drinks before the excitement and shock finally settled in. We all laughed and talked over each other and got everything straightened out. “So Penny and you are half sisters and Penny is Brad’s aunt!” Daddy said and shook his head. I was sitting on his lap with his cock buried up my cunt and Penny was facing me as she fucked her nephew. We were all pleased at how this all worked out. I certainly hadn’t made the connection after learning Penny’s last name. My father is 60 and Brad had only mentioned that he was middle aged and only little older than he would have expected Penny’s father to be. Dad married Penny’s mother and divorced her when Penny was 12. She had chosen to live with him in Seattle until two years ago when he moved his business to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where coincidentally, I had settled after moving from Minnesota, over ten years ago.

The evening was exciting for all of us and really hasn’t ended. Brad and his aunt Penny are engaged and dad and I are buying a house big enough for all four of us. Penny and I will be wife, sister, mother, and daughter to both of our men. We all couldn’t be happier to finally be living like a decent family.