The Dream

I screamed at the top of my lungs, I sat up looking around. “Thank god it was just a dream.” I mumbled to myself. I sat there for a good while thinking of the dream I just had, it was the same one I had been having for nearly a week.

I was standing on a cliff somewhere hot and dry, a desert I think, I looked around and saw a couple of men trying to force a woman to have sex with them. I hated men that did those kind of things. I ran over and knocked them away, I swooped her up in my arms and looked around and spotted a car, it must have been the guys, I put her in the passenger seat and got in the drivers side and floored the car, we flew across the desert for what like seemed like hours, until we came upon a stretch of road, the road was smoother than the desert I must say.

I sighed and relaxed, I turned to look at the woman, I realized than that she still had no clothes on except a scarf to hide most of her face except her eyes, god what eyes she had, and long dark hair that ended just below. I couldn’t help it, but my eyes traveled down her body

and my eyes locked on her breasts, god what breasts, they were firm with hard pink nipples, did without thinking my eyes traveled down the remainder of her body to her dark bush of hair. I stared at her pussy for a good minute or two, that’s when I noticed that she had become very wet, I was embarrassed, what if she caught me looking at her, I looked up and I was looking her right in the eyes. “Stop the car.” She said.

Strange I thought, her voice sounded familiar. I pulled over to the side of the road, I shut off the car.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but look miss.” I said.

“It’s ok, I think you for saving my life.” She said.

“No problem, I couldn’t just stand there and let them rape you.” I said.

“I’m very thankful and for saving my life I want to give you something.” She said.

“What.” I said as I turned to look at her. She got out of the car and motioned for me to do the same. I got out and went around to the other side where she was standing. “What now.” I asked.

“Strip.” She said.

“What, out here.” I said.

“Strip now.” She said. I started to get a hardon. I did as she instructed and began to strip, when I pulled my boxers down my erection sprang out like a steel rod, she gasped, I couldn’t blame her 11 inches was pretty big. So there we were standing next to the car on the side of the highway. I started to say something when she pushed me down to the ground. She stood over me and lowered her waiting cunt to my mouth, god what juices, I explored every bit of her delicious pussy as my hands played with her breasts. I made her cum after cum for nearly twenty minutes, I sucked up most of her juices that I could. She stood and moved down to stand over my waist with my cock pointing strait up at her pussy like a arrow, slowly she lowered herself onto my waiting cock.

I felt the head of my cock penetrate her, she stopped than slid the rest of me in to her, not all at first but with steady strokes she eventually got all of me in her, before long I brought her to another orgasm. She started to go faster and I moved my hips in timing with hers, I felt my climax approaching , As it neared I told her that I was about to cum, she told me to cum in her, fill her with my man juice. That turned me on and I started to pound upward into her as I meet her downward thrusts. I felt myself cumming, I hollered out. That’s when I got a big suprise, She screamed out. “Thas it little brother, cum in me, cumm in your big sister.”She said. I stopped and reached up to remove the scarf, oh god it was Janet, my big sister…

I would always wake up at that point with the smiling image of her on my thoughts, I had never thought about my sister sexually until I started having those dreams.

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My name is Danny, I just turned 18 about a month earlier, my sister Janet is 20, but we still live with our parents. I started to feel guilt for the dreams of my sister. I got up and headed down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, I had walked by the kitchen table without noticing my sister there. I froze in place when I heard her voice. “Evening Danny.” She said.

I turned. “Oh, Hi sis, you scared me there for a sec.” I said.

“So, when did you get home.” I said.

“A couple of hours ago.” She said. I started to turn back to the counter when she spoke up again.

“Ya know Danny, I heard something interesting when I came home.” She said.

“What.” I said. I wasn’t really paying attention to her, but what she next said shocked me and made me feel ashamed of myself.

“I was going to my room when I heard you talking in your room.” She said staring at me. I held my breath waiting for her to finish. ” I entered your room and I gasped at the sight of you naked on the bed, I started to turn and leave when I heard you call my name.” She said. I stood waiting for her to finish. “

I turned back to you and went over to your side and that’s when I realized that you were dreaming, I thought it was kind of funny at first then you starting telling me, “no, I can’t sis, and how could you let me fuck you sis, and you also hollered out , “you want me to fuck you harder, well you got it sis,” it was very interesting little brother, but tell me why you would think about fucking me, I’m your sister. ” She said.

“It was just a dream, we all have them.” I said. She stood up, and came to stand in front off me, she looked up into my eyes. ” If you wanted me all you had to do was ask. ” She said. I gasped out load and stumbled backwards and hit the counter. “What are you saying sis?” I said. I had started to get a erection, I can’t believe my sister is making me aroused. She came over and pressed her body against me. I shut my eyes and tried to think of something else. She grabbed my cock and began to stroke through my boxers, I gasped and moaned without thinking.

” Oh my, does little love big sister stroking his cock.” She said. I opened my eyes. Sis, I, we.” Was all I could say. She grabbed my boxers and tugged them down. She looked up at me and stuck my huge cock into her mouth….

This can’t be happening I gasped in between pleasures, It has to be a dream, but no matter how many times I willed myself to wake up, every time I looked down, I saw my sister giving me the blowjob of a life time. I couldn’t take it anymore I grabbed her hair and stated to pump into her mouth, she moved faster and I felt myself start to cum, I tried to pull away but, she grabbed me started to suck faster and faster, I moaned and shot my load into her mouth, she continued sucking to make sure that she had got every drop. She stood up and removed her robe.

I gasped at her body, It was just like my dream. She hoped onto the table and spread her legs,. “Come and eat my pussy Danny boy.” She said. I didn’t need a second invitation, I went over to her and dropped to my knees and began to eat her pussy, god what pleasure, It was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced, and from the moans my sister was making I think she was thinking the same thing. I moaned loud when she cum on my face, I did the best to lick it up. She moaned with pleasure. I was so into it, when she grabbed my head and pulled me up. “Lets go finish this somewhere more private little brother. ” She said. She grabbed my hand and led me to my room, once we were in she turned and locked the door. She pushed me down on the bed and climbed on top of me.

She grabbed my cock and held it still as she lowered herself onto it, at first she couldn’t take me all in, but each time she pushed down, she took more of me into her. I started to pump into her to meet her thrusts, My hands found her breasts and started to pinch her nipples, she moaned with pleasure. I was pumping into her when she jerked and I felt her cum pool on my cock. I felt my own climax approach, I started to pump her faster, “Oh god I’m going to cum again Danny, make your big sister cum.” I pumped her faster, I was going crazy fucking the hell out of her and she loved it, I thrust upward and pushed us both upwards and I felt my cum flood into her as hers pored onto me. I feel back against the bed and collapsed onto me. She climbed off me and slid under the covers, I did the same. We drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning with her head on my chest, stroked her hair. She awoke and looked up at me and smiled. ” I thought it was a dream Janet.” I said. “Oh no Danny, it was very real.” She said. And with that she started to suck my cock again.

You know I never had that dream anymore, I had the real thing now!